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South Shields is a seaside town situated on River Tyne and is a famous seaside town attracting crowds. South shields' favourite sites include Arbeia, South Shields Roman Fort, Tynemouth priory and castle, ocean beach pleasure park, south shields museum and art gallery, Marsden beach, etc. Pubs in the town include the sand dancer, the steamboat, Bamburgh, the marine, and several others. Pubs such as the Bamburgh provide you with various facilities such as a beer garden, live spots, car park, and have toilets. You can enjoy classic pub dishes at the Bamburgh pub and a wide assortment of beers, ales, and wines. If you are looking for some top-quality food, then head down to some of South shields famous restaurants, including columns seafood temple, mambo wine and dine, Thai udon kitchen, Turkuisine, sambuca south shields providing you with luxury cuisine rich in flavour. South Shield's vast range of eateries allows you to try unique top-quality dishes while experiencing fine dining.

Investigate deeper into the ancient past of the Arbeia, a Roman fort, one of South Shield's famous sites. The Arbeia fort society protects and preserves 1.1 million items in their collections, found from all over the country. One of the museum's renowned collections is the Hadrian wall here. You can find numerous collections of gemstones, coins, seal boxes, jet ornaments, brooches pins, and that is not all. You can discover; swords, a range of pottery, including cups, plates, tableware, furthermore cookware. There are loads to explore, and it is an exciting opportunity to learn about each object's history. Wander through the Roman jet collection and find exciting things such as spindle whorls, bracelets, beads, and rings. Walk down the garden path of the Roman fort and spot tidy patches of herbs neatly lined. Some plants you can find in the garden include thyme, rosemary, rose, mint, lavender, and fennel, all used in Roman times for medicinal and culinary purposes. At the park, some activities you and your children can participate in include making a Roman herb book, learning what different herbs were used for, and planting your herbs. The museum gift shop has a wide range of gifts to select from, including homeware, toys, and souvenirs. This is an exciting experience, worth the visit.

One of South Shield's popular spots includes the ocean beach pleasure community; this is a dream come true for everyone with plenty to do and discover; this is the place where you will be creating some long-lasting memories. Ocean beach Amusement is an excellent place for adrenaline lovers with all its thrill. The park consists of family rides, dry surfing slopes, indoor laser games, and arcades. Some passages include the speed buzz, ice jet, crash test, spring break, shaken and stirred, plus that is not all! There are various rides for individuals of all ages. Ocean beach pleasure park is a bustling place with arcade games and other games such as laser force, tenpin bowling, junior driving school, and the park even has its golf course. Grab your chance of winning a prize by taking part in one of the prize-winning games. If all these activities get you hungry, then head down to the park's various eateries, cafes, and stalls and enjoy some good quality hot/ cold meals, plenty of snacks, and
refreshments. This is a place jam-packed with many attractions and rides, helping you create a memorable experience.

Explore the sandy coastline of Sand haven beach while watching the waves roll gently. The beach provides you with a tranquil atmosphere full of nothing but the sound of the soothing ocean waves. There is nota place more beautiful than under the deep blue sky and the shimmering sun radiating a pleasant warmth. Enjoy some quality family time at Sand havenbeach, building sandcastles, having a picnic, testing the waters, and strolling down the beachfront. This is also an excellent place for individuals to escape their hectic lives and sit back and relax. The beach and encompassing area are often home to many performances, such as sandcastle contests, kids' entertainment, and lots more. Sand havenbeach is the ideal spot to enjoy a game of frisbee, volleyball, and football. Other popular sports at the beach include surfing and windsurfing. The beach is backed by scenic clifftops adding to its charm

Places to eat in South ShieldsPlaces to eat in South Shields, Restaurants in South Shields

Frydays Seafood South Shields
Seafood South Shields
Redragon Chinese Fusion Restaurant Chinese South Shields
Redragon Chinese Fusion Restaurant
Chinese South Shields
The Raj Indian South Shields
The Raj
Indian South Shields
Ship & Royal British South Shields
Ship & Royal
British South Shields
The Victorian Pantry Cafe South Shields
The Victorian Pantry
Cafe South Shields
Kirkpatricks British South Shields
British South Shields

Places to drink in South Shields Places to drink in South Shields, Pubs and Bars in South Shields

The White Horse Pub/Bar South Shields
The White Horse
Pub/Bar South Shields
Cumberland Arms Pub/Bar South Shields
Cumberland Arms
Pub/Bar South Shields
Gold Lion Pub/Bar South Shields
Gold Lion
Pub/Bar South Shields
The Exchange Pub/Bar South Shields
The Exchange
Pub/Bar South Shields
New Crown Hotel Pub/Bar South Shields
New Crown Hotel
Pub/Bar South Shields
The Salty Sea Dog Pub/Bar South Shields
The Salty Sea Dog
Pub/Bar South Shields

A brief history of South ShieldsA brief history of South Shields

The townof South Shields was formerly a Roman fortification site and a Saxon religious community. For the more significant part of its set of experiences, South Shields was a fishing town with the Priors of Durham Cathedral cloister. South Shields, a port in Roman occasions, was an appropriate site for a middle-age port. Yet, Newcastle legitimately asserted control of exchange on the Tyne and was defensive of its status as Tyneside's principal port. During George, the third's rule, South Shields, with its tiny church committed to St Hilda, was still minimal more than a long thin road or track running close by the Tyne. The road was abutted by an assortment of paths and side streets and was lined by slopes of weight made by the offloading of visiting ships. South Shields required significant changes to adapt to its consistent modern development and exchange.

Popular things to do in South ShieldsPopular things to do in South Shields

Great for kids in South ShieldsGreat for kids in South Shields

Did you know?Did you know?

South shields are a popular seaside town and has great transport link to New castle.

Hidden gems of South ShieldsThe hidden gems of South Shields

Some of the towns hidden gems include the Arbeia Roman fort, the Marsden grotto and Ocean beach pleasure park and others waiting to be discovered by you.

Unique to South ShieldsUnique to South Shields

South shields feature extensive beaches.