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About ScunthorpeAbout Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe is an industrial town. It is located in North Lincolnshire and is considered large in this sector. It is the UK’s biggest steel processing centre. Scunthorpe is also known as the Industrial Garden Town. Scunthorpe is Lincolnshire’s third largest settlement.

Scunthorpe has several museums, play areas, galleries and tourist attractions that make going out in Scunthorpe worth it. Some of these well-known and well-loved places include Go Ape Normanby Hall, Vue Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire Museum, Scunthorpe Bowl, The Pods, Pink Pig Farm and Dandi Lion Playzone.

Among these places and destinations, one of the most famous and frequently visited would have to be North Lincolnshire Museum. There are a lot of amazing galleries and collaborative activities for every person to enjoy in this place. Mostly for kids, other family members and individuals can still enjoy their visit here as there are several activities to engage in.

After sightseeing the wonderful tourist attractions in Scunthorpe, you can go find a place to eat. There are numerous restaurants in Scunthorpe that can cater to your mood, preference and budget. Some of the restaurants in Scunthorpe offer Mediterranean and European dishes while some are just casual places for a quick meal.

Aside from restaurants, you can also explore the numerous pubs in Scunthorpe. There are various types of pubs in Scunthorpe. Some are traditional village pubs while some keep up with time as they go modern. Some pubs also guest live bands each night for additional entertainment.

Places to eat in ScunthorpePlaces to eat in Scunthorpe, Restaurants in Scunthorpe

Colosseo Italian Scunthorpe
Italian Scunthorpe
Asian Scunthorpe
Dine Bangla Indian Scunthorpe
Dine Bangla
Indian Scunthorpe
Route 15 American Scunthorpe
Route 15
American Scunthorpe
Palace Fisheries Seafood Scunthorpe
Palace Fisheries
Seafood Scunthorpe
Trenta Pizza Italian Scunthorpe
Trenta Pizza
Italian Scunthorpe

Places to drink in Scunthorpe Places to drink in Scunthorpe, Pubs and Bars in Scunthorpe

Jaaz Pavilion Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
Jaaz Pavilion
Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
The George Hogg Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
The George Hogg
Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
The Butchers Arms Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
The Butchers Arms
Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
Sutton Arms Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
Sutton Arms
Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
The Red Lion Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
The Red Lion
Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
Blue Bell Inn Pub/Bar Scunthorpe
Blue Bell Inn
Pub/Bar Scunthorpe

A brief history of ScunthorpeA brief history of Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe came from the abuse of the local ironstone resources in the area. The population of Scunthorpe only started from 1,245 residents in 1851 until it grew in 1941, having 45,840 residing in the area.

As Scunthorpe expanded, it included the former villages of the town, Frodingham, Ashby, Crosby, Bottesford and Brumby. In 1891, the city was officially considered an urban district. In 1919, it merged as ‘Scunthorpe, Brumby and Frodingham Urban District’ before becoming a municipal borough in 1936.

Scunthorpe appears in the Domesday Book, and it was called Escumesthorpe. This word came from the Old Norse Skumasþorp which means Skuma’s homestead. Furthermore, this is a site believed to be located in the centre of Scunthorpe that is close to the location of Market Hill today.

During the mid-19th century, the iron and steel industry in the town of Scunthorpe was established. This was after the discovery of Scunthorpe’s middle Lias ironstone east and after this discovery was exploited.

In the 1860s, Trent, Ancholme and Grimsby Railway was constructed in South Yorkshire to give access to rails and to be able to visit the local iron production areas. This greatly impacted and influenced the growth of industry and the development of Scunthorpe.

There was a formation of three main ownership concerns as the industry consolidated during the early 19th century. These are the Appleby-Frodingham Steel Company, the Redbourn Iron Works and Normanby works.

Popular things to do in ScunthorpePopular things to do in Scunthorpe

Free things to ScunthorpeFree things to do in Scunthorpe

Great for kids in ScunthorpeGreat for kids in Scunthorpe

Did you know?Did you know?

The town name Scunthorpe was often blocked by profanity filters because it was considered falling in the category of obscene words. In 1996, this problem was first known. The internet was just developing and beginning this time, and AOL would not allow the residents of Scunthorpe to sign up for accounts. This is because of the string of letters within Scunthorpe that is considered a dirty word.

On a brighter note, you can take a tour that is free in Scunthorpe every Saturday. This trip is around the British Steel works in the area which is 2,000 acres. This is made possible by Appleby Frodingham RPS.

Hidden gems of ScunthorpeThe hidden gems of Scunthorpe

One hidden gem in Scunthorpe is the Messingham Zoo. Different from other zoos as it is just a small one, it offers tourists and visitors a fun and exciting experience. The zoo lets people have a closer look and encounter with animals that are small and friendly. Along with this, they offer lessons on animal care and welfare to educate children, families and other visitors about the importance of these lessons.

A lot of animals are currently on display although the zoo is still being established. Some of the animals you can find here include prairie dogs, skunks, meerkats, porcupines and raccoons.

Unique to ScunthorpeUnique to Scunthorpe

Although Scunthorpe is not considered the most glamorous town in Great Britain, there are a lot of things unique to this place. One unique thing to Scunthorpe is Snakebite. This is a Scunthorpe drink which is described as strong bitter mixed with strong cider.

In addition, you can also check out Harry’s Bar which is located in Ashby High Street. For a fun experience, ask the regulars why the place was formerly called The Bunch as you have a pint in the bar.