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Rotherham is a large Borough located in South Yorkshire, with plenty of cafes, bars, pubs, and restaurants, and attractions; the town is bustling with a variety of things to discover. Some of Rotherham's popular spots include the Magna science adventure centre, Clifton Park Museum, Wentworth Woodhouse, the South Yorkshire transport museum, etc. Pubs in Rotherham include the Bluecoat, Riverside, the bridge inn, Brentwood, the hind, etc. If you are looking to tuck into fabulous quality pub food near you in fashionable and spacious surroundings, have a chat with friends, or enjoy a peaceful mid-week cocktail, The Hind in Rotherham should be your first port of call. The pub offers a wide selection of amazing dishes with a buffet choice, and there is even a kids menu! If you ever get tired of classic pub meals, then head down to some of Rotherham's popular eateries such as neelagiree, the Wharncliffe, Goodfellas restaurant, Kebabish, and plenty more fantastic places to get your tastebuds tingling.

One of Rotherham's popular spots includes Clifton park and the museum; this is the perfect place to spend a quality day out with friends, family, or even by yourself. Enjoy the pretty stretch of green grass running through the park while going for a long stroll and walking the dogs. At the park, you can roll out your picnic blanket, enjoy some food and sit back and relax. Whether you are contemplating the kid's play or experiencing some alone time, this is the place for you! The park occasionally holds a mini funfair with several rides such as roller coasters, water rides, bumper cars, mini-golf, and even arcade games adding to the excitement. The park consists of a children's playground keeping the kids entertained for the day and, and that is not all, the park also compromises of a small museum. The Clifton park museum allows you to discover the history of the town, from geological structures to Saxon communities and the age of steel. Clifton museum has several displays lined up, such as interactive exhibits, ideal for children.

The Magna science adventure centre is one of a kind; the place is jam-packed with interactive exhibits at every corner. Wander down the corridors to explore the magical wonders of science. Climb back into the environment of the steel mills with the magnificent Big Melt Show. The big melt show consists of an original electric arc furnace, brought to life with light, sound, and special effects, finished with a story about the mighty steelos and its workers. The Magna science centre showcases four different pavilions with four different themes including, water, air, fire, and earth. The four themes resemble a story of how iron was extracted from the earth in Roman times, then melted by fire and needed air for combustion, then later cooled down by the water. The Magna centre does not only offer indoor interactions but also has an outdoor play area consisting of a huge adventure playground and a splash ground.

If you are passionate about ancient transport, then why not head down to the Rotherham transport museum? This is an exciting place to discover some older transportation dating back to many different years. Wander down the halls to discover life-sized displays, including a miniature petrol pump, a horse cart, trucks, cars. There is an onsite cafe providing you with snacks and refreshments. The museum consists of facilities such as toilets and even has a small shop selling vehicle-related products. At the museum, you may get the opportunity to drive around Rotherham in a vintage styles bus. The transportation museum provides you with model railways, boats, bicycles, motorbikes, and the place is disability-friendly with an installation of a stairlift. Spend your day wandering through the many exhibits and learning about the history of transportation during the early stages.

Places to eat in RotherhamPlaces to eat in Rotherham, Restaurants in Rotherham

Kebabish Original Indian Rotherham
Kebabish Original
Indian Rotherham
Forward To Ethiopia African Rotherham
Forward To Ethiopia
African Rotherham
Stone & Taps American Rotherham
Stone & Taps
American Rotherham
Millan's British Rotherham
British Rotherham
Maria Daily Fresh Food Indian Rotherham
Maria Daily Fresh Food
Indian Rotherham
Tea on the Terrace British Rotherham
Tea on the Terrace
British Rotherham

Places to drink in Rotherham Places to drink in Rotherham, Pubs and Bars in Rotherham

George's Pub/Bar Rotherham
Pub/Bar Rotherham
Bay Tree Cafe Bistro Pub/Bar Rotherham
Bay Tree Cafe Bistro
Pub/Bar Rotherham
Swan Lake Tearooms Pub/Bar Rotherham
Swan Lake Tearooms
Pub/Bar Rotherham
The Three Magpies Hotel Pub/Bar Rotherham
The Three Magpies Hotel
Pub/Bar Rotherham
The Abbey Inn Pub/Bar Rotherham
The Abbey Inn
Pub/Bar Rotherham
The Sitwell Arms Pub/Bar Rotherham
The Sitwell Arms
Pub/Bar Rotherham

A brief history of RotherhamA brief history of Rotherham

Rotherham is covered with plenty of Roman settlements showing their former presence in the town. During the first century, the Romans established a fort near the River Rother, and the town was built around it. The town used to carry out weekly markets and had annual fairs that would bring in crowds and last for days. During the 16th century, a grammar school was built for boys, and the town began to flourish. The 17th century and 18th centuries saw the success of the Iron industry in the town, and then a canal was established, making it easier to transport coal and iron. The town also suffered outbreaks of Cholera since its streets were contaminated however things began to improve in the late 19th century. Many amenities were introduced to the town; a water company was formed, and sooner or later came the railway, making transporting goods easier and getting from and to the place easier.

Popular things to do in RotherhamPopular things to do in Rotherham

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Did you know?Did you know?

The town lies on the banks of River Don.

Hidden gems of RotherhamThe hidden gems of Rotherham

Some of Rotherham’s hidden gems include Wentworth village, Camelot play castle, Winthrop gardens, Roche abbey and numerous other places waiting to be discovered by you!

Unique to RotherhamUnique to Rotherham

Major contributor to the steel industry.