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Situated in the Northwest of England, Lancaster a charming, serene town that is home to many attractions such as Lancaster city museum, River Lune, Williamson Park, Lancaster maritime museum, and plenty of other places. Lancaster is pretty a tiny city, unlike its Neighbouring towns such as Liverpool and Manchester that are larger. However, its smaller size makes it easier to explore and is popular amongst people who dislike the great city rush. Lancaster has two renowned shopping centers, such as St Nics Arcades and Market gate shopping Centre, packed with high street labels and various eateries. Pubs in Lancaster include the White cross, Ye Olde John Gaunt, Golden lion, three mariners, etc. Some of Lancaster’s finest dining comprises the quarter house, Moorish, The tiny Greek kitchen, and plenty of more exquisite dishes.

Behind the overwhelming dividers of Lancaster Castle lies a fascinating past. A position of protection, equity, abuse, and detainment. Yet, more than a landmark of history, it is still used today as a crown court. Guided visits offer a distinctive and genuinely unique look into the Castle's past. Investigate the perfectly adorned courts, dim jail cells, and dismal locales of execution. The Castle has a lovely courtyard, full of rich greenery and various plants. Here you can have a picnic, enjoy the scenery and take photographs with family and friends. There is also a café offering plenty of snacks nearby, a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs and public toilets. Lancaster castle offers stunning views from its rooftops and terraces. The Castle is over 1000 years old and undergoes renovation after every few years to become safe for by-passers.

One of Lancaster's popular parks includes Williamson park, which is parkland with woodland walks, play areas, a domed skyline memorial, a cafe, and coastal views. The Park is also home to the butterfly house, a small animal zoo where you can witness wildlife such as meerkats, birds, and marmosets. Williamson park provides breath-taking views of the Fylde Coast, Morecambe Bay, and the Lake District falls and mountains. The cafe offers many refreshments and snacks and is the perfect place to take a break after a long stroll. The play areas make it a great place to bring the children, and the garden's wildlife will intrigue them. The Park is accessible; however, you will need to purchase tickets for the butterfly house and the mini zoo. The Park is home to the Ashton Memorial, which has stunning architectural features; from this remarkable structure, you can get a 360-degree picture of the vibrant gardens below. You can also book the Park for special occasions such as weddings and birthday parties.

If you want to study more about Lancaster's history, why not visit the Lancaster city museum. This old-style Georgian building has plenty to offer, such as exhibitions and collections of portraits and landscapes. The museum also provides you with family events and activities throughout the year, attracting visitors. Developed in collaboration with Lancaster City Museum, the exhibit features digitally illustrated historical presentations and crucial heritage narratives from the project and a range of new, original artwork from poetry to film to painting. There is an excellent selection of exhibitions to discover, and there are markets hosted outside the place at times. If you are looking for a quick ale a long day of exploring some pubs within walking distance from the museum, include the Ye Olde John O'Gaunt, which is a cosy little pub offering real ales, hearty meals, and some live music, which is the perfect way to end your day before you head home.

Places to eat in LancasterPlaces to eat in Lancaster, Restaurants in Lancaster

The Sun Hotel & Bar (Dining) British Lancaster
The Sun Hotel & Bar (Dining)
British Lancaster
Etna Pizza Pasta Italian Lancaster
Etna Pizza Pasta
Italian Lancaster
Nami Sushi Japanese Lancaster
Nami Sushi
Japanese Lancaster
The Cornerhouse Italian Lancaster
The Cornerhouse
Italian Lancaster
75 Church Street American Lancaster
75 Church Street
American Lancaster
The Hall Cafe Lancaster
The Hall
Cafe Lancaster

Places to drink in Lancaster Places to drink in Lancaster, Pubs and Bars in Lancaster

The Three Mariners Pub/Bar Lancaster
The Three Mariners
Pub/Bar Lancaster
Toll House Inn Pub/Bar Lancaster
Toll House Inn
Pub/Bar Lancaster
Fox & goose Pub Pub/Bar Lancaster
Fox & goose Pub
Pub/Bar Lancaster
Cross Keys Pub/Bar Lancaster
Cross Keys
Pub/Bar Lancaster
The Rocking Horse Chinese Pub/Bar Lancaster
The Rocking Horse Chinese
Pub/Bar Lancaster
Dog & Partridge Pub/Bar Lancaster
Dog & Partridge
Pub/Bar Lancaster

A brief history of LancasterA brief history of Lancaster

Lancaster was previously known as a Roman settlement; they built a military base on the River Lune during this period. Towards the end of the 17th century, Lancaster gradually started to improve, and businesses began such as importing goods began to flourish. Lancaster then became one of Britain's busiest ports that traded goods such as sugar and tobacco. Shockingly the River Lune started to residue up, and Lancaster's oceanic prime was somewhat short-lived. These days Heysham is the primary port for the region. Lancaster Priory church was established in the 11th century; however, it went through a renovation period during the fourteenth and fifteenth century and now features a gothic style looking site.

Lancaster Castle was built over a former Roman fort; the Normans began establishing the new Castle on top of Lancaster Castle as a defence against the scots. In the 14th century, the gateway and witches' tower were constructed as a possible defence against the Spanish armada. There was further reinforcing of the Castle in the fifteenth century by John O'Gaunt, the second Duke of Lancaster, a standout amongst other realized chronicled figures related with the city. The palace has around 1,000 years of rich history. The court at the Castle passed out more death penalties than some other in the country. The town procured the epithet ''Hanging Town''. From the mid-nineteenth century, executions were continuous and occurred outside the palace dividers, frequently with hordes of more than 5000 get-togethers to observe the exhibition.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Lancaster town offers excellent bus service, and the town is home to several pubs situated across the town.

Hidden gems of LancasterThe hidden gems of Lancaster

Some of Lancaster’s hidden gems include the Herbarium, which is a splendid vegan restaurant, the Dukes which is a popular theatre, the Gregson centre where you can enjoy community activities and there are plenty of other hidden gems.

Unique to LancasterUnique to Lancaster

Lancaster was home to James Buchanan, the nation's 15th president.