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Inverness is a city on Scotland's upper east coast, where the River Ness meets the Moray Firth. The old Town highlights nineteenth-century Inverness Cathedral, the for the most part eighteenth ancient High Church, and an indoor Victorian Market selling food, apparel, and specialties. The contemporary Inverness Museum and Art Gallery follow nearby and Highland history. Inverness is home to many attractions, including the North coast 500, Inverness botanic gardens, River Ness, Eden Court theatre, and many other places. Inverness streets are bustling with many pubs such as Gellions bar, the Castle tavern, the auctioneers, etc., all offering quality beers, ciders, and wines. If you are looking for some exquisite dishes leaving your mouth full of bursting flavours, why not visit one of Inverness's popular eateries such as Urquhart's Restaurant, McBain's, the mustard seed restaurant, fig & thistle.

Inverness Castle is directly in the core of the city overlooking the River Ness; the red sandstone formation shows an ancient castellated style built by nineteenth-century architects. This an excellent site, drawing in crowds; there is plenty to see. Why not climb up one of the Castle towers to witness stunning city views. The Castle is currently used as a court; therefore, it is not open to the public; however, you can explore the castle grounds and discover some rich greenery and the spectacular River Ness. If you have not brought lunch from home, then there is always a chance to visit some of the Invernesses popular restaurants close by to the Castle, including Café one, Castle restaurant and Number 27 bar and kitchen all providing you with authentic meals and delicious drinks to fuel you up after a long day.

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery are among the Invernesses popular attractions, with plenty of things to see and do, this is the ideal place for q family day out. At the museum, you can discover the city's history and culture, explore a range of fascinating objects and collections, and celebrate Highland heritage. The gallery holds many exhibitions, which are located on the first floor. You can also book a tour that starts from just £7; this is an exciting opportunity to learn about the city's historical background and see some ancient artifacts. The archive is home to several significant highland photographic collections. The Joseph Cook collection dates from 1880 to the early 1900s; the David Whyte collection dates from the 1880s; there is a vast range of collections from past and modern artists. Suppose your feet are aching after wandering back and worth why not visit the museum cafe, which has some seating and offers plenty of refreshments. The institute also has a store where you collect souvenirs and purchase unique ornaments.

If you are in search of paradise, Inverness botanical gardens are something close to that. With vibrant flowerbeds, tropical gardens, and rich greenery, where else would you want to be? You can wander through the tropical house at the gardens, which consists of plants from all over the globe situated within a humid atmosphere. The tropical gardens are also brimming many different delicacies such as coffee beans, bananas, ginger, and pineapple plants. A waterfall cascades into a pond surrounded by tender leaves and orchids. The lower level of the tropical house is wheelchair friendly; however, the top floor is not. Other places to visit inside Inverness botanical gardens include the cactus house and the gardens. The cactus house compromises of aloe vera plants, cacti, agave, and crassula. There is also a snug cafe where you can purchase refreshments, enjoy a cuppa and sit back and relax. Botanical gardens also have a shop where you can buy bouquets and gardening tools. The park can be hired out for venues such as weddings and birthday parties.

Places to eat in InvernessPlaces to eat in Inverness, Restaurants in Inverness

Thai Dining Thai Inverness
Thai Dining
Thai Inverness
Aspendos Mediterranean Inverness
Mediterranean Inverness
Scotch & Rye American Inverness
Scotch & Rye
American Inverness
Indian Ocean Indian Inverness
Indian Ocean
Indian Inverness
Escobar Taqueria & Cocktails Mexican Inverness
Escobar Taqueria & Cocktails
Mexican Inverness
Hidden Gem Cafe Inverness
Hidden Gem
Cafe Inverness

Places to drink in Inverness Places to drink in Inverness, Pubs and Bars in Inverness

The Castle Tavern Pub/Bar Inverness
The Castle Tavern
Pub/Bar Inverness
George's Pub/Bar Inverness
Pub/Bar Inverness
The Castle Restaurant Pub/Bar Inverness
The Castle Restaurant
Pub/Bar Inverness
The Snow Goose Pub/Bar Inverness
The Snow Goose
Pub/Bar Inverness
The Dog House Pub/Bar Inverness
The Dog House
Pub/Bar Inverness
The King's Highway Pub/Bar Inverness
The King's Highway
Pub/Bar Inverness

A brief history of InvernessA brief history of Inverness

Inverness indicates the mouth of the River Ness. It is an old-fashioned town. During the twelfth century, King David first made Inverness an imperial burgh and built a castle. Medieval Inverness prospered. Some of the town's popular industries included the shipbuilding industry and the production of wool. Inverness was additionally a bustling minimal port in the Middle Ages. The primary fares were fleece, hide, and stows away. By the centre of the thirteenth century, there was a scaffold over the River Ness.

During the eighteenth Century, Inverness kept on being a bustling port and market town. Fortification Quay was inherent in 1732. There was likewise a thriving preparing industry in Inverness. Bourbon refining previously got significant in Inverness in the late eighteenth century. The main bank in Inverness opened in 1775. Most houses in the 18th Century were simple huts that had thatched roofs and clay floors.

There were a few enhancements to Inverness in the nineteenth century. Inverness acquired its first newspaper was introduced in 1808; also, the town acquired gaslight and water supply. The main public library in Inverness opened in 1883, which was mainstream among understudies. Then, the Ness Bridge, which had remained since the seventeenth century, was obliterated by a flood in 1849. It was supplanted by another extension in 1855.

Great for kids in InvernessGreat for kids in Inverness

Did you know?Did you know?

King Macbeth killed king Duncan at Inverness castle and the city was home to notorious drug dealers James Matheson who built a residences and industries in the town.

Hidden gems of InvernessThe hidden gems of Inverness

Some of Inverness hidden gems include the Castle tavern, Ness Islands, Clava cairns all places with spectacular views and plenty of things to discover.

Unique to InvernessUnique to Inverness

Ness Islands is a unique location in Inverness with stunning scenery.