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Gloucester is a thriving city in the west of England, near the Cotswolds rural area. Gloucester Cathedral with gothic architecture, Gloucester Docks, the national waterways museum, nature in the art gallery, etc. The cathedral city of Gloucester has great shopping, nightlife, gastronomy, and everything else in between. If you are looking for some live entertainment, real ales and a friendly chat, why not head down to one of the cities cosy pubs such as the sword Inn Gloucester, the fountain inn, high orchard, and many more, offering you a wide assortment of drinks, beers, wines, and cocktails. Suppose you are looking for a full course meal, then head down to some of Gloucester's finest dining places such as sowl fuud, cotie brassiere, restaurant Beirut, the march hare, etc.

Gloucester Waterways Museum is situated in a Victorian depot at Gloucester Docks in the city of Gloucester, England. It is positioned along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal and River Severn. It is one of several museums and displays managed by the Canal & River Trust. With entertainment, interactive exhibitions, a café, and a museum shop, you can explore the stories of the inhabitants that lived and continue to flourish here. This is a fantastic place with stunning sea views, and here you can discover the history and culture of the city. Popular spots to eat include the Llanthony Tea Room, which proposes an assortment of appetizing feasts to entice you. You can also experience a 45-minute boat ride beside the museum on the sharpness canal.

When visiting Gloucester, why not visit the jet age museum. The Jet Age Museum has a wide range of aircraft, engines, and restoration projects on display. The museum offers timed guided tours of their Avro Vulcan bomber cockpit and the Hawker Siddeley Trident airliner; however, this tour is not suitable for children, but the rest of the place is. The jet age museums rely on donations from the government and the public to keep running and safeguarding the aircraft and other objects. There are many exhibitions to discover and plenty of corridors to wander down through. If all this exploring left you dehydrated and fatigues, then why not visit the aviator pub, which offers seasonal food made from fresh products and a vast range of drinks.

Robinswood Hill Country Park is one of Gloucester's famous parks, a unique habitat for plenty of wildlife such as birds, insects such as ladybirds and butterflies, peacocks, and cattle. The park is home to several plants and vibrant flowerbeds; You can discover plants such as Bluebells, primroses, and wild garlic in the park's woodlands. You can spot some with speckled wood butterflies occupying almost every woodland glade throughout the summer. The woodland ae popular for birdlife and you can see various kinds of birds here throughout the year. The park is home to fruits such as strawberries and pears, which you can collect and use in your dishes.

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Aroma Indian Restaurant Indian Glousester
Aroma Indian Restaurant
Indian Glousester
Peppers Cafe Glousester
Cafe Glousester
Topolys Italian Italian Glousester
Topolys Italian
Italian Glousester
Robert Raikes House British Glousester
Robert Raikes House
British Glousester
Sundaes Gelato European Glousester
Sundaes Gelato
European Glousester
Farmhouse Deli Cafe Glousester
Farmhouse Deli
Cafe Glousester

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The Fountain Inn Pub/Bar Glousester
The Fountain Inn
Pub/Bar Glousester
The Sword Inn Gloucester Pub/Bar Glousester
The Sword Inn Gloucester
Pub/Bar Glousester
The Old Crown Pub/Bar Glousester
The Old Crown
Pub/Bar Glousester
Kingsholme Inn Pub/Bar Glousester
Kingsholme Inn
Pub/Bar Glousester
Jewel in the Crown Pub/Bar Glousester
Jewel in the Crown
Pub/Bar Glousester
Nicki's Taverna Pub/Bar Glousester
Nicki's Taverna
Pub/Bar Glousester

A brief history of GlousesterA brief history of Glousester

Gloucester was previously a Roman city; the Romans then began constructing a fort made to guard the river crossing, and a town was built around it known today as Gloucester. The town had many with many stores, markets, and public buildings; however, during the 4th century, Romans left Gloucester, and in came the Saxons, who captured the city in a war against the native celts. The Saxons discovered a monastery in the town during the 7th century, and the borough began to flood with artisans, brewers, and merchants helping Gloucester thrive.

During the middle ages, Gloucester has a population of 3500, was known as a wealthy town, and warfare was widespread between the Welsh and the English. The medieval times introduce the wool-making industry; this is when raw wool was brought from Cotswolds and then fulfilled. Other sectors that kicked off in the city also include the Leather making industry, where the production of products such as shoes, caps, and gloves was manufactured.

The rail line arrived at Gloucester in 1840. In the late nineteenth century, another industry started in Gloucester - making rail route carriages. There was additionally flour processing, lumber processing, making ranch apparatus, and some shipbuilding. Then again, pin-production went into decrease and finished by the mid-nineteenth century. Albeit Victorian Gloucester was not an assembling community, it was a significant market town.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Kings school in Gloucester was established by King Henry the eighth, it is also the burial place of King Edward the Second and has many Roman remains.

Hidden gems of GlousesterThe hidden gems of Glousester

Some of Gloucester’s hidden gems include, Lodge park, Haile’s Abbey, the garden of Misdern and plenty of other spectacular locations waiting to t be discovered by you!

Unique to GlousesterUnique to Glousester

Gloucester has a rich history of trade and has picturesque surroundings.