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London Craft Beer Festival 2021

Beer Festival London

If you are a beer devotee, the London Craft Beer Festival is the place to be this summer. Make the most out of your summer with a taste of the 100s of different craft beers, wines, gins, and variety of Alcohols available at the London Craft Beer Festival.

When are where is it?

The London Craft Beer Festival 2021 is taking place in August from the 13th, 14th, and 15th of August. There are different sessions that you can take part in or visit that take place at various times across the 3 days, these include a range of things to do. The London Craft beer Festival takes place on the Tobacco Dock in Tobacco Quay, Wapping Ln, London.

What does the London Craft Beer Festival offer?

The London Craft Beer Festival 2021 is the ideal place to be if you want to get a taste of the 100s of diverse craft beers out there, and simply enjoy the world of brewing. There are a couple of different sessions for one to attended, which depends on the type of ticket you purchase. Each tick differs, however the main benefits every individual will receive are a festival glass, access to various pop-up kitchens, wine, ciders, gins, non-alcoholic bars, and a variety of amazing music acts to view.

Craft Beer Festival

Not only do you get to taste some of the finest craft beers, with your ticket you will be able to receive a free festival glass to use to test a range of craft beers throughout the festival, nothing like a great keepsake!

As mentioned above amazing beer always goes well with some entertainment and food and that is why the London Craft Beer Festival presents its visitors with some exciting music acts. Previous acts have been performed by Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) and Olugbenga (Metronomy), so you know there is a terrific act to look forward to at the London Craft Beer Festival.

You can’t go wrong with a craft beer and some fantastic food to go with it. With the open kitchens available, you’re definitely going to have to get a taste of the assortment of dishes available for one to munch on at the London Craft Beer festival. Some of London’s top-notch restaurants are going to bringing their first-class menus for you to get a taste of some of their delectable dishes.

Don’t regret it, visit the London Craft Beer festival this summer 2021 and get the chance to meet the brewers of your most favourite beers. You can ask them anything or even tell them what they could make better about it, ha-ha! An experience of a lifetime discuss craft beers and drink craft beers the whole day if you will when visiting the London Craft Beer Festival 2021.

Food and Drink Festival

What Breweries can you expect to see at the London Craft Beer Festival 2021?

  • Glasshouse Beer Co.
  • Hackney Church Brew Co.
  • Lost & Grounded
  • Double-Barrelled
  • Brixton Brewery
  • Brouwerij Kees
  • Mondo Brewing Co.
  • Orbit Beers
  • Pomono Island Brew Co.
  • Signature Brew
  • Salt Beer Factory

Other than these there are 100s and many more breweries and brew companies that will be part of the London Craft Beer Festival, so if any of these are your favourite, be sure to visit this summer.

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The Big Festival 2021

Big Festival

This summer of 2021 is going to be a blast for those of you foodie lovers who are on the look out for amazing summer events, and equally delicious food to taste. Wherever you are from across the country, the Big Feastival 2021 is the event to be at this Summer. Pack your bags for August as The Big Feastival takes place from the 27th to the 29th of August, giving you 3 whole days of fun packed and tummy filling cooked food and things to see.

Bring along your family, friends and anyone who is a food enthusiast on the 27th, 28th or 29th of August situated on Alex James Farm, The Cotswold’s. If you want to experience that fine dining feel with remarkable food to feast your eyes and tummy on, the Big Feastival’s decadent dining experience is ideal. Get the chance to devour some of the best cooked cuisines cooked by UK Michelin star chefs and high-end restaurants from across the UK. Not only is there the taste of fancy fine dinning foods but you can enjoy some amazing street food that can be found at food stalls set up around the area for you to relish street food from all across the UK.

What’s better than some exciting entertainment while enjoying your food? This year at the Big Feastival there will be a range of performances from various well-loved performers such as Nile Rogers & CHIC, Rag ‘n’Bone Man and Sigala who have confirmed they will be taking part in this spectacular 3-day long Feastival, ensuring you and friends make the most of your visit. The Alex James Cheese Hub will be here again this summer of 2021, providing you visitors with another exemplary cheese innovation and a disco.

