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Whitby is a coastal town in North Yorkshire, the biggest suburban county in England. Sitting at the mouth of River Esk, the picturesque town is known for its history, culture, and tourist attractions.

The River Esk divides the town of Whitby in two parts. The older of the two divisions is the East Cliff where the sombre ruin of the Whitby Abbey is nestled. The Abbey is the town’s most ancient landmark and its charm has been Bram Stoker’s inspiration for Dracula.

With Grade II listed piers, the Whitby harbour is a sight to behold. It holds some of the most exceptional coasts, cliffs, and golden sandy beaches in Europe. The Whitby Sands, which runs from the harbour mouth, is a classic spot to eat ice cream, build sand castles, and appreciate the breathtaking views. The beach is accessible through the Whitby Pavilion, or the cliff lift from the West Cliff.

Witby’s other section, the West Cliff, is home to the structures commemorating the town’s maritime heritage. Statues of Captain James Cook, a cartographer and explorer, and William Scoresby Sr., a whaler and scientist, are located here along with the Whale Bone Arch.

The swing bridge linking the East Cliff and West Cliff is another of Witby’s prominent features. It is the main passageway to cross the river and get to the other section of the city. And visitors especially gather around the bridge when it opens and lets vessels pass through the river.

Going out in Whitby may also mean embarking on a food adventure. Visitors never run out of options with the number of dining places offering a wide variety of culinary treats. Restaurants in Whitby are all about awesome and delectable seafood plates, fish and chips, salads, and meat dishes, along with vegetarian choices.

Pubs in Whitby are highly traditional. With a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, the pubs make sure that patrons enjoy excellent cocktails, ales, and beer along with some musical performances.

Witby has made its charm known in the television and film industry. Aside from the novel Dracula, the town has taken the spotlight as the main shooting location for various shows like the movie “Possession” and the drama series “Heartbeat.”

Places to eat in WhitbyPlaces to eat in Whitby, Restaurants in Whitby

Passage to India Indian Whitby
Passage to India
Indian Whitby
Mings Palace Chinese Whitby
Mings Palace
Chinese Whitby
Coliseum Centre Cafe Whitby
Coliseum Centre
Cafe Whitby
Bitz And Pizzas Fast Food Whitby
Bitz And Pizzas
Fast Food Whitby
The Whitby Way British Whitby
The Whitby Way
British Whitby
Porto Pizza Fast Food Whitby
Porto Pizza
Fast Food Whitby

Places to drink in Whitby Places to drink in Whitby, Pubs and Bars in Whitby

The Windmill Inn Pub/Bar Whitby
The Windmill Inn
Pub/Bar Whitby
The Star Inn The Harbour Pub/Bar Whitby
The Star Inn The Harbour
Pub/Bar Whitby
The Bridge Bar & Brasserie Pub/Bar Whitby
The Bridge Bar & Brasserie
Pub/Bar Whitby
The Hart Inn Pub/Bar Whitby
The Hart Inn
Pub/Bar Whitby
The Dolphin Hotel Restaurant & Bar Pub/Bar Whitby
The Dolphin Hotel Restaurant & Bar
Pub/Bar Whitby
The Black Horse Pub/Bar Whitby
The Black Horse
Pub/Bar Whitby

A brief history of WhitbyA brief history of Whitby

The first record of a permanent settlement in Whitby dates back in the 6th century. However, the discoveries of fossilized remains provide a glimpse of the town’s prehistoric era. Some of these fossils, along with important specimens of minerals, are housed in Whitby Museum.

The establishment of the Abbey in 657AD is considered the advent and rise of Whitby. The King of United Northumbria, Oswy, directed the construction of the Abbey where his granddaughter, Hilda, was eventually appointed as the abbess. Hilda’s designation as abbess strengthened Whitby's status as a strategic and pivotal point for politics and religion. It is stated that the abbess persuaded the poet Caedmon to enhance his talent on literature.

Fishing had been a huge industry in Whitby. Herring was the primary catch. However, it was never as profitable as whaling which peaked from 1753 to 1883. According to the records, about 2761 whales were caught and killed in the duration of the Whitby Whaling Company’s operations. More than 25,000 seals and 55 polar bears became part of the haul. Displaying jawbones on the ship’s masts indicated successful whaling expeditions.

The world-renowned navigator Captain James Cook started his career at the age of 18 as an apprentice in the ships of the Quaker brothers, John and Henry Walker. His exemplary talent and skills in navigation and charting earned him his own ship and the title of a captain. In 1755, Cook left Whitby to take part in the voyages of the Royal Navy.
The town is also the treasure chest for the gemstone known as Whitby Jet. Deposits of this black gemstone are found in the town’s coastline. The higher demand and the risks associated with Jet mining posed some serious troubles. And soon, the gemstones ran in short supply.

Popular things to do in WhitbyPopular things to do in Whitby

Free things to WhitbyFree things to do in Whitby

Great for kids in WhitbyGreat for kids in Whitby

Great for dogs WhitbyGreat for dogs in Whitby

  • Feel the homey atmosphere of Becketts Cafe
  • Relax at the Black Horse Pub
  • Indulge in homemade food at The Coffee Shop (on Grape Lane)

Dog friendly bars in WhitbyDog friendly bars

  • The Pier Inn
  • The Bridge Inn
  • The Endeavour

Dog friendly restaurants in WhitbyDog friendly restaurants

  • Abbey Wharf
  • Monks Haven
  • Hadleys Fish Restaurant & Accommodation

Did you know?Did you know?

Whitby’s Gothic reputation and vibe may be associated with Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel, Dracula. The author came up with the horror fiction story during his stay at the town’s Royal Hotel. This link resulted in the observance of the annual festival, Whitby Goth Weekend.

Hidden gems of WhitbyThe hidden gems of Whitby

Hayburn Wyke waterfall is a private inlet and rocky cove that is perfect for a picnic. Surrounded by woodland vegetation, this hidden spot in Whitby is an absolute refuge for those wanting to relax. The destination’s name also denotes its Anglo-Saxon and Norse roots. The woodlands surrounding the area is an ideal place to take peaceful walks.

Unique to WhitbyUnique to Whitby

Whitby is popular among ghost hunters. Some tourists visit the town for some exhilarating and spooky paranormal activities. There are even locals who offer ghost walks to those who are up for the experience.