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Lambeth has a buzzing midnight scene, with a vast mix of cultures, and it is an exciting place to live with lots to discover and investigate. Some of Lambeth's famous attractions include the London dungeons, Lambeth Palace, museum of the royal pharmaceutical society, Lambeth bridge, new port Street gallery, and various others. Pubs in Lambeth consist of the Hercules, the three stags, the windmill, the pineapple, the duke of Sussex, etc. The three stags are a modern pub with a seasonal menu providing you with freshly made dishes. Inside the pub, there are still plenty of traditional original features, with a mix of punk art thrown in for good measure. If you're scanning for a good quality meal, then head down to some of the Lambeth popular eateries. These include the garden cafe, mezemiso, Florentine restaurant and bar, the corner cafe, riverside cafe, and plenty of others, providing exceptional cuisine and excellent dining experience.

Lambeth Palace is the home to the Archbishop of Canterbury, his children, and two spiritual communities. It focuses on his service, worship, and companionship; the Palace is also used as an occasions venue for organisations and foundations. During the summer, the wonderful garden often hosts wedding receptions and outdoor activities. On the terrains of Lambeth Palace, you will find Lambeth Palace Library, which houses the most comprehensive religious collection outside of the Vatican. You can expect guided tours at the museum through the many castle rooms, including chambers, chapels, and function rooms. Inside Lambeth palace, the chapel is an example of fine architecture, with high ceilings, huge stained-glass windows radiating several colours, rejuvenating the looming chapel walls. Lambeth palace consists of a large garden, where events such as charity fundraisers and weddings take place.

When visiting Lambeth, an exceptional place to visit is the Royal pharmaceutical society museum. At the museum, discover unique collections and exhibits; there's something for everyone, whether you're a pharmacist, researcher, family historian, visitor to London, or overwhelmed by the past of healthcare. The museum collections cover all perspectives of British medicine history, from the past up until today. Some groups include books from the past consisting of medical remedies, European drug jars, traditional dispensing equipment, drug containers, Medical caricatures and prints, oil paintings much more. This is an exciting experience, worth the visit. Wander through the many exhibits and take yourself back in time when medicine wasn't as advanced.

Visit the majestic London dungeons; this is a family attraction with several activities to enjoy. The London Dungeon brings together an excellent cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes, and rides. Enjoy some quality Storytime, interactive shows that demonstrate 1000 years of gruesome history, and underground train rides. This is the ideal spot to spend quality time with family, friends, or alone. Explore the gloomy dungeons discover the torture chamber. Prepare to be fascinated and overthrown in equal measure; in the torture chamber, you will find out what pain and punishment looked like in the past while your eyes wander through some of the many objects used to torture criminals. The dungeons experience various shows and enjoy the adrenaline rush on the rides the place has to offer.

Places to eat in LambethPlaces to eat in Lambeth, Restaurants in Lambeth

Riverside 2 Italian Lambeth
Riverside 2
Italian Lambeth
PubLove @ The Steam Engine British Lambeth
PubLove @ The Steam Engine
British Lambeth
Imperial Tandoori Indian Lambeth
Imperial Tandoori
Indian Lambeth
I'klectik Cafe Lambeth
Cafe Lambeth
Elements Restaurant International Lambeth
Elements Restaurant
International Lambeth
Perdonis Italian Lambeth
Italian Lambeth

Places to drink in Lambeth Places to drink in Lambeth, Pubs and Bars in Lambeth

Florentine Restaurant & Bar Pub/Bar Lambeth
Florentine Restaurant & Bar
Pub/Bar Lambeth
Riverside Cafe Lambeth Pier Pub/Bar Lambeth
Riverside Cafe Lambeth Pier
Pub/Bar Lambeth
The Hercules Pub/Bar Lambeth
The Hercules
Pub/Bar Lambeth
Three Stags Pub/Bar Lambeth
Three Stags
Pub/Bar Lambeth
The Crown & Cushion Pub/Bar Lambeth
The Crown & Cushion
Pub/Bar Lambeth
The Horse & Stables Pub/Bar Lambeth
The Horse & Stables
Pub/Bar Lambeth

A brief history of LambethA brief history of Lambeth

The starting points of the name of Lambeth come from its first record in 1062 as Lambehitha, signifying 'landing place for lambs. The name alludes to a harbour where sheep were either sent from or to. The town traces all the way back to Roman times. The district was meagrely populated until the eighteenth century, and most of its occupants lived and worked along the Thames. Direct admittance to one side bank was by passage, horse ship, or boat until 1750 when Westminster Bridge was opened. Lambeth's northern area turned into a significant assembling place by the eighteenth century. Glass and earthenware work and, later, machine shops were set up.

Popular things to do in LambethPopular things to do in Lambeth

  1. St John Smiths square: https://www.sjss.org.uk/ 
  2. Royal pharmaceutical museum: https://www.rpharms.com/about-us/museum 
  3. Tamesis dock: https://www.tdock.co.uk/ 
  4. Newport street gallery: https://www.newportstreetgallery.com/ 

Dog friendly bars in LambethDog friendly bars

Did you know?Did you know?

Lambeth bridge was built in 1750 and the area was once a marshland.

Hidden gems of LambethThe hidden gems of Lambeth

Some of Lambeth’s hidden gems include Vauxhall family farm, Lambeth palace, The Dungeons and plenty others waiting to be discovered by you.

Unique to LambethUnique to Lambeth

Lambeth is home to Lambeth palace which consists of various, halls, chambers and even a prison!