The Best Pubs In Birmingham


Looking for a great pub in Birmingham?

Birmingham is a city that is full of traditional British pubs on nearly every corner or street you walk down. It can be quite challenging to pick out which pubs are the most worthy of the title of best pub in Birmingham.

You won't know which pub opr bars are the best until you visit it yourself and know what the atmosphere, locals, staff and restaurant food offering is like - finding an excellent pub is very much a personal choice.

Find your perfect place in Birmingham.

There are pubs, bars and venues all over Birmingham centre, high street, and the surrounding areas, such as the Jewellery Quarter, Canal Street and Temple Street. You can find a cosy pub, a bar or a themed pub serving everything from a humble pint, craft beers, pub classics or pizza to a cocktail bar or a hidden gem such as a gin distillery that also offers a food menu and fun things to do such as cheese nights, American style BBQ's and street food!

Birmingham has it all.

Everyone prefers a different type of atmosphere; of course, every pub and bar is different. Birmingham's firm favourites include the Shakespeare Inn, The Old Crown, Rose Villa Tavern and the White Swan - no matter what you are looking for, Birmingham has it all.

We have listed a few pubs below that might just get your attention and be the next pub on your list to visit if you are in Going Out in Birmingham.

The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre, Birmingham

A great venue with good beer

The Old Joint Stock Pub is one of the best pubs in Birmingham, situated in an old Victorian bank building that also includes a theatre.

A selection of good food

If you are searching for amazing food, drinks and an absolutely stunning decorated pub, the Old Join Stock pub is the one for you. The Victorian-styled interior is certainly reminiscent of an old traditional British city centre pub and will leave you marvelled because of its beauty.

A convenient pub and bar to get to within the City Centre

Being less than 10 minutes away from New Street Station and with a large open space and seating, it is an ideal pub to bring along a large group of friends and family to enjoy the variety offered and the delicious traditional quality grub available in this listed building.

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What is available?

The Old Joint Stock pub offers locally produced ales and a selection of beverages that are much more than just standard beer, lagers, seasonal ale, craft beer, soft drink, cider, spirits and fine wines. The range of drinks available expands and changes so you will be able to get a taste of something different each time you visit.

Birmingham Pub Location: 4 Temple Row West Birmingham West Midlands B2 5NY

The Wellington

A traditional pub that is busy

The Wellington is yet another great British pub that is also located in Birmingham. The Wellington provides a great selection of ales and ciders, which is fantastic for those looking for a nice, chilled drink in the afternoon or evening.

Enjoy live music in this pub

You can enjoy music while visiting the pub, with different events taking place throughout the year, such as the Wellington Folk Music and song Session. This is the perfect event to visit if you want an evening out with a bunch of friends! The Wellington is known to be a specialist real ale pub, which is a fantastic find for ale lovers, sure to be a favourite and a must visit.#

More on offer than real ale

Other than real ale, The Wellington offers a wide variety of drinks. These drinks range from Whiskies, Gin and beers. Within these sections there are other drinks that are offered such as scotches, bourbons, Belgian Bottled Beers, Fruit beers, Fruit wines and mead, vegan drinks and many more beverages. With such a large selection of drinks, you will never be out of choice at the Wellington.

What about the atmosphere?

The Wellington provides its customers with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, one that will be loved by many of those who are seeking to relax with a couple of friends and to get a taste of the different real ales that The Wellington has to offer.

Did you know?

The Wellington is a popular Pub as it is one of the several pubs in Birmingham to provide a huge selection of real ales in Birmingham and that too from across the world.

Location: 37 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5SN

The Old Royal

One of Birmingham's traditional pubs

The Old Royal is a fabulous Birmingham pub and bar and provides pub grub classics such as pie and chips or bangers and mash. In addition to this, rotational cask ales are always on tap. Pubs such as this are often housed in a grade ii listed building so have a wealth of charm and character.

If great service, great staff, delicious cooking and a cask ale is what you need, The Old Royal is the ideal place. The atmosphere is impeccable, with live sport and delicious food; you are certainly going to be uplifted and enjoy a day or evening of banter at The Old Royal pub and bar.

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Did you know?

You don't need to wait for a waiter to order your drinks or food; you can simply get ordering through your phone and get your meal delivered to your table without any hassle, which makes this a great place for busy punters!

You can now also book a table in advance, perfect for a pre-planned day out for lunch with a plus one.

Whats on offer:

With an extensive offering, you will be tired of trying to pick the perfect drink but that's not an issue because a few rounds won't be a problem. The Old Royals drink menu offers customers with a range of different drinks,these include:

  • Beer & ciders

  • Cocktails

  • Gins

  • Wines

  • Spirits

  • Shots

  • Soft drinks

If the Old Royal sounds like the perfect pub, you should definitely get your table booked now!

Location: 53 Church St, Birmingham B3 2DP

The Old Contemptibles

A great pub to visit day or night

Known to be a gem with the locals, the Old Contemptibles is a grand Victorian boozer, with high ceilings and original features located in the heart of Birmingham.

A wonderful pub is situated right in the centre of Birmingham, allowing you to easily visit after a tour of the city centre for a well-earned pint of beer. This venue is famous for its cask ales, seasonal pub grub and more, it is the perfect pub to check out when visiting Birmingham City centre.

A friendly atmosphere with hospitable staff.

Providing its customers with a range of different beverages served day and night, you will undoubtedly be able to find your drink of choice. The pub offers its customers a friendly atmosphere with hospitable staff and music, bars such as this to visit for a beer are becoming hard to find in any city these days!

Go Blog The Old Contemptibles Birmingham

A favourite venue with locals and a credit to the pubs in Birmingham

With outdoor seating, seasonal mouth-watering foods which are loved by all, The Old Contemptibles is a venue to add to your list for this summer. You can also book a table in advance.

The beverage menu served includes:

  • Gin

  • Wines

  • Champagne

  • Whiskey

  • Rum

  • Cocktails

  • Craft Beer

  • Tonics

Location: 176 Edmund Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B3 2HB

If any of these Birmingham pubs sound like a place you would like to visit, you can always head on over and book a table. We hope you definitely do check out at least one of the pubs we have mentioned.