Shrewsbury Flower Show


Shrewsbury is in the county of Shropshire in western England. It sits inside the River Severn loop, and its Tudor centre is lined with half-timbered houses. Warm weathers proclaim the start of Shrewsbury's dynamic schedule of celebrations, including the Shrewsbury flower show, kids’ festival,and the world champions coracle race.

One of the nation's most popular festivals and shows is the Shrewsbury flower show, which attracts many tourists from all over the country, a remarkable show like no other. Over a hundred members of staff get together to prepare this grand event putting together marquees, entertainment, catering services for the public, and recruiting judges for the flower competition.

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The Shrewsbury Flower show has been held nearly every year since 1857 which is very lengthy time. The show is held within 2 days where several bands, companies and organisations visit and entertain the guests and tourists who are visiting the show from across the country. The Shrewsbury flower show is held under a large arrangement of marquees and aims to display a range of flowers, vegetables, fruits and much more on the land area of the Quarry. The Quarry Marquee is home to the top national nurseries and growers from around the country who design remarkable displays for visitors to appreciate and become inspired by. There is no flower missing in this flower show, from assorted roses in all the most elegant colours, daffodils, lilies, lavenders, bluebell, carnation, and the famous poppy.

The show includes a variety of different celebrities such celebrity chef James Martin and many more, who put up little demonstrations and activities for visitors to take part in. Not only are there celebrity chefs, but also famous tv personalities that would be recognised by those of you who enjoy watching gardening tv shows, such as Joe Swift who is one of the main presenters in the BBC 2s gardening show ‘Gardeners World’. Other celebrities who have been a part of the Shrewsbury flower show include Phil Vickery, Gino D’Acampo and Tom Kerridge.

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With a range of challenges and competitions from bands, motorcycling competitions, fine paintings and to which businesses or farmers have the best selection of flowers or vegetables. Shrewsbury flower show has all the entertainment needed for 2 days. Action packed, creativity, amusement and not forgetting to mention a lot for the kids to do and a food hall that will busy your tummy! The children’s area consists of fun packed activities, for kids of all ages to be entertained. Planting sessions, bubble displays and circus play tents are some of the activity’s children can take part in, to keep themselves busy. The food hall is nonetheless a place for one to get a taste of different cuisines and tasters from Restaurants in Shrewsbury. There is also an exciting opportunity to meet celebrity chefs!

There is accessible parking, and the place offers facilities such as showers and toilets, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right spot to park your car.

History of the Shrewsbury flower show:

The Shrewsbury flower show was first held by the Shrewsbury Shropshire Horticultural Society, the first flower show held by them was in 1857. Since then, the show had grown popular nationally and has now even gained international praise.

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The first Shrewsbury Floral show after WW2 was known as the 60th show of 1947, which saw 180,000 visitors, which was quite a large number of visitors since after the World War II. In the following years, the number of visitors only began to increase due to the range of celebrity appearances and the variety of entertainment the show consisted of. The Shrewsbury Floral show has been one that many residents of Shrewsbury and visitors look forward to every year.

Did you know?

In 1924 the Shropshire Horticultural Society bought Shrewsbury Castle for £2,621 from profits generated from the Flower show.