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Harrow is a large town situated in Greater London, with plenty of Georgian architecture and remarkable buildings. Some of the town's attractions include Headstone manor and museum, Heath Robinson museum, Cassiobury park, Roxbourne Park, Harrow on the hill station church, etc. Pubs in Harrow consist of the three wishes, the moon on the hill, the new moon, the seven Harrow, and various others. Pubs such as the moon on the mountain provide you a bright, cheerful pub setting, a wide selection of beverages, delicious dishes, and lively quiz nights. The pub is also family-friendly, has some live entertainment such as a TV, and has an outdoor area. However, if you are tired of the old pub classics, then head down to some of the town's popular eateries such as La platter, the connoisseur, Madras cafe, Falafel bar harrow, and various others providing you with authentic cuisine, rich in flavour.

Discover the entertaining tales and exciting facts of Harrow's history with free museum admission and many exhibitions, family projects, and community functions at the Headstone manor house and museum. This is an intriguing place with lots to discover and explore, keeping you on your feet all day. Wander down the halls decked with various historical artifacts and objects. The Museum Collection comprises over 15,000 objects, including pieces from Hamilton's Brushworks, Whitefriars Glass, and the prestigious Kodak Factory. Most of the collection interprets the social history of the borough, but it also contains archaeological artifacts, fine art, and natural history items. Burn off some energy while exploring the nature trail at the manor park and soak in the rich greenery standing before your eyes. The Headstone manor consists of a cafe where you can find cake, coffee, and other refreshments.

If you're passionate about the town's history, then head down to the Heath Robinson Museum. Go back in time while discovering several ancient artifacts and learn about their fascinating history—some objects you can find the crimson prince, machines, sculptures, and artworks. At the museum, you can find work inspired by the traditions of kinetic art, the development of photography, and genetics. There are also preliminary drawings and maquettes on display, creating a memorable experience. The Heath Robinson museum provides you with a variety of diverse artwork and is disability friendly. The museum hosts educational workshops for school visits and has a gift shop, a cafe, and facilities such as toilets available.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of frantic city life at Cassiobury park, with 190 acres of land to discover and explore thoroughly. The park consists of paddling pools, a miniature railway, woodlands, and a few cafes. Inhale in the fresh aroma of the bakery from the gardens many restaurants with several meals, snacks, and refreshments. Cassiobury Park is the perfect place to have a picnic, go for a long stroll, work out, walk the dogs or sit back and relax. Enjoy the sight of several vibrant flowerbeds and green plants. The park is home to ancient wildflower meadows and a diverse range of trees, bringing you closer to nature than ever before. Hop on board the miniature train running through the park, creating a fun, memorable experience.

Places to eat in HarrowPlaces to eat in Harrow, Restaurants in Harrow

Maya Pub Gastro Pub Harrow
Maya Pub
Gastro Pub Harrow
Cafe Cafe European Harrow
Cafe Cafe
European Harrow
Dilse Indian Harrow
Indian Harrow
ZAN ZI BAR Asian Harrow
Asian Harrow
Miriam's Munchies Cafe Harrow
Miriam's Munchies
Cafe Harrow
Waitrose Cafe Harrow
Cafe Harrow

Places to drink in Harrow Places to drink in Harrow, Pubs and Bars in Harrow

The Duke of Kent Pub/Bar Harrow
The Duke of Kent
Pub/Bar Harrow
The Black Horse Pub/Bar Harrow
The Black Horse
Pub/Bar Harrow
Queens Head Pub/Bar Harrow
Queens Head
Pub/Bar Harrow
The George Harvester Pub/Bar Harrow
The George Harvester
Pub/Bar Harrow
Harvester The Mandeville Arms Pub/Bar Harrow
Harvester The Mandeville Arms
Pub/Bar Harrow
Prince of Persia Pub/Bar Harrow
Prince of Persia
Pub/Bar Harrow

A brief history of HarrowA brief history of Harrow

During the medieval times, the slope for which Harrow is currently prestigious turned into the point of convergence of the early ward – the conceivable area of an Anglo-Saxon clan's strict sanctuary. The way that a congregation currently sits on the mount today addresses the scouring of the agnostic beliefs during the sixth century, and it's supplanting with Christianity. Towards the end of the middle ages, the town saw the construction of Headstone Manor, which today is one of the borough's popular attractions. The flare-up of common conflict during the 1600s saw strife make its re-visitation of the precinct – our well-known slope conceivably turning into the site of an army installation for the parliamentarian powers.

Popular things to do in HarrowPopular things to do in Harrow

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Did you know?Did you know?

Back in 1954 the Harrow-born Roger Bannister was the first person to run a four- minute mile, completing the race in 3.59.4 seconds.

Hidden gems of HarrowThe hidden gems of Harrow

Some of the towns hidden gems include Harrow on the hill, Harrow arts centre, Pinner memorial park and various others waiting to be discovered by you.

Unique to HarrowUnique to Harrow

Harrow has two huge sports shopping centres.