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About BamburghAbout Bamburgh

Bamburgh is a village situated on the coast of Northumberland; its most popular attractions include Bamburgh Castle, a medieval fortress located on the coast. Other attractions such as Bamburgh beach, Farne Islands, RNLI Grace Darling Museum, Staple Island are perfect for a family day out. If you need a quick beer or ale, some pubs in Bamburgh such as the castle inn, the Victoria hotel, the potted lobster, Black swan inn offer just that. Pubs such as the potted lobster offer a dining service with a diverse range of seafood dishes; they also provide you with brews from local breweries and offer private catering. Some of Bamburgh's finest dining places include the Lord Crewe Hotel, Wyndenwell, the copper kettle tearooms, the pantry, etc., offering you authentic dishes made from fresh ingredients, leaving you with an unforgettable experience.

When visiting Bamburgh, you should visit Bamburgh castle; this is a medieval fortress located on towering cliffs attracting people with its astonishing beauty. From the top of the Castle, you can witness some outstanding sea views. Bamburgh Castle is home to many crafts, including silk and wool embroidery displays, chain mail making, a bread oven, etc. You can also see Armoury displays at the Castle, explore the king’s hall, the keep, the archaeology museum, and The Armstrong and aviation museum. Other things to do at the Castle include: Visiting the Victorian stables, enjoying the fresh air on the castle grounds, and climbing up the battery tower and the Neville tower. Why not delve deeper into the history of Bamburgh castle at the castle library. This is a family friendly place offering lots to explore and discover.

Bamburgh beach is a popular spot for surfing the waves and is regarded as one of the most consistent sites on the coast. Surf hires and lessons are also available at the beach, perfect for those keen to master the sport. Behind the seashore, the ridges of Sandy Hills are home to a wide assortment of plants and insects. There are some fascinating stone pools at Bamburgh beach embedded on the seashore. The beach also consists of a small lighthouse and has many different regions across its golden coastline to explore. This is a dog-friendly beach where you can fish, swim, and surf; it is described as one of the best beaches in the British Isles and offers fantastic views of Bamburgh castle. Not far by are shops, cafes, and toilets, so you are fully prepared for the day.

Bamburgh is home to the RNLI Grace Darling Museum, which is dedicated to the British heroine Grace, who risked her safety in order to rescue nine people from a shipwreck. The museum consists of her family portraits, letters, and a coble used in the rescue process. The gallery holds several events throughout the year and can be hired out for private events. The museum has a lantern room and has been used as a setting in many films and series; the gallery staff also offers educational workshops for schools and colleges. The museum has no toilets; however, there are public toilets located close by. If you are looking for a cheeky beer and a hearty meal after a long day of exploring, then not far from the museum is the Victoria hotel pub, great for watching the day pass by and some entertainment.

Places to eat in BamburghPlaces to eat in Bamburgh, Restaurants in Bamburgh

The Potted Lobster Seafood Bamburgh
The Potted Lobster
Seafood Bamburgh
Wyndenwell Cafe Bamburgh
Cafe Bamburgh
St Aidan Bistro European Bamburgh
St Aidan Bistro
European Bamburgh
Insieme Restaurant Italian Bamburgh
Insieme Restaurant
Italian Bamburgh
The Pantry British Bamburgh
The Pantry
British Bamburgh
The Bunker British Bamburgh
The Bunker
British Bamburgh

Places to drink in Bamburgh Places to drink in Bamburgh, Pubs and Bars in Bamburgh

The Joiners Arms Pub/Bar Bamburgh
The Joiners Arms
Pub/Bar Bamburgh
Castle Inn Pub/Bar Bamburgh
Castle Inn
Pub/Bar Bamburgh
The Apple Inn Pub/Bar Bamburgh
The Apple Inn
Pub/Bar Bamburgh
The White Swan Pub/Bar Bamburgh
The White Swan
Pub/Bar Bamburgh
Black Swan Inn Pub/Bar Bamburgh
Black Swan Inn
Pub/Bar Bamburgh
The Bamburgh Castle Inn Pub/Bar Bamburgh
The Bamburgh Castle Inn
Pub/Bar Bamburgh

A brief history of BamburghA brief history of Bamburgh

Visionary creator, industrialist, and giver William George Armstrong purchased Bamburgh Castle in 1894. He set about changing it into his vision of the prototype manor. The mansion houses an interesting assortment of craftsmanship, pottery, and objects d'art that Armstrong cherished and brought him satisfaction. The castle was also occupied by the Anglo- Saxons who were drawn by its nature. Bamburgh Castle was home to many famous monarchs and monks such as Henry the third, Edward the first, second and third and was used as a prison, and a hosting place. By the beginning of the fifteenth century, Bamburgh stayed perhaps the most majestic forts in Britain, an image of power and strength. In any case, in 1463, England was in a position of disturbance. Common conflict, the supposed 'Battles of the Roses' divided the land between the Yorkists and the Lancastrians. Before 1462 Bamburgh had been a Lancastrian fortification, supporting the ousted King Henry VI and his wife. During mid-1462, Margaret and Henry had cruised down from Scotland with military and involved the deliberately significant mansion, yet it did not last. Lord Edward IV, the Yorkist ruler, walked north with his power to drive the Lancastrians out of Northumberland.

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Dog friendly restaurants in BamburghDog friendly restaurants

Did you know?Did you know?

The Town of Bamburgh was inhabited by the Ancient Britons such as the Anglo-Saxons and Romans.

Hidden gems of BamburghThe hidden gems of Bamburgh

Bamburgh Castle -Bamburgh Castle was built on top of a little, rock-solid hill. It is the ideal place to visit to take in some scenic views of the surrounding beach and to also grasp an insight into the ancient history of Bamburgh Castle.

Unique to BamburghUnique to Bamburgh

Bamburgh Castle