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The Best Pubs In Birmingham

Birmingham is practically a home that is full of traditional British pubs nearly on every corner or street you go into, so it is quite difficult to pick out which pubs are the worthiest to visit. You never know which ones the best until you visit it yourself and know what the atmospheres like. Everyone prefers a different type of atmosphere or vibe and of course every pub may have a different atmosphere to it, but we’ll mention some pubs below that might just get your attention and be the next pub on your list to visit if you are in Birmingham or visiting Birmingham.

The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre, Birmingham

The Old Joint Stock Pub is a pub situated in an old Victorian bank building that also includes a theatre and is located in the heart of Birmingham. If you are in the search for amazing food, drinks and an absolutely stunning decorated pub, the Old Join Stock pub is the one for you. The decorated and Victorian styled interior is certainly reminiscent of an old traditional British pub and an interior that will leave you marvelled because of its beauty. With a large open space and seating, it is an ideal pub to bring along a huge group of friends or a family to enjoy the variety of drinks offered and the delicious food available.

GO Blog The Old Joint Stock Birmingham

What drinks are available?

The Old Join Stock pub not only offers conditioned ale but a menu of drinks that’s much more than just beers! The range of drinks available change every time so you will be able to get a taste of different drinks each time you visit. These drinks range from: seasonal ale, lager, a craft beer, soft drink, cider, spirit drinks, and fine wines.


4 Temple Row West
West Midlands
B2 5NY

The Wellington

The Wellington is yet another great British pub that is also located in Birmingham. The Wellington provides a great selection of real ales and ciders which is fantastic for those looking for a nice, chilled ale in the evening. You can enjoy some live music while visiting the pub, with different events taking place such as the Wellington Folk Music and song Session, which is the perfect event to visit if you want an evening out with a bunch of friends! The Wellington is known to be a specialist real ale pub, which is something that is going to sound fantastic for ale lovers.

Other than ale, The Wellington offer a wide variety of drinks. These drinks range from Whiskies, Gin and beers. Within these sections there are other drinks that are offered such as scotches, bourbons, Belgian Bottled Beers, Fruit beers, Fruit wines and mead, vegan drinks and many more beverages. With such a large selection of drinks, you will never be out of choice at the Wellington.

What about the atmosphere?

The Wellington provides its customers with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, one that will be loved by many of those who are seeking to relax with a couple of friends and to get a taste of the different real ales that The Wellington has to offer.

Did you know?

The Wellington is a popular Pub as it is one of the several pubs in Birmingham to provide a huge selection of real ales in Birmingham and that too from across the world.


37 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5SN

The Old Royal

The Old Royal is a fabulous pub located in Birmingham and provides wonderful British pub food, that we all love and a lovely selection of real ales. If great services, great staff, delicious food and a good drink is what you need, The Old Royal is the ideal place for that. The atmosphere is impeccable with live sport, and delicious food, you are certainly going to be uplifted and enjoy a day or evening of banter at The Old Royal.

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Did you know?

You don’t need to wait for a waiter to order your drinks or food, you can simply get ordering through your phone and get your food delivered to your table without any hassle!

You can now also book a table in advance, perfect for a pre-planned day out for lunch with a plus one.

Drink’s menu:
With an extensive menu of drinks, you will be tired of trying to pick the perfect drink but that’s not an issue because a few rounds won’t be a problem. The Old Royals drink menu offers customers with a range of different drinks,these drinks include:

  • Beer & ciders
  • Cocktails
  • Gins
  • Wines
  • Spirits
  • Shots
  • Soft drinks

If the Old Royal sounds like the perfect pub, you should definitely get your table booked now!


53 Church St, Birmingham B3 2DP

The Old Contemptibles

Known to be a gem, the Old Contemptibles is a grand Victorian boozer located in Birmingham. The Old Contemptibles is a wonderful pub which is situated right in the centre of Birmingham, therefore allowing you to easily visit after a nice tour of the city centre. Famous for its cask ales, seasonal pub food and more, it is the perfect pub to check out when visiting Birmingham City centre. Providing its customers with a range of different drinks, you will certainly be able to find your choice here at the Old Contemptibles. The Old Contemptibles offers its customers a friendly atmosphere with hospitable staff and live music, so there is not a chance of you not loving The Old Contemptibles.

