Let’s get this ‘eating is cheating’ myth sorted!


Regardless how seasoned your liver and how many pints you can down whilst Going Out in Birmingham, a full-on session in the local boozer is never going to be the healthiest option, but there is such a thing as damage limitation!

We suggest that you take notice of these food related hacks to combat the negative effects of a late night in the pub! (and always drink responsibly regardless)!

Downing a bottle of wine, half a bottle of your favourite gin or several pints of strong lager on a night out is not a good idea on an empty stomach. This is fact based scientific stuff!

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Those cheesy chips or chicken kebab might seem like a gourmet choice at 11pm but you’re doing it the wrong way around! The stomach diffuses alcohol through the stomach walls, the less you have in there the faster it gets into your blood stream and the faster you feel the effects. From a scientific perspective the faster it enters your body the bigger the impact upon your organs, such as your liver and kidneys. So, eat before you drink and the alcohol takes a lot longer to filter through into your system – it is that simple!

If you want to elevate the scientific part, then try eating foods that contain a high level of natural fats, these can include good and healthy options such as avocado and oily fish such as salmon – we did say ‘natural fat’ not an extra-large Domino’s pizza order! This natural fat slows down your digestive system and the rate at which the food leaves your stomach. The more that’s in your stomach, the slower the absorption rate of what you are winding down your neck in the boozer!

Whilst at the pub get your hands on some roasted nuts, crisps or any other tasty snack that they might have, this helps to combat the dreaded hangover more than you might think for the reasons outlined above – the nuts are the best option unless you’re somewhere super posh and they have olives on the bar.

Eating is most definitely not cheating on a night out! You can thank us later!