Festival Food

Other than great food and entertainment, there is so much more fun and activities to take part in, for you and your kids too! On the Big Kitchen stage, you will get to view some great culinary personalities and ask questions as well as observe live demonstrations of their remarkable cooking skills. For the kids, The Big Feastival is perfect to bring out your child’s inner chef. With the M&S Little Cooks Tent, children can learn about the food they eat, pick fresh ingredients, and learn what ingredients are best to create a scrumptious dish. The Cook with M&S activity gives you the chance to also test your culinary skills and learn a few tips of how to create that perfect dish in your kitchen for your family to appreciate.

There are a couple of different tickets for you to choose from that are ideal for when you would want to visit The Big Feastival. The camping tickets allow you and your family to attend the camping area and stay, in order for you to make the most out of the Big Feastival and create the best of memories. The weekend tickets will enable you to enter the festival on any weekend, where you can enjoy food throughout the weekend. The day ticket is best if you want to enjoy a whole day doing different activities as well as getting a taste of the variety of dishes and street food. Lastly, if you are a local resident, then you are just in luck as you get 20% off when you visit The Big Feastival.

If you’re a business that needs that push in marketing or getting your brand known, the Big Feastival is the place for you to promote. With a reach of 64,000 plus people ever year, we ensure that people will definitely fall in love with your products or brand in no time. The Big Feastival team offers a range of promotional packages which you can choose that suits best for your business needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the most out of 2021 summer, you have surely had enough of being in lockdown and takeaways, now is the time to experience fine dining, incredible street food, family dining and more, all in one huge field. Book your tickets before they are gone!

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10 Facts about Beer



The immediate strong confirmation of brew creation comes from the time of the Sumerians, around 4000 years BC. Sumerians even had a goddess of brew; archaeologists discovered a tribute in her honour during the unearthing in Mesopotamia. During the earliest centuries, beer was produced with barley dates. The remedy is one of the most seasoned recorded formulas on the planet. The old Egyptians initially archived the fermenting interaction on papyrus scrolls. These first lagers were fermented with items like dates, pomegranates, and other native spices. The Egyptians utilized lager for strict functions, with the Pharaoh guiding the blending timetable and dispersion to the majority.

During the middle ages, the production of modern beer became popular. Malted barley was widely used as the primary source of fermentable sugar for centuries. Before that time, various spices and flavours were utilized to adjust the sweet malt flavours in lager; everything from tidy branches to dried blossoms to unpleasant roots had discovered their way into blend pots. Around the 11th century, in any case, German priests started usually utilizing wild bounces in lager, and the fixing immediately got on. Brewers found that bounces added an exceptionally satisfying, revitalizing sharpness and, as an additional advantage, the bounces went about as a characteristic additive broadening the existence of their lagers.

Beer Facts

In the past, monks were known to be Preeminent brewers with various breweries based at their monasteries. The Monks invented the idea of lagering, or cold stockpiling, beer to enhance the flavour. Indeed, even in present-day times, the ascetic fermenting custom holds, with various Belgian religious communities positioning today among the best breweries on the planet. Lager has been such a necessary piece of British life that the British armed force gave everyday brew proportions to each warrior, and, when the British Empire involved a portion of the acculturated world, the Royal Navy conveyed brew to troops in even the uttermost corners of the Empire.

Facts about Beer

10 Facts about beer:

  • Beer is one of the most extensively consumed alcoholic drinks in the world.
  • People around the world drink up to fifty billion gallons of beer every year.
  • Budweiser is the world's most famous beer brand.
  • One of the world's most expensive beers includes the eye-watering Belgium's Vieille Bon Secours, which is £750 for a bottle; this container the brew is made in is 12 litres in size, and the brew has been put away for over ten years.
  • The Czech Republic is known to consume the most beer per capital than any other country in the world.
  • The earliest evidence of the production of beer was found in Iran in 3500-BC.
  • There are a hundred different styles of beers, the most popular being, lagers, and ales.
  • Antiquated Egypt depended vigorously on brew since it gave fundamental nutrients and was by and large cleaner and more secure to drink than water from the Nile.
  • One of the universe's most grounded lagers is the snake toxin which was fermented by a Scottish distillery.
  • The world's oldest brewery is a Benedictine monastery in Munich (Weihenstephan) founded in 725 AD, which created a still-operating brewery in 1040.
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