Go Blog The Old Contemptibles Birmingham

With outdoor seating, seasonal mouth-watering foods which are loved by all, The Old Contemptibles is the pub to add to your list for this summer. You can also book a table in advance.

Drink menu:

  • Gin
  • Wines
  • Champagne
  • Whiskey
  • Rum
  • Cocktails
  • Craft Beers
  • Tonics and soft drinks


176 Edmund Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B3 2HB

If any of these pubs sounds like a place you fancy visiting this summer, you can always book a table beforehand. We hope you definitely do check out at least one of the pubs we have mentioned.

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The Best Indian Restaurants In Birmingham

Birmingham is known to have a large population of Indians after Leicester in the UK, so there are definitely a number of scrumptious Indian eateries and restaurants across Birmingham. Be it North Indian or South Indian foods, all of these can be found in the several varieties of restaurants located around and within the centre of Birmingham. We have a short list of some of the Best Indian restaurants located in Birmingham that you should visit if you definitely want to get a taste of some of the best Indian food in town!

Asha’s Birmingham

Asha’s is a contemporary Indian cuisine restaurant owned by one of the most famous Hindi singers/ actresses in India, Asha Bhosle. Asha’s is located in the centre of Birmingham so you must definitely visit if you are craving some Indian food after a long shopping trip! Asha’s authentic Indian cuisine allows you to explore the flavours of India from your seat. Asha’s offers its customers a range of different dishes that include aromatic saffron Biryani to delectable Tawa fish fillet.

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Asha’s menu is one that was created with the Asha Bhosle’s journey throughout life in mind. Asha Bhosle travelled throughout her life to different cities and towns across India with her father for their travelling theatre company and that is how she came across the assortments of different dishes and flavours that one could ever taste. Using this inspiration, we see that Asha’s menu provides a variety of authentic Indian foods that you could only think of getting that taste from India.

Asha’s offer its customers with a non-vegetarian and vegetarian menu keeping every customer in mind, so no need to worry if you thought you will not be able to find vegetarian food. The atmosphere at Asha’s is one that is relaxing and quite romantic with dim lights and an ambience filled surrounding, perfect for a romantic dinner date! You can book your tables beforehand, as Asha’s can get quite busy, and you do not want to be waiting.

Did you know? If you are someone who totally loves Indian food and would love to try some but are not wanting to go out, you can simply order Asha’s and get it delivered to your house.

If you are in Birmingham and are craving the best Indian food there is no better place than Asha’s to bring you exact flavours of India as many have said.

Opening & Closing times:

  • Mon: 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM
  • Tue: 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM
  • Wed: 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM
  • Thu: 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Fri: 12:00 PM – 2:30 PM / 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Sat: 4:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Sun: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Jilabi Indian Restaurant

As said before there are several Indian restaurants located all over Birmingham and if you just happen to be on Coventry Road, Jilabi Indian Restaurant is the best Indian Restaurant to visit. Jilabi offers its customers with a lovely friendly atmosphere with the best waiter service and the best Indian tasting food, and we are sure you will absolutely love the variety of tasteful curries they provide on their menu. Jilabi offers a weekly buffet for customers, where you get the chance to taste some of the best flavoured and spiced authentic Indian foods prepared by experienced and talented chefs of Jilabi. Whatever Indian dish you are in the mood of eating, Jilabi is able to bring you that and offers its customers with a large menu of different flavoursome foods and drinks.

GO Blog Jilabi Indian Birmingham

You do not need to wait to get a table, you can simply pre-book a table for yourself online and add any extra notes on the reservation if needed. Coventry road is not far from city centre so you can easily travel from the city centre to visit Jilabi.

Opening & Closing times:

  • Mon: 5pm–12am
  • Tue: 5pm–12am
  • Wed: 5pm–12am
  • Thu: 5pm–12am
  • Fri: 5pm–12am
  • Sat: 5pm–12am
  • Sun: 5pm–12am


Tamatanga is a traditional Indian restaurant that provides a great selection of flavoursome Indian dishes. If you are in Birmingham, visiting Tamatanga for Indian food is a must as it known as one of the best locations to get a taste of aromatic and delicious Indian food. A vibrant and colourful setting, Tamatanga is surely going to give you the feeling of being in India.

