Tom Kerridge’s Pub in the Park - Festival 2021


Tom Kerridge's Festival

Now known as the UK’s biggest food and musical festival tour, Pub in the Park is back to bring you the best food and music this 2021! In 2019, around 12,000 people joined the pub in all eight locations to celebrate life and have fun with everyone in the crowd. This year, Pub in the Park is super thrilled to once again let people taste the award-winning food and drinks made by amazing chefs and the best music of all time while bonding with the best people in their lives.

The festival is most famous for the cheap but amazing food people can buy from the parks in different locations. All kinds of drinks are offered as well, and people can buy as many beverages as they can! Chefs are also invited annually to cook in front of a live audience, and kids are also given a space where they can do crafts and other engaging activities. Of course, last but not the least, the main stage is where people will hear all the amazing and incredible bands the park has invited to entertain the crowd.

The ticket prices vary, including additional transaction and booking fees. Everyone needs to have their own ticket, including children six years old and above. There are also two kinds of tickets, each for the afternoon and evening sessions, so make sure you decide when you’d like to attend the festival. If you want to enjoy both sessions, you, then, need to purchase two tickets. The good news is that there is a weekend ticket available, which you can obviously use across the weekend to enjoy all the sessions during this time. The tickets are on sale for a limited period this year, so grab you tickets as soon as you can say “pub”!

For this year, there are still eight locations for the festival. On June 18-20, they will be at Bath. Next stop will be Dulwich on June 26-27. The following week, the festival will be visiting Warwick before heading to Tunbridge Wells on July 9-11. After that, the festival will be at Chichester on July 24-25 and on Chiswick for September 3-5. The second to the last location would be St. Albans on September 10-12 before going to Marlow for September 16-19. Look into the eight locations for more details:

Pub in the Park Batch (Royal Victoria Park)

For the first stop, the amazing chefs who will be joining the festival include Atul Kochhar, Rob Howell, Chris Cleghorn, Josh Eggleton, and Stephen Terry. This event is hosted by Tom Kerridge and James Martin, by the way.

The pubs in Dulwich Park will be Atul Kochhar’s Restaurants, The Hand & Flowers, The Hardwick, The Pony & Trap, and the new ones for 2021 like Root and The Mariners Public House by Paul Ainsworth.

When it comes to music, the first location’s lineup includes Tom Walker, Jade Bird, and The James Martin Band for the Friday evening session. For the next day’s afternoon session, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Noasis will set the mood for the night before having Rudimental DJ and The Cuban Brothers for the evening session. For the last day, in the afternoon, Beverley Knight, The Kingdom Choir, and The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club will offer the people an amazing performance to close the festival for its first location.

Boasting its wide and green parkland, the 57-acres park was officially opened by Princess Victoria. Some famous tourist attractions nearby include Royal Crescent and Burdall’s Yard, and some famous restaurants you can check out are Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House & Museum and The Scallop Shell.

Pub In The Park Festival

Pub in the Park Dulwich (Dulwich Park)

After a lively and ecstatic festival at the first location, the second location will show the mastery of Monica Galetti, Michelin-starred chef Atul Kochhar known for his Indian cuisine, and Matt Tebbutt. Matt can be seen in Saturday Kitchen and BBC 1’s Best Bites and Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped.

The pubs to be featured in Dulwich are Atul Kochhar’s Restaurants, The Begging Bowl, which is new for 2021, and The Hand & Flowers.

For the music, complete your Saturday with Roland Gift and Toploader for the afternoon session, and for the evening session, expect Basement Jaxx (DJ set) and Gabrielle. For the next day, Beverley Knight will once again light the stage together with Brand New Heavies and Soul II Soul Soundsystem.

Occupying 29 hectares of land and containing historic structures and amazing facilities, the Dulwich Park is a famous picnic spot in the UK. Queen Mary even visited the park regularly to view the American Garden. Some other tourist spots in the area include Dulwich Picture Gallery, Buckingham Palace, and Tower of London, among others.

Pub in the Park Warwick (St. Nicholas Park)

The third location will not leave the people hungry for there are award-winning chefs who will be joining the celebration in St. Nicholas Park. These remarkable chefs include Tom Kerridge, Atul Kochhar, Adam Bennett, Rob Kirby, Paul Ainsworth, and Nick Deverell-Smith.

The pubs, meanwhile, will feature, again, Atul Kochhar’s restaurants, The Mariners Public House by Paul Ainsworth, The Hand & Flowers, and The Churchill Arms.

Of course, your tummies will not be the only ones which will be full as you visit the festival as your ears will also be filled with melody when you hear the music lineup for this specific location: Basement Jaxx (DJ set) and Gabrielle (Friday evening); Roland Gift and Noasis (Saturday afternoon); All Saints, Brand New Heavies, and The Cuban Brothers (Saturday evening); and Beverley Knight, Dodgy, and Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel (Sunday afternoon).

Perfect for garden wandering, this 40-acre green space is where most families spend time with each other. There are a lot of picnic spots in the area, and guests can also enjoy the leisure center of the town where there is an indoor swimming pool. Other tourist attractions in the area are Warwick Castle, Old Town, and Lord Leycester Hospital.


Pub in the Park Tunbridge Wells (Dunorlan Park)

For the fourth location, some chefs still remain to show their talent in cooking, and some chefs you can expect here are Gavin Roy, James Martin, Atul Kochhar, Rob Kirby, Will Devlin, and the Tanner Brothers.

