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London is the capital of England, a 21st-century city that is bustling with various pubs, bars, clubs, stores, restaurants, and attractions. Some of London's famous attractions include the big ben clock tower, Westminster Abbey, River Thames, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, natural history museum, Palace of Westminster, and that is not all! Other attractions include the shard, Trafalgar Square, London zoo, Kensington Court place, Royal botanic gardens, and plenty more, waiting to be discovered by you. Some of London's popular pubs include the Churchill arms, prospect of Whitby, The Harp convent garden, the Mayflower pub, the viaduct tavern, and several others. Some of London's favourite eateries include Bar 61, The Ledbury, Inamo, city social, The best Turkish restaurant, the River cafe, circus, The Palomar, nest restaurant Hackney and various others you with authentic cuisine full of flavour.

One of London's iconic Landmarks includes Big ben, with an Iconic silhouette and towering up to 96m; this is one of the most Instagrammed Landmarks in the world. Around 42 prime ministers and six monarchs have come and gone since the construction of the tower. The tower has gone under construction several times and the sound of its bell has changed throughout the years. This iconic tower has a staggering number of 11 flowers, with the bell being on the top floor.

Westminster Abbey demonstrates some of London's most exemplary architecture. This is a magical place where special memories have been made, and many special events have taken place. From Royal weddings to coronations, the Abbey has many stories to tell. When visiting Westminster Abbey, you can discover the shrine of St Edward the confessor, the monument of an anonymous warrior, and find the coronation chair in all its glory. The church is open for worship and to attend sermons; you must book it online in advance. Explore through the great walls of the church and go back in time. The Abbey hosts special services such as concerts, events for families, lectures, and a few other events throughout the year. The Abbey is home to a small shop where you can purchase various gifts such as scarves, game boards, jewellery, spiritual gifts, and not all; there is plenty more.

If you want to endure 360-degree panoramas of London's skyline, then head down to the London eye. The eye has been one of London's popular spots since it was established. On the wheel, you can enjoy the remarkable backdrop of London city and scan the River Thames. This is the perfect place to enjoy an evening drink while being in the middle of a magical experience surrounded by vibrant city lights. If you are looking for a cheeky beer or delightful glass of wine to enjoy before or after experiencing the iconic London eye, then head down to the Slug and Lettuce county hall, which within walking distance of the attraction. This is a lavish pub with modern refurbishments; at the pub, you can enjoy a selection of cocktails, meals, and drinks. The pub Is also family-friendly, has toilets, an outside area, HD screens, and a function area.

Explore Buckingham Palaces which is the official home of the Queen. Although you cannot tour the palace itself, you can wander the palace estate apartments and explore the palace gardens while admiring the view of the spectacular castle in front of you. Here you can freely wander around the garden's winding paths at your own pace and experience. Among the many highlights to discover are the 156-meter Herbaceous Border, the Horse Chestnut Avenue, the Bird trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and the legendary lake with its resort island to the Buckingham Palace bees. The State Quarters are positioned in the West Wing of the palace facing the lush green gardens, with most of the apartments being on the first floor. These are the studios used for various functions and entertaining and being open to the public for several months each year. At the apartments, you can discover rooms that are decorated with sparkling candelabra, marble walls, sumptuous carpets, damask wallpaper, fine furniture, sculpture, and works of art. A visit to Buckingham palace leaves you with a jaw-dropping experience with so much to discover and explore.

Suppose you want to discover some fantastic sea animals the head down to the Sea life aquarium. At the sea life centre, you can make up your mind and see them all; different animals are ranging from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. You will be able to get closer to many species than ever before while learning more about them and their habitats. Here you will be able to take plenty of photographs helping you relive the moment when you look at them in a few years. At the museum, you can discover sharks, penguins, different multi-coloured fish, octopuses, rainforest species, and that not all! Other sea creatures include Rays, turtles, seahorses, sea seahorses, pipefish, jellyfish, etc. The centre has a gift shop where you can purchase sea-related souvenirs, making a perfect gift for family, friends or yourself.

