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A thriving coastal town located in the county of Kent; Medieval Dover was built to stop invasions from across the English Channel. Well known for its tremendous chalk precipices, the White Cliffs, Dover is Britain's chief cross-channel port. Despite the Channel Tunnel launch to Calais, numerous guests to the nation decide to show up by ship for the radiant views of Kent's dazzling coastline. Dover has a variety of tourist attractions such as its white cliffs, Dover castle, Fan Bay Deep Shelter, South Foreland Lighthouse, and plenty of places to go venturing. The best eateries in Dover include the allotment, Cullins yard, La Scala, Momo hub, the Dover patrol restaurant and bar, and plenty of others that offer the town's finest cuisine, wanting you to come back for more. The town also has its fine share of pubs such as the white horse, the eight bells, the prince Albert Dover, and others where you can spend the day away.

Some popular parks and nature reserves in the town include Kearsney Abbey and Russell Gardens, which are parks located in the heart of Dover; both parks are close by and have historical backgrounds as they were first used as properties for indigenous industrialists back in the 19th century. River Dour is known to flow between these two parks.; these are two marvellous manmade landscapes that have lakes and watercourses running throughout their forests, making them popular for families to visit, and are currently undergoing development in hopes of introducing many more activities to the public. The wonderful 170m long waterway lake, and Palladian-style pergola extensions, and boat storage structure make this park more special. These landscapes were designed by a famous Edwardian architect known as Thomas Mawson, who has several drawings of the Kearsney in his books. The parks also hold a few events each year, such as the Club 500, which is a racing event; other events include the little wild things, illuminated event, model yacht race, and many more, adding to the popularity of the park. Some other parks include Connaught park, which is a dog-friendly space that has a playground, tennis courts, and panoramic views.

Another popular attraction is the Dover sea safari, where you can choose your route and boat and catch a glimpse of some wildlife such as seals. Dover sea safari is located near the white cliff's spectacular county coastline, making it an enjoyable and memorable experience. Dover sea safari is home to Goodwin sands, a piece of land where you can have a picnic, play some cricket, and sight some ship wreckage. The Samphire Hoe is a country park near Dover's white cliffs, established with 4.9 cubic meters of chalk marl found in the Channel tunnel excavations located beneath the white cliffs. The site is wheelchair and pushchair-friendly, has an education centre, café, and school visits can also be arranged to the place.

If you cannot fit these activities within one or two days, there is always a chance to book a room in one of the town's most elegant hotels, such as Lympstone manor hotel, which is a 5-star hotel located near the white cliffs, cutting down money on travel. Lympstone is a hotel and a restaurant that offers fine dining inside a Georgian mansion, with various European cuisine that will linger on your tastebuds for days to come. The hotel also has its vineyard. It is passionate about extracting wine from luscious Devon grapes; it also consists of two basement cellars and a wine tasting room where the finest wine is put to the test before introduced in the public's eyes.

Dover castle is one of Dover's top five tourist attractions; built-in Medieval times, it holds 900 years of history, including information about the Romans who were believed to have settled in the town to the castle's role in the second world war. In the castle, there is plenty to do, such as visiting the great tower, the underground hospital, the bunker escape room, learning history about the Romans and the Saxons, and exploring medieval tunnels, making it worth the while. There are also many eateries inside the castle that offer a quick delicious bite so that you can be fully charged for the day ahead. Dover castle also has its museum containing exhibits such as Queen Victoria's scarf and Is home of the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment.

Places to eat in DoverPlaces to eat in Dover, Restaurants in Dover

La Scala Italian Dover
La Scala
Italian Dover
The Allotment European Dover
The Allotment
European Dover
VIRSA"The Heritage"
Indian Dover
Turkish Delight Turkish Dover
Turkish Delight
Turkish Dover
Momo Hub Asian Dover
Momo Hub
Asian Dover
Happy Burger & Wraps British Dover
Happy Burger & Wraps
British Dover

Places to drink in Dover Places to drink in Dover, Pubs and Bars in Dover

Black Bull Hungry Horse Pub/Bar Dover
Black Bull Hungry Horse
Pub/Bar Dover
The Olive Tree Restaurant Pub/Bar Dover
The Olive Tree Restaurant
Pub/Bar Dover
The Weigh Inn Pub/Bar Dover
The Weigh Inn
Pub/Bar Dover
The Crown Pub/Bar Dover
The Crown
Pub/Bar Dover
Kings Head at Kingsdown Pub/Bar Dover
Kings Head at Kingsdown
Pub/Bar Dover
Cherry Tree Fish Shop Pub/Bar Dover
Cherry Tree Fish Shop
Pub/Bar Dover

A brief history of DoverA brief history of Dover

Henry the second began establishing the Dover castle in the 1180s; each year, it undergoes development to protect its artifacts and the public. Dover controls the English Channel and is known as the lock and key of England; it also plays a vital role in the second world war and was destroyed by shells and bombs, leaving 216 residents to perish, and destroying numerous buildings. The Romans used to call Dover by the name of Dubris but it later evolved to Dover.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Dover is the main crossing channel to France, Calais by ferry; the town has stunning white cliffs made entirely from chalk which stretch 8 miles, making them stand out, attracting plenty of tourists each year. Dover castle is known to be a significant military fortress for centuries and which was.

Hidden gems of DoverThe hidden gems of Dover

Dover has many, many hidden gems, including various beaches such as Dover Beach, Samphire hoe, and St Margaret’s bay beach. Other hidden gems include Museums, nature parks, and iconic landmarks that you must visit.

Unique to DoverUnique to Dover

One of Britain's oldest buildings includes the Dover lighthouse, located near Dover castle; it was constructed by Romans who used to live in the area a hundred years ago and still exists today.