Go Blog Tamatanga Birmingham

Providing you with a range of colourful dishes that are certainly mouth-watering, Tamatanga is an Instagram worthy place to visit in Birmingham and one that has an extensive menu to select food from. The menu includes dishes such as Chicken Biryani, chaats, the traditional Indian Thaali, Thama feast, salad bowls, Chicken Khurana, seafood and much more! The variety does not end there, there are several menus including, dessert menu, vegan menu, Drinks & Tipples, Gluten free menu and a takeaway menu.

If these dishes and menus sound amazing to you, you should definitely plan your visit with friends or family to Tamatanga in Birmingham.

Opening & Closing times:

  • Mon: 11:30am–10pm
  • Tue: 11:30am–10pm
  • Wed: 11:30am–10pmM
  • Thu: 11:30am–10pm
  • Fri: 11:30am–11pm
  • Sat: 11:30am–11pm
  • Sun: 11:30am–10pm


If a dinner date is what you are planning, there is no better place in Grand Central, Birmingham to take your date for some traditional Indian food than Mowgli’s. With beautiful seating and fairy-tale looking lighting, Mowgli’s is definitely an ideal restaurant to visit to have a romantic dinner. Mowgli’s takes you back to India with its tiffin styles dining experience, providing you food in Indian style tiffin boxes which is usually a traditional way of taking food somewhere whilst travelling. Mowgli’s Menu is an array of colourful dishes that bring to you dextrous spices and herbs with a splash of healthiness to it.

Go Blog Mowgli Birmingham

Not only is Mowgli’s ideal for a dinner date, but you can also bring along your family including your dog! Mowgli’s offers an extensive menu with a range of foods that include street foods such as Yogurt chat bombs, Bhel Puri, Tamarind fries and street meets, tiffin boxes to takeaway, Paneer, Dahl, House Chicken Curry, Butter chicken, Prawn curry and a whole load of fancy drinks! There is so much to choose from, you will probably want to get a taste of everything.

You can also get vouchers or voucher bundles to give to someone special, so they can plan a visit to Mowgli’s in Birmingham. If you love what you are hearing and you are visiting Birmingham or located in Birmingham, you should definitely visit Mowgli’s for some traditional Indian tiffin and street foods!

Opening & Closing times:

  • Mon: 12–9pm
  • Tue: 12–9pm
  • Wed: 12–9pm
  • Thu: 12–9pm
  • Fri: 12–10pm
  • Sat: 12–10pm
  • Sun: 12–8pm



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What are the Best Bars In Birmingham?

We take a trip into the pubs and bars of Birmingham in the beating heart of the West Midlands. We are looking to find the best bars in Birmingham so that when you are next going out in Birmingham for food, or on a big night out, you know exactly which bars to head to for your favourite drinks, food and music.

We've got the flame on Birmingham's most eccentric drinking spots, whether you're looking for bold decor or vibrant cocktails. There are hidden jewels galore in this city we call home, from cosy pubs with legendary history to the area's most unique pubs and watering holes, Birmingham has it all. So if you are looking to relax after work or take your partner out on a date night, we have all the quirky bars in Birmingham covered.

If you're looking for a cheeky half of a local brew, some delectable gourmet fare, pints of local beer, wine or artisan coffee, these fantastic pubs in Birmingham are the venues to head to.

The Lost & Found - the best bars in Birmingham

If you enjoy history and creative cocktails, The Lost and Found should be on your list of places to visit. The Lost & Found in Birmingham City Centre is a one-of-a-kind botanical-themed pub that will enchant your senses. For those seeking for something a little different, this is a must-visit bar. This fascinating and quirky Birmingham pub is centred on one particularly adventurous explorer, Hettie G. Watson, and is not merely based on the Victorian era as a whole.

Go Blog Lost and Found Birmingham

The Lost and Found has something for everyone, whether it is sitting beautifully in their raised and very quaint garden trellis, comfortable in their broody bookcases, or cuddled in the rich purple comforts of their raised boudoir booths. A secret bar can also be found in The Lost and Found if you look closely enough.