The Tunbridge Wells Pubs and Restaurants to be featured on this fourth location are The Half Moon Kirdford, The Kentish Hare, The Small Holding, and, still, Atul Kochhar’s Restaurants, and the Hand & Flowers.

For the music, expect performances from James Blunt, The Kingdom Choir, and The James Martin Band for the Friday evening session, and for the Saturday evening session, Lightning Seeds, Nerina Pallot, Craig David Presents TS5, and Judge Jules will captivate the hearts and ears of all the people in Dunorlan Park. For the last session, on Sunday afternoon, Beverley Knight, Toploader, and The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club will give your spirits some energy as you enjoy the last part of the festival in Dunorlan Park.

Known to be a place of beauty and serenity, Dunorlan Park offers tourists a beautiful view of the Weald. Being one of the largest tourist destinations in the area, it has a water fountain, boating lakes, and café. While here, you can also visit the Grosvenor And Hilbert Park, Assembly Hall Theatre, and the Parish Church of King Charles the Martyr.

Pub in the Park Chichester (Chichester College)

Only Phil Carmichael as the new name you’ll hear for this location’s chefs, Gavin Roy, Atul Kochhar, Matt Tebbutt, and the Tanner Brothers will still accompany you to the fifth location of the festival.

Aside from Atul Kochhar’s Restaurants, The Hand & Flowers, and The Half Moon Kirdford which have all been present in the former locations, The Horse and Groom is a new pub for this year’s festival.

The chart-topping line-up of musicians will not fail to complete your day for you have Gabrielle and The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club for the Saturday afternoon session, Rudimental DJ and Soul II Soul Soundsystem for the Saturday evening session, Toploader and Dodgy for the Sunday afternoon session, and Jack Savoretti and The Christians for the Sunday evening session.

While you’re in Chichester, you may opt to visit some other places in the area like Fishbourne Roman Palace, Tinwood Estate Vineyard, West Dean Gardens, and Chichester Cathedral, among others.

Pub in the Park Chiswick (Chiswick House & Gardens)

New names will appear in the sixth location of the festival including Michel Roux Jr., Andrew Pern, Marcus Wareing, Claude Bosi, and Chantelle Nicholson. In addition, for six locations straight, Atul Kochhar will still be joining the festival.

There are new pubs and restaurants serving guests in the sixth location. Some new ones include Little Social, Kerridge’s Bar & Grill, and All’s Well. Do not miss the chance to taste the best work of these places as you also consume the food in Atul Kochhar’s restaurants and The Star Inn.

For the main stage singers and acts, Basement Jaxx, Brand New Heavies, and The Kingdom Choir will be sharing their angelic voices to the special crowd of Chiswick on Friday evening. On Saturday afternoon, however, expect an awesome number from The Feeling and Nerina Pallot before having Kaiser Chiefs and the Cuban Brothers in the evening. Next day, the Sunday afternoon session will feature Marc Almond, Reef, and Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel.

In Chiswick, you can find famous and historic structures and houses which you can visit like Hogarth’s House, Chiswick House, and Fuller’s Brewery.

Park Festival

Pub in the Park St. Albans (Verulamium Park)

A lot of amazing chefs will be present in Verulamium Park to share the space with the crowd. Be prepared to see the finest chefs who will also be answering some of the crowd’s questions including Tom Kerridge, Candice Brown, Atul Kochhar, Dominic Robinson, Drew Knight, Phil Thompson, Stephen Terry, Andrew Pern, Phil Carmichael, and Nick Deverell-Smith.

Some of the best and greatest restaurants and pubs you will see on the park include Atul Kochhar’s Restaurants, The Green Man, The Hand & Flowers, The Hardwick, The Star Inn, and Thompson St. Albans.

The experience will not be complete without hearing the best singers and musicians in the industry including Basement Jaxx, Brand New Heavies, Judge Jules, Lightning Seeds, Dodgy, All Saints, Faithless (DJ set), Gabrielle, Reef, and the Kingdom Choir.

If you want to explore the place more, you can always go to the famous tourist destinations in the area including The Cathedral & Abbey Church of Saint Alban, Verulamium Museum, Willows Activity Farm, and The Clock Tower.

Pub in the Park Marlow (Higginson Park)

An amazing array of chefs will be joining the people for the last location of the festival. Aside from the host Tom Kerridge, famous chefs Chantelle Nicholson, Claude Bosi, Atul Kochhar, Dominic Chapman, Pete Gray, Rob Howell, Paul Ainsworth, Josh Eggleton, Stephen Terry, Andrew Pern, James Mackenzie, and Claire Clarke will also be present in Higginson Park to share their talent and work.

Aside from the amazing chefs, a great line-up of restaurants and pubs will also be featured in Higginson Park. These are some of the names you need to expect from the festival: Atul Kochhar’s Restaurants, All’s Well, Root, The Mariners Public House by Paul Ainsworth, The Hand & Flowers, The Coach, The Hardwick, The Pony & Trap, The Star Inn, and Pipe and Glass.

The music line-up will surely not let you go home without having the best day of your life. For the last location’s main stage performances, get ready for a jam-packed schedule that feature artists such as Ronan Keating, Parfitt Junior, Bjorn Again, Basement Jaxx, Benerley Knight, Marc Almond, Lightning Seeds,The Craig Charles Funk and Soul Club, Heather Small, Interkoola, and Craig David.

Although the 2020 Pub in the Park did not happen, the 2021 festival will surely make you experience more than what you should have seen and tasted for the past year. So make sure you do get your tickets as soon as possible for they are limited, especially during this time!