GoingOut Venue Listing Guidelines

Venues featured on the GoingOut website system must follow the below guidelines:

  • Venues must operate within the UK Hospitality sector
  • Venues must have a permanent, fixed UK address
  • Venues must be open on a regular basis and serve the public
  • Venue profiles must be complete and contain all primary contact information including, as a minimum; full UK address, telephone number, venue type, cuisine type and business description


  • All images uploaded must belong to the venue.
  • All images uploaded must be a true representation of the venue, facilities, food, drink and services offered.
  • Stock library images are not permitted. No images can infringe any copyright, trademark or other legal property rights.
  • Your primary venue image will require manual verification by a member of our compliance team. Approved images are usually live within 1 hour.
  • We do not allow photographic images of a pornographic, sexual, violent or contentious nature and we retain the right to remove any image that we do not deem suitable and appropriate for our users and audience.
  • Images uploaded must be of a good and acceptable quality.
  • Image and media files must be safe, and not infected with virus that is intended to damage, or may result in the damage of GoingOut or users of the website system.

Helpful Photo Information

  • Photographs should not exceed 10MB in file size
  • Photographs must be in a .jpg .gif .png or .bmp file type
  • Photographs cropped to unusual sizes will be scaled to fit the parameters of our website, this may result in distorted and poor image quality, please use standard image ratios and formats


  • To maintain safe, professional and high-quality content for our users we do not allow profanity, explicit or prejudiced language to be published on the website. We will remove all content deemed to not meet these strict guidelines.
  • Content must belong to the venue. It must be original and not plagiarised or copied from any third-party website, email, printed material or resource.
  • Content must be about the venue being listed and not promote any other associated or third-party business.
  • We reserve the right to reject any URL and delete any content containing a URL redirecting visitors to an external resource not belonging to the venue.