Royal botanic garden is a tranquil haven full of vibrant colours, wildlife, and various plants, flowers, and herbs. Botanic gardens are a perpetual paradise with plenty to discover and explore. Wander through a thousand rows of tropical flowers and take some fantastic photographs creating lifelong memories. At Royal botanic gardens, you can find the rock garden, a magical valley beautifully carved through the landscape, which consists of wild plants collected from all over the globe. The rock garden comprises waterfalls embedded between intertwining rock beds creating a spectacular view inspired by mountainous regions worldwide. The garden conservatory provides you with a vast collection of diverse tree styles. Wander beneath a deciduous canopy of mature oaks, limes, and birches, just a short stroll from the Palm House pond in the woodland gardens. The woodland gardens are lined with blue Himalayan poppies, hellebores, bellflowers and rhododendrons, and a vast range of other plants, bringing you close to nature. The park's bamboo garden consists of 130 bamboo collections from China, America, and Japan. As you explore the bamboo garden, you will come across the Minka house, a farmhouse that displays Japanese heritage. Royal botanic gardens are ideal for spending quality family time while soaking in the rich greenery and exceptional views. At the gardens, you can enjoy a picnic, take a long stroll or sit back and relax.

Places to eat in Central LondonPlaces to eat in Central London, Restaurants in Central London

Vita Mojo European Central London
Vita Mojo
European Central London
Burrito Kitchen Mexican Central London
Burrito Kitchen
Mexican Central London
The Trading House European Central London
The Trading House
European Central London
Harry's Bar & Brasserie European Central London
Harry's Bar & Brasserie
European Central London
City Caphe Fast Food Central London
City Caphe
Fast Food Central London
Pure Fast Food Central London
Fast Food Central London

Places to drink in Central London Places to drink in Central London, Pubs and Bars in Central London

Tavern Steak & Oyster Pub/Bar Central London
Tavern Steak & Oyster
Pub/Bar Central London
The sea horse Pub/Bar Central London
The sea horse
Pub/Bar Central London
Simpson's Tavern Pub/Bar Central London
Simpson's Tavern
Pub/Bar Central London
Williamson's Tavern Pub/Bar Central London
Williamson's Tavern
Pub/Bar Central London
Old Doctor Butler's Head Pub/Bar Central London
Old Doctor Butler's Head
Pub/Bar Central London
Three Cranes Pub/Bar Central London
Three Cranes
Pub/Bar Central London

A brief history of Central LondonA brief history of Central London

The Romans first found London during the 5th century; the town was formerly known by the name Londinium. London suffered from various Viking attacks during the 9th century, and then the Danes settled in the city introducing trade and opening industries in the town. The town's riches and influence pulled in the Danish Great Heathen Army, which assaulted the city until it was caught by King Alfred the Great in 886. In 1067, following the Norman attack and overcoming of England, the city's current rights, laws, and advantages were set up by the recently delegated King of England, William Duke of Normandy.

During the fourteenth century, London's port turned into a European centre point to disseminate products. This action was reinforced during the fifteenth century because of its applicable material industry. From the sixteenth to mid-seventeenth century, London profited by the concentrated governmental issues and the sea exchange extension created by the Tudors and proceeded by the Stuarts. In 1665, the city was held inside the old dividers, albeit enormous scope of metropolitan arranging had effectively begun. The populace's helpless everyday environments were answerable for the Great Plague, killing 70,000 individuals, and the following year, a colossal fire torched most of the city. The remaking of London, considering the space we currently call "The City," took more than ten years to wrap up.

Popular things to do in Central LondonPopular things to do in Central London

Did you know?Did you know?

London has a replica of ten downing street known as Adams street; the city is home to a pet cemetery which is in Hyde park. Big Ben is the name of the bell presented inside the tower and the tower is called the Elizabethan tower.

Hidden gems of Central LondonThe hidden gems of Central London

Some of London hidden gems include little Venice, Brown hart gardens, Camden passage, Kyoto garden at Holland park, Sir John Soanes museum and plenty others waiting to be discovered by you.

Unique to Central LondonUnique to Central London

London's dynamic culture is this mixture of societies, identities, and dialects – which makes London so appealing to voyagers around the world.