The Lost and Found tailors 20 unique drinks to cater to every person and occasion, with a drink from Hettie G. Watson’s very own menu!
Few that might catch your eye at first glance include:


Besides having a stunning array of drinks, if you’re up for a quick meal, this Birmingham bar offers a great range of food from Glazed Duck Breast to Bang Bang Cauliflower.

8 Bennetts Hill,
Birmingham B2 5RS,
United Kingdom.

The Botanist - bars in Temple Street, Birmingham

This Birmingham bar and restaurant, which is decorated with vintage knickknacks and lush vegetation, serves up great nibbles and some really unique cocktails. We're sure you've heard of The Botanist, which has sites all throughout the country, but if you haven't, you're in for a real treat. If you enjoy plants, this is the place to visit the next time you're looking for something unusual. There’s even an entire menu crafted for children if you happen to bring a child along, that’s right, if you are looking for the best bars I Birmingham that you can take the kids too, we even have that covered!

Go Blog The Botanist Birmingham

The Botanist in Birmingham turns out Mediterranean delicacies and Turkish-inspired fare, serving soothing soulful dishes and freshly prepared plates, as well as a selection of beverages.

  • Their food menu includes:
  • Roast Lamb
  • Baked Shakshuka
  • Smoked Trout and Salmon Pâté
  • Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings

Their liquid options appear to be endless, and their drink menu is quirkily constructed into:

  • Fruit and Floral
  • Fresh and Herbaceous
  • Citrus and Spice

If you find yourself wandering the streets of Birmingham looking for a bar or restaurant, a little hungry before a few drinks, you can help yourself to crafted boards, starters or a range of fantastic meals offered at The Botanist.

House 14, Cheltenham,
16 Temple St,
Birmingham B2 5BG,
United Kingdom. 

Luna Springs – the Birmingham bar scene:

If you've got a lot on your plate, including bottomless boozy brunches, exquisite beverages, ice cold craft beers, and live DJs, and you're looking for the perfect drink, there's no better location than Luna Springs in Birmingham to quench your thirst. The outdoor location, which is located under the railway arches and directly across the street from Mama Roux's on Lower Trinity Street, is ideal for pitching a tent and enjoying some rays.

The menu at Luna Springs ranges from exotic drinks to street foods.

  • The menu includes:
  • Meantime Anytime IPA (4.7%) Cheeky Burger
  • Cider
  • Pig Mac
  • Veuve Clicquot
  • Cluck You
  • Miami Vegan Burger

Digbeth Arena,
Lower Trinity Street,
Birmingham B9 4AG,
United Kingdom.

Go Blog Lunar Springs Birmingham

Tilt – is one of best bars in Birmingham

The bars in Birmingham are so varied and Tilt is no exception. Are you feeling in the mood for a bubble dedicated to pinball and retro gaming whilst you sip on your chosen beverage? When visiting Tilt, a well-known bar in Birmingham, you arrive at another surprise destination which houses 20+ arcade machines, both modern and retro!

Tilt is a charming little café by day and a bustling bar by night, providing hot coffee till 5 p.m. and a wide range of post-work cocktails. Tilt has you covered whether you want to have a casual conversation or compete with a friend.

When it comes to eating, Tilt is open to the idea of individuals bringing their own food, to which they will cater to you by offering a list of all the finest nearby delicacies and how to get them if you haven't already.
And in drinks, Tilt only offers coffees made with the finest 5% of coffee beans produced in the world, alongside craft beer.
The menu includes:

  • 10 Different Loose-Leaf Teas
  • 5 Different Hot Chocolates
  • Selection of High Quality Spirits
  • Range of Soft Drinks
  • Wines

City Arcade,
2 Union St,
Birmingham B2 4TX,
United Kingdom.

Go Blog Tilt Birmingham

If you are looking for the best bars in Birmingham, using the Going Out website is a great way to search for a venue, shortlist several and enjoy your night out visiting the bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs of the vibrant and bustling city. Birmingham really does have something to offer to everybody, no matter what your taste in pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants the city of Birmingham has a multicultural, multinational offering to ensure that everybody finds exactly what they want and has a good time.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about the best bars in Birmingham.

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