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Swansea is a city situated on the shore of North Wales, the town has a popular marketplace where you can buy all your groceries, and there is plenty of attractions. Some city attractions include the waterfront museum, the Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea bay, Oystermouth castle, Clyne gardens, and various others. Pubs in Swansea include the perch, the griffin, uplands tavern, the wig, pen, etc. Pubs such as the perch offer a wide assortment of wines, spirits, and beers; they all of three massive TVs screening a wide range of sports such as football, rugby, golf, and cricket. You can uncover hearty meals at the pub, and you can book the pub for special occasions such as birthday parties and wedding parties. Suppose you are looking for that delightful three-course meal. Why not head down to some of Swansea's finest eateries such as turtle bay, garuda restaurant, the anchor Swansea marina, little Tokyo, and several others? These restaurants provide you with a variety of dishes rich in flavour.

One of Swansea's famous attractions includes the Swansea Museum. The foundation puts you in charge of the adventure, permitting you to delve as profoundly into the presentations, displays, and knowledge as you want. Wander down these enchanted halls and discover various artifacts from mummies, Welsh kitchens, modern-day art collections, and collections from the past. The museum also has a range of vehicles to explore, such as boats and floats. They also display nautical al objects, war-related objects, and objects found around Swansea and wales. The museum gift shop is a magical place with plenty of unique gifts to choose from, such as fossils, figurines, jewellery, scent bottles, and many other exciting souvenirs. You can book sessions with the museum where one of the local staff members gives you a tour and explains the history of objects in more detail.

Oystermouth Castle is a stunning Norman stone castle in Wales overlooking Swansea Bay from towering heights. At the court, uncover years of history about the city while wandering down its colossal chambers. There is ancient graffiti printed on the walls from years ago; the castle also features a staircase leading to former banqueting halls and a fantastic glass bridge 30 feet high. You can capture amazing pictures of the mesmerizing views that sit right before your eyes from the castle towers. Oystermouth Castle is a spectacular location with iconic views. You can book school trips with the castle. The booking consists of a 45-minute tour of the fort, a session about the castle's history where the children can complete activities and worksheets, making it a fun experience while learning something new. Events are carried out at the palace throughout the year; you can check for upcoming events on the Castles website.

Swansea botanical gardens are a serene atmosphere filled with vibrant colours radiating from several flowers and plants. This is the perfect spot for plant lovers or people who want to explore the magical woodland. The park has a greenhouse, so you can still spot plants during the harsh winter months. The botanical garden consists of exotic plants, rock gardens, herb gardens, and a separate wildflower garden. Swansea botanical gardens have a plant shop ideal for growing plants in their back gardens. In the plant shop, you can find various kinds of seeds to grow beautiful flowers and herbs. You can spot some stunning wildlife at the park, such as birds, butterflies, and bees, all drawn in by the vibrant flowerbeds. Some birds spotted in the gardens include the blackbird, blue tit, chaffinch, collar dove, and plenty of other unique species of birds.

Places to eat in SwanseaPlaces to eat in Swansea, Restaurants in Swansea

Hanson at the Chelsea European Swansea
Hanson at the Chelsea
European Swansea
ASK Italian Italian Swansea
ASK Italian
Italian Swansea
The Meatery & Martini Co Steakhouse Swansea
The Meatery & Martini Co
Steakhouse Swansea
Pizza Express Italian Swansea
Pizza Express
Italian Swansea
9tea Restaurant&Bar Chinese Swansea
9tea Restaurant&Bar
Chinese Swansea
The Bank Statement British Swansea
The Bank Statement
British Swansea

Places to drink in Swansea Places to drink in Swansea, Pubs and Bars in Swansea

Las Iguanas Swansea Pub/Bar Swansea
Las Iguanas Swansea
Pub/Bar Swansea
The Queens Hotel Pub/Bar Swansea
The Queens Hotel
Pub/Bar Swansea
Pitcher & Piano Swansea Pub/Bar Swansea
Pitcher & Piano Swansea
Pub/Bar Swansea
Griffin Pub/Bar Swansea
Pub/Bar Swansea
The Farmers Arms Pub/Bar Swansea
The Farmers Arms
Pub/Bar Swansea
Swansea Bierkellar Pub/Bar Swansea
Swansea Bierkellar
Pub/Bar Swansea

A brief history of SwanseaA brief history of Swansea

Swansea is an Island situated at River Tawe's mouth; the town was discovered by Normans during the twelfth century, and a fort was then constructed on top of a former Worcester palace site. This palace was then rebuilt with stone and is today known as Swansea castle. Swansea was occupied by many English people at the time. Throughout the medieval period, the borough was known for its leather and wool industries which expanded, and products were exported to the UK from the town. Other things Swansea was famous for producing included butter, cheese, and grain. The town held two fairs annually and had several markets that ran once a week and would last for a couple of days, attracting people from all over Wales.

During the 17th century, this miniature town population gradually increased, and more houses were built. Swansea's port became even busier as the industry in coal mining became familiarised however this was not the only industry that exceeded, as iron was extracted from mines as well. Swansea was well known for its metal industry during the 19th century, which enabled Welsh people to earn a livelihood. The Swansea Canal was then constructed, making it easier to carry heavy materials to and from the port. Many industries were tried and tested in the town; there was also shipbuilding; however, it was not a thriving industry.

Popular things to do in SwanseaPopular things to do in Swansea

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Did you know?Did you know?

For 300 years Swansea was an English town, and the streets have English names; Swansea has a gigantic castle, and the town has many streams running everywhere.

Hidden gems of SwanseaThe hidden gems of Swansea

Some of Swansea’s hidden gems include the River Tawe tunnel, the three cliffs bay, penllergare Valley woods, Clyne gardens and various places waiting to be uncovered by you!

Unique to SwanseaUnique to Swansea

Swansea has previously been voted as the cleanest city in Wales.