Is Birmingham A Safe Night Out?


Birmingham has the second highest population in the United Kingdom, after London, and is, therefore, the most densely populated city in the Midlands.

A day in Birmingham is as busy as any other metropolitan city, but is Birmingham a safe night out? The short answer is yes. It's safe. Like any other place in the world, it depends on where you live and what time of the night you travel. Generally speaking, Birmingham is no more dangerous than any other city in England.

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Is Birmingham A Safe Night Out?

To answer your question of "is Birmingham a safe night out," for the most part, yes. As is with large towns in this country, there have been significant security improvements over the past years.

Areas like Sutton Park and Edgbaston have an extremely low level of crime compared to other parts of the city, which may be considered unsafe because of their population.

There are also West Midland police officers patrolling during the late evening, which gives residents an extra sense of security when walking home from pubs and bars or even just walking around after dark.

Always use black cabs and licensed taxi companies if you are Going Out in Birmingham in the evening. There is no vehicle crime here. If you enjoy walking, always walk in a broad, well-lit street where most people hang out.

Is Birmingham Safe To Live In?

If you plan to move here, some areas are safer than others. Newton, Ashton, and Hockley are one of the most dangerous areas of Birmingham.

But if you are careful, these won't be an issue either since they are primarily residential and have beautiful Victorian architecture.

The safest areas in Birmingham are Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, and Edgbaston. It has excellent shopping centres, sports teams, restaurants, and plenty of history within the city! So to answer your question, It is not especially dangerous as long as you are careful.

There are still some guidelines to follow:

Stay In Groups Where Possible

Try walking with friends. Avoid walking by yourself at night, whether going home after a night out, going to a friend's house, or coming home from the office. Safety in numbers is vital when walking in the dark.

Know Your Route And Walk Safely

Make sure you know where you are going. Plan your route using Google Maps. Stick to well-lit roads, use main roads and use pedestrian bridges. Avoid shortcuts, alleyways, parks, and wastelands. Walk alongside the pavement facing the main road and keep clear of recesses like doorways.

Stay In Contact

Let your friends and family know where you are going and when you will be back. Keep people updated on your journey if you have to walk, or if you are taking a taxi, let someone know when you take off and then tell them when you have reached.

This will let them know if something is wrong if you can not contact them as usual. If you are out with friends, make sure you know how your friends are getting home and look after one another. And remember to have a fully charged phone in case of emergencies.

Is Birmingham Safer Than London

Yes, Birmingham's crime rate is lower than London's, as confirmed in many crime statistics and reports.

Crime reports are decreasing daily, with some areas not having any crime. It is also one of the most economically friendly cities to live in when it comes to housing, food, and transport.

London is the largest city in the country, with various activities happening daily in its community. Some crime will probably be happening in this huge metropolis at any time. But this doesn't mean that you avoid the capital as it has been called one of the safest cities in England.

Gang Violence In Birmingham

Unfortunately, the city is still surrounded in some places by street gangs and gun violence. This is why the worst areas in Birmingham- where you don't want to go in as tourists- have the city's northwest corridor around Handsworth and Lozells, the territory of gangs like Burger Bar and Johnson crews.

Travelers should also avoid the city's southern area around Northfield, where there are gangs like Frankley Killers, the 23 Drillas, and the 247365 and the 61s.

Birmingham's NightLife

Birmingham's nightlife is famous, from its club hosting top DJs to underground live gigs, plus all manners of bars, glamorous speakeasies, comedy nights, and karaoke bars- this city knows how to provide a good time.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to give you the best nights or just some fun things to do on a Friday night, Birmingham has it all. From street food hotspots to unforgettable treasure hunts and cocktail bars, you are guaranteed to have a fun time in Birmingham.

These gangs only target rival gang members, but it is best to stay out of these rough areas of Birmingham to avoid stray bullets and people engaging in violent behavior.


I hope this article answers your question, "Is Birmingham a safe night out?" Birmingham is just like any other city in the country. It has its bad side as well as its good side. As long as you know how to navigate the city and use common sense, you will have a great time.

Going Out in Birmingham is a wonderful place for a night out. The bars, restaurants and nightclubs are some of few things that make Birmingham great. You can enjoy the bars' incredible architectural beauty and decor with friends and family. Moreover, the city has plenty of festivals and events throughout the year, so its inhabitants and visitors have a great time. These festivals will also help you grasp Birmingham's culture!