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Edinburgh is Scotland's compact, rugged capital. It has an ancient Old Town and a rich Georgian New Town with fields and neoclassical buildings. Towering above the city is Edinburgh Castle, the birthplace of Scotland's crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny, used in Scottish rulers' crowning. Arthur's Seat is a majestic peak in Holyrood Park with extensive views, and Calton Hill is topped with statues and memorials. The city is home to countless pubs, including the world's end, Bennet's bar, the bow bar, the last drop, and several others, offering a vast assortment of wines, ales, and beers. If you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, whether it is inside or outside, enjoying the views, the last drop pub offers just that. If you are looking for fine dining, why not visit some of Edinburgh's top restaurants such as the table, Aizle, the magnum restaurant bar, Fhior, and plenty of others offering authentic dishes that are full of flavour and are inspired by cooking all over the nation.

Edinburgh Castle is a well-known fortress that overlooks the horizon of Edinburgh and towers above 440ft. With stunning scenery made to capture your imagination, you must visit this remarkable site. The castle is open from 10 am daily; at the castle, you can explore the Great hall, which showcases a badge of Scotland, armour, and ancient weapons such as swords and shields. There are numerous exhibitions where you can learn about the history of the castle. Other places you can explore in the fort include the Argyle Tower, Lang stairs, David’s tower, Forewall battery, Mongs Meg, and the half-moon battery. At Mongs Meg, you can witness an ancient gun barrel that weighs up to six tonnes while enjoying the spectacular rooftop views. Edinburgh Castle can be hired for events such as weddings, birthdays, and other occasions; the castle has a gift store where you can purchase souvenirs for yourself and presents for friends and family. There is also a delicacy shop where you can purchase some fine whisky and a few other snacks.

Based in the core of Edinburgh is the National Scottish museum, with over a million objects and specimens, there is plenty to discover and explore. You can uncover treasures from the past at the museum, such as ancient weapons, clothes, antiques, etc. The institution has various collections such as collections from ancient Egypt, glass, fashion and style, whales and dolphins, Japanese prints, the Romans, bagpipes, and minerals. The Viking exhibition showcases unique Viking artifacts found all over Britain. If your someone fascinated by history, then this is the place for you. There is also a store where you can acquire all sorts of fabulous gifts such as game boards, accessories, calendars, etc. If you are looking for a quick energy charge after a long day at the museum, then pubs within walking distance of the place include Sandy bells, a friendly local pub offering real ales, and Scottish music.

Edinburgh is home to Holyrood Palace, one of Queen Elizabeth's residences the second and is also home to rich Scottish history embedded within its towering walls. At the place, you can wander down the Great hall, the grand gallery, and witness some eye capturing Scottish treasures. Each chamber is filled with unique antiques, furniture, and paintings. Some of these chambers are dedicated to its former inhabitants, such as Mary, Queen of Scots. The Queen used the castle annually to host banquets and gatherings where she awards people who have given exceptional service to their profession or association. The palace is a stunning palace with many portraits of famous individuals and plenty of relics to see and learn about. You can also schedule a private trip with an expert guide who will lead you through the castle while explaining its history; this is the perfect place for school visits and a family day out. Why not explore the rich green gardens of Holyrood palace, filled with many vibrant colours and exotic plants; this is the perfect place to enjoy the fresh air and the mesmerising beauty of nature.

Edinburgh annually hosts the art and culture festival known as festival fringe, the largest art festival in the world, bringing in crowds. The program is formed by the ambition and vision of musicians, actors, and artists who are willing to showcase their work here, creating a buoyant atmosphere with plenty to see and take part in as well. There is an extensive range of options at the Edinburgh Fringe, with the three greatest genres being a drama, theatre, and music, making sure there is something for everyone. Princess street gardens is one of Edinburgh’s popular parks situated in Edinburgh’s world heritage site. The park is a designed landscape made to capture the imagination; at the garden, you can discover hundreds of different flowers and plants and have a picnic with family or friends.

Places to eat in EdinburghPlaces to eat in Edinburgh, Restaurants in Edinburgh

Number One at The Balmoral European Edinburgh
Number One at The Balmoral
European Edinburgh
Bustourant Seafood Edinburgh
Seafood Edinburgh
Chisholms Reataurant British Edinburgh
Chisholms Reataurant
British Edinburgh
Hongfu Noodle Bar Chinese Edinburgh
Hongfu Noodle Bar
Chinese Edinburgh
Rabbie's Cafe Cafe Edinburgh
Rabbie's Cafe
Cafe Edinburgh
Martone Italian Edinburgh
Italian Edinburgh

Places to drink in Edinburgh Places to drink in Edinburgh, Pubs and Bars in Edinburgh

The Royal Mile Tavern Pub/Bar Edinburgh
The Royal Mile Tavern
Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Twenty Princes Street Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Twenty Princes Street
Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Brasserie Prince by Alain Roux Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Brasserie Prince by Alain Roux
Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Bar Prince Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Bar Prince
Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Jurys Inn Restaurant Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Jurys Inn Restaurant
Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Scott's On Princes Street Pub/Bar Edinburgh
Scott's On Princes Street
Pub/Bar Edinburgh

A brief history of EdinburghA brief history of Edinburgh

For centuries Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since 1437 when it supplanted Scone. The Scottish Parliament resides in Edinburgh. In any case, before, Edinburgh Castle was constantly under English authority. Before the tenth century, Edinburgh was profoundly influenced by the Anglo-Saxons and Danelaw. Edinburgh witnessed constant disputes between the English and Scottish. There was an extensive series of conflicts between these two in these areas as the English attempted to guarantee Anglo-Saxon spaces and the Scottish battled for land toward the north of Hadrian's Wall. When Edinburgh had been under Scottish example for a considerable timeframe in the fifteenth century, King James IV of Scotland moved the Royal Court to Edinburgh, and the city turned into the capital as a substitute.

Edinburgh castle was built around the remains of an old Roman fortress, then gradually houses and industrial estates were built around the palace. The Castle was constructed by King David who devoted the Chapel to his mother Queen Margaret. The castle was fought for by the English and Scott’s constantly however some Scott’s believed that the throne belonged to Queen Mary who were here loyal followers. The Scottish court then left Edinburgh for London, which left the manor with just a military capacity. The last ruler to dwell at the palace was Charles I in 1633, preceding his crowning ritual as King of the Scots.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Edinburgh is the greenest city in the UK and the landscape was formed by a glacier.

Hidden gems of EdinburghThe hidden gems of Edinburgh

Some of Edinburgh’s hidden gems include Dean village, Dr Neil’s garden, water of Leith, National museum of Scotland and many more waiting to be uncovered by you.

Unique to EdinburghUnique to Edinburgh

Some unique places in Edinburgh includes Edinburgh castle, the people’s museum, etc.