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Southwark is a bustling London borough with numerous pubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants. This is a lively area packed with lots to discover and explore, keeping you on your feet all day. Some of Southwark's best spots include the shard, Shakespeare's globe theatre, Tate modern, clink prison museum, etc. Pubs in the borough consists of the Southwark Tavern, the ship, the miller, the rose, and several others. Pubs such as the Southwark tavern provides you with a traditional pub setting, with a cosy atmosphere, indoor seating; you can expect to find an extensive range of drinks and a menu containing classic pub meals at the place. Head down to some of Southwark's famous eateries if you're looking for a good quality meal and an exceptional dining experience. Restaurants such as O Ver Borough - Italian Restaurant, Padella, the table cafe, Bar Douro London, provide you with authentic cuisine full of flavour.

Shakespeare globe theatre is one of Southwark's famous attractions, an iconic landmark with plenty to discover and explore. Enjoy the various shows displayed by theatre staff and the guided tours of the theatre. The Shakespeare globe is an asset to British theatres. Experience Amazing shows with an authentic experience of what Elizabethan/Jacobean audiences would have seen. The theatre has no roof over the centre yard, the theatre is open-air, and audiences who attend exhibitions and tours are told to dress for the weather! Events will go ahead in rainfall, shine, and snowfall. Seats are organized in galleries all around the wide, open stage, so viewers and performers can face each other. The theatre is known to host numerous events, including a variety of Renaissance scriptwriters and new literature, music performances, film screenings, family events, educational workshops, community projects, guided tours, and more.

Clink prison museum is one of Southwark's spectacular attractions; this was once one of England's most notorious prisons replaced by a museum. The Clink Prison Museum manifests the embarrassing truth of Old Bankside through a hands-on enlightening experience. There are occasions to view archaeological artifacts, experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the prison, handle torture devices, and consider furthermore learn all about the tales of suffering and many disadvantages of the inmates of the infamous Clink Prison. You can expect to receive a guided tour through the looming museum walls as you are introduced to the tragic history of the former prison and the stories of some dangerous criminals.

Tate Modern is one of Southwark's renowned galleries, demonstrating some fine examples of art from the past until the modern day. Explore current and contemporary art from around the world on this route through Tate Modern. Discover artists from Tate's collection who have embraced new and unusual materials and methods. Let your eyes wander through the various paintings, models, and sculptures, bringing you closer to art than ever before and introducing you to a vast range of styles and cultures. The museum has facilities such as toilets, gift shops, a cafe, and a cloakroom. You can find an extensive range of gifts and objects at the museum gift shop, such as cups, postcards, canvases, books, and many other exciting things.

Places to eat in SouthwarkPlaces to eat in Southwark, Restaurants in Southwark

Est India Indian Southwark
Est India
Indian Southwark
EDu Spanish Southwark
Spanish Southwark
Reis’s Cafe Cafe Southwark
Reis’s Cafe
Cafe Southwark
Munchies Cafe Southwark
Cafe Southwark
Lord Clyde British Southwark
Lord Clyde
British Southwark
Great Guns Social British Southwark
Great Guns Social
British Southwark

Places to drink in Southwark Places to drink in Southwark, Pubs and Bars in Southwark

Union Viet Pub/Bar Southwark
Union Viet
Pub/Bar Southwark
Union Street Cafe Pub/Bar Southwark
Union Street Cafe
Pub/Bar Southwark
The Kings Arms Pub/Bar Southwark
The Kings Arms
Pub/Bar Southwark
The Founder's Arms Pub/Bar Southwark
The Founder's Arms
Pub/Bar Southwark
The Union Jack Pub/Bar Southwark
The Union Jack
Pub/Bar Southwark
Prince William Henry Pub/Bar Southwark
Prince William Henry
Pub/Bar Southwark

A brief history of SouthwarkA brief history of Southwark

Old Southwark, referred to generally as The Borough, was a market town from early Saxon occasions. It turned into a shelter for hoodlums and whores in the Middle Ages. From the fifteenth century on, Southwark was known for its motels, theatres, spas, country resorts, and different spots of amusement and diversion; however, it likewise filled in reputation for its more unfortunate, overview districts. Among the precinct's numerous essential early venues was Bankside's Globe Theatre, where a significant number of William Shakespeare's plays were first created; a chronicled recreation of that auditorium was opened close to the first site in 1997.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Southwark is home to the oldest gothic church in London; Southwark was once home to England’s most renowned prisoners and the borough still has some architectural features for Victorian times.

Hidden gems of SouthwarkThe hidden gems of Southwark

Some of the boroughs hidden gems include Southwark cathedral, Southwark bridge, Clink prison museum and various others waiting to be discovered by you.

Unique to SouthwarkUnique to Southwark

Southwark is home to a diverse range of historical and modern buildings.