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Cardiff is Wales’ capital and is the eleventh largest city of Wales. The Senedd or Welsh Parliament is found in this city, too. As of 2011, the population of the principal areas of Cardiff was 346,090. The urban area, on the other hand, has a population of 479,000.

Caerdydd is the city’s Welsh name. This name is said to originate from Caerdyf, which means the fort of the Taff. There are a lot of written explanations of where the name of the city originates from, but there is no solid evidence for these explanations.

Cardiff is famous for its popular tourist destinations and points of interest. With its historic significance, there are a lot of places in the city that tourists can see to learn a thing or two about Cardiff’s rich history and culture. Some of the most famous tourist attractions in Cardiff are the Cardiff Castle, the “City of Arcades,” the Cardiff Bay, and the Wales Millennium Centre.

The Cardiff Castle is probably the most popular among these tourist spots because it is best-preserved and most frequented by tourists. There are State Apartments in this castle where a lot of amazing displays are placed in each room, too. Useful information, the lock tower, murals, artworks, and the classic fireplace are also worth seeing in this place.

Hailing from Cardiff are a lot of notable people like Ifor Bach, the 12th-century Welsh leader. More recent figures are notable actor Ioan Gruffudd, who played Mister Fantastic in Fantastic 4 (2005) and its sequel (2005). Other famous people from Cardiff are Sian Grigg, Tanni Grey-Thompson, Colin Jackson, Ted Pterson and George Whitcombe.

The restaurants in Cardiff offer tourists a great selection of food and drinks. The food scene is impressive and diverse, with vegan food and pure meat dishes ready to be served anytime. With great views everywhere, going out in Cardiff will always result in a good time, whether you are with your family and friends, or even if you are just wandering alone.

When it comes to drinks, the pubs in Cardiff will never disappoint in quenching that thirst in you. The drinks range from handmade cocktails to fancy champagnes, and these are all served in the best places in the city. Cardiff is famously known for their bars and drinks, so there are several choices you can select from depending on your mood and budget.

Places to eat in CardiffPlaces to eat in Cardiff, Restaurants in Cardiff

Ffwrnes Pizza Italian Cardiff
Ffwrnes Pizza
Italian Cardiff
Barocco British Cardiff
British Cardiff
Le Rendez-Vous French Cardiff
Le Rendez-Vous
French Cardiff
Crumbs Kitchen Cafe Cardiff
Crumbs Kitchen
Cafe Cardiff
Krispy Kreme Cardiff American Cardiff
Krispy Kreme Cardiff
American Cardiff
My Cookie Dough Fast Food Cardiff
My Cookie Dough
Fast Food Cardiff

Places to drink in Cardiff Places to drink in Cardiff, Pubs and Bars in Cardiff

Cinnamon Tree Pub/Bar Cardiff
Cinnamon Tree
Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Old Market Tavern Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Old Market Tavern
Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Rummer Tavern Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Rummer Tavern
Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Head of Steam Cardiff Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Head of Steam Cardiff
Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Duke of Wellington Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Duke of Wellington
Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Prince Of Wales Pub/Bar Cardiff
The Prince Of Wales
Pub/Bar Cardiff

A brief history of CardiffA brief history of Cardiff

Cardiff was originally part of Silures. This is a Celtic British tribe that thrived during the Iron Age. Cardiff was only able to separate from the territory of Silures during the Roman conquest of Britain.

Now, there are several pieces of archaeological evidence from sites in Cardiff and around it to show that this place has been inhabited even during the early times. Some of these existing pieces of evidence include the Cae’rarfau Chambered Tomb, the Gwern y Cleppa Long Barrow, the Tinkinswood burial chamber and the St Lythans burial chamber.

There are a lot of structures and historic buildings created during the early times in Cardiff. There is a fortress in the town which is believed to have been built for Britannia’s protection from raiders. However, this fort was thought to be abandoned near the 4th century’s end because the Roman legions left Britannia with Magnus Maximus.

The Cardiff Castle, one of the most famous and most important structures in the city, has long been existing. King of England William I started building this castle in 1801. The initial structure was just altered and extended by the next architects and people who worked on the castle for years.

In 1536, Cardiff was made the town’s county. During this time, the Herbert family was the most powerful. Cardiff was also the place where the Battle of St Fagans occurred. For the next years, Cardiff was at peace.

However, in 1877, Maindy Barracks was completed, and military presence was permanently established in the town. Challenges occurred to the town when rival docks development were promoted.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Almost 18 million tourists visit Cardiff each year, and this is the 10th most visited city in the UK by tourists from all around the world. Known as the City of Arcades, Cardiff boasts its Edwardian, Victorian, and latest-day indoor shopping arcades in Britain. St. David’s Centre is one of the biggest and most popular shopping centres in the UK.

Hidden gems of CardiffThe hidden gems of Cardiff

Although the Cardiff Castle is the most famous tourist destination in Cardiff, the rooftop garden at the castle is underrated. Most people stay on the castle grounds, so they do not get to see the amazing space high up the castle. The water fountains, the cozy ambiance, and the painted tiles will surely give you a wonderful time here.

Unique to CardiffUnique to Cardiff

Cardiff has an award-winning toilet, and it can be found in the Wales Millennium Centre! The Loo of the Year Award was given to Cardiff twice for its fantastic and remarkable toilet.