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Bath is a city situated in the province of Somerset; it is known for its discovery of Roman baths, and River Avon crosses through the town. There are several spots to explore and discover in Bath, such as the Roman baths, Bath abbey, Prior park, etc. Bath is home to a countless number of museums, restaurants, pubs, and bars. Some of Bath's most famous pubs include the huntsman, the crystal palace, the cork, and many more. The crystal palace pub offers a vast range of delicious meals and a wide assortment of drinks, including brew and wine; you can also schedule a private event at the pub. Bath is home to many exquisite eateries, including Menu Gordon Jones, Diana's café, Raphael restaurant, Henry's restaurant, all providing you with unique dishes.

If you want to delve deeper into the history of ancient Bath, then The Roman Baths is a place you should visit. Here you can discover 3D structures of Roman baths and pools and even take some fascinating pictures to show family and friends. This Museum holds a Roman temple and a sacred spring; there are also Roman religious artifacts you can learn about. The place also consists of ancient changing rooms, saunas and has a terrace. This is a fantastic place to explore with stunning architectural features that bring you back in time. The gallery also has a restaurant, so if you are drained after all this exploring, you would not have to travel far to get a decent bite.

One of Bath's popular attractions includes Prior park that has 18th century styled bridges crossing over the park's mesmerizing waterways. This is a place full of stunning scenery in every corner that you look; the park has many takeaways, shops, and houses nearby. This is a tranquil beauty and a perfect place to have a family picnic, a long walk, and just soak in the greenery. If you are looking for other nature parks to explore in Bath, why not visit Royal Victoria park that is home to Bath Botanical gardens; this is a garden full of vibrant coloured flowers, streams, ponds, walkways, and many benches located all over the park.

Bath is home to a Fashion museum that holds the work of Doris Langley Moore, who gave her collection to the museum. At the gallery, you can witness all different kinds of styles, such as fashion from the past and modern fashion, making it an impeccable experience. This museum is also home to an 18th-century ballroom and tearoom intriguing individuals to come to visit; at the Fashion gallery, you can also play dress up as you can try on a few pieces making it a memorable experience. On the ground floor, there is a gift shop, where you can explore through rows of souvenirs and a café that provides you with a heart-warming cup of tea and plenty of other snacks.

There are several pubs, bars and restaurants that are widely popular among tourists and residents in Bath. The Huntsman is a Georgian pub that provides its visitors with a variety of ales, beers, and an amazing selection of food on the menu. The best restaurants across Bath are some of the followings: Menu Gordon Jones; one which serves global wines and a Modern European menu, Sotto Sotto is a restaurant providing an Italian menu with an up-to-date twist to its interior décor. The Dark Horse is one of the many excellent bars situated in Bath, that have a remarkable selection of classic cocktails.

Places to eat in BathPlaces to eat in Bath, Restaurants in Bath

Jars Meze Mediterranean Bath
Jars Meze
Mediterranean Bath
Rosarios Italian Bath
Italian Bath
Central Bar European Bath
Central Bar
European Bath
Cascara Bath Cafe Bath
Cascara Bath
Cafe Bath
The Whole Bagel Cafe Bath
The Whole Bagel
Cafe Bath
La Croissanterie Cafe Bath
La Croissanterie
Cafe Bath

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The Olive Tree Pub/Bar Bath
The Olive Tree
Pub/Bar Bath
The Rising Sun Inn Pub/Bar Bath
The Rising Sun Inn
Pub/Bar Bath
Volunteer Riflemans Arms Pub/Bar Bath
Volunteer Riflemans Arms
Pub/Bar Bath
The New Inn Pub/Bar Bath
The New Inn
Pub/Bar Bath
Maison Georges Larnicol Pub/Bar Bath
Maison Georges Larnicol
Pub/Bar Bath
Fox & Kit Pub/Bar Bath
Fox & Kit
Pub/Bar Bath

A brief history of BathA brief history of Bath

Bath was used by the Romans as a place for thermal spas, which can be discovered at the Roman bath museum. The town under the authority of George the 3rd constructed many Palladian styled buildings, which lured in more tourists. Bath is famous for its Georgian architecture, the discovery of Roman baths, and the establishment of hot springs. During medieval times, the wool Industry in Bath became popular, bringing the residents of the town a source of income. By the 18th Century, the City increased in size, and many buildings and residences were built, such as the Royal crescent, the octagon, St Margaret’s chapel, etc. The 19th-century trams were replaced with buses, and more council houses were built.

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Did you know?Did you know?

In 2007 many Roman coins were found at the Gainsborough bath spa; Bath was also a part of the Baedeker raids, which left several houses destroyed.

Hidden gems of BathThe hidden gems of Bath

Some of the towns hidden gems include the botanical gardens, Prior park, Bathwick meadow etc.

Unique to BathUnique to Bath

Bath has many crescent shaped residences.