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About Kensington & ChelseaAbout Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington is an elegant borough with a bustling high street lined with many stores, cafes, bars, and restaurants. Some of Kensington's attractions include the natural history museum, Kensington Palace, Kensington gardens, etc. Pubs in Kensington compromise of the builder's arms, the Scarsdale tavern, the Gloucester arms, and various others if you are looking for something delicious to feast on, head down to one of the boroughs popular eateries such as Dishoom Kensington, The Ivy Kensington brassiere, Launceston palace providing you with authentic cuisine and a fine dining experience.

Kensington is home to the remarkable Kensington palace, which was home to Royal families. Find the narrative of Princess Victoria, the young lady bound to be sovereign, in the rooms where she was brought up at Kensington Palace. Meander through the luxurious rooms of the King's State Apartments, everyone more astonishing than the last made to turn heads and captivate the mind. This is a fantastic experience, where you will get to witness luxury first-hand and create ever-lasting memories through many pictures of the palace's grand halls. At the place, you can find an exhibit on one of Princess Diana's extraordinary outfits. The castle consists of various shops and cafes where you can purchase unique gifts and sweet/savoury snacks. Just as a mainstream guest objective, Kensington Palace is the authority home of TRH, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and their youngsters.

When visiting Kensington, make sure to visit the natural history museum. Wander down the museum halls, Meet fantastic monsters in the celebrated Dinosaurs exhibition. Stroll past the main T.rex skeleton, discover a Triceratops skull and the primary structure of an Iguanodon known to science. You can see models of mammals such as hippos, whales, horses, and giraffes at the museum. This is an excellent place to enjoy the day with friends, family, or by yourself. Walk past the many exhibits, taking you back in time, and imagine the screeching roar of the Tyrannosaurus rex. Investigate Hintze Hall's notorious shows, like the Imilac shooting star, a perfect jewel as old as our close planetary system, and the blue marlin, probably the most prominent example to be protected in liquid. If you are exhausted after all this exploring, then head down to the café located within the museum, providing you with a warm cup of tea or coffee and snacks such as cakes, pastries, and other refreshments. Find a vast range of nature-inspired gifts for all years. From puzzles and toys to art and homewares, it is a must for all visitors.

Kensington gardens is a mesmerising beauty, that you must visit. The park consists of greenhouses that cover a space of 107 hectares, and there is a lot to discover and investigate. The Italian Gardens consist of an intricate blend of four principal bowls. They highlight focal rosettes cut in Carrara marble, the Portland stone and white marble Tazza Fountain, and an assortment of stone sculptures and urns. This is a remarkable garden full of stunning views and scenery. Kensington Gardens is also home to a playground built in remembrance of Princess Dianna, who adored children. The playground consists of a giant wooden pirate ship, where you can hop aboard and play pretend pirate. Watch the Children go crazy as they play, explore and dash about the various toys and sculptures in the park.

Chelsea is a prosperous district in west London, situated southwest of the City of Westminster. The town lies on the north bank of the River Thames and is home to many pubs, clubs, restaurants, and cafes. This is the ideal spot to spend a quality day out. Some of Chelsea's main attractions highlight the Chelsea physic garden, national army museum, Michael Hoppen gallery, Gagliardi Gallery, etc. Pubs in Chelsea include Chelsea potter, the phene, Beaufort house Chelsea, Hollywood arms, the Chelsea pensioner, and several others. Pubs such as the Beaufort house provides you with a sophisticated venue offering European-inspired dining, a champagne bar, and even tea! The pub also provides you with a selection of some of the best cocktails and offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner all in the same place, cutting your travel costs; the pub also consists of a kids menu and have a few activities lined to keep them busy so you can sit back and relax. Some of Chelsea's famous eateries include the goat Chelsea, myrtle restaurant, Chelsea funhouse, wharf garden, talad eatery, and various others, providing you with exceptional cuisine and an excellent dining experience.

Chelsea physic garden is a fabulous place to explore with family and friends. Wander through the magical woodlands of Chelsea garden with various medicinal plants from regions such as America, Europe, and East Asia. The garden consists of 150 species of unique plants used for clothing, medicine, food, and shelter. Chelsea gardens are also home to edible plants such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs all grown on the garden grounds. Explore the rock garden, which is brimming with a unique range of Mediterranean and alpine plants, bringing you closer to nature. The rock garden consists of little ponds embedded between intertwining rock beds, making you fall in love at first sight. At Chelsea garden, you can discover towering glasshouses which are several years old. In the glasshouses, you can find plants such as cotton, cocoa, coffee all neatly lined and enjoying the delightful warmth surrounding them. Other things you can find at Chelsea physic gardens include grapefruit trees which consist of diverse fruits such as pomegranates, mulberries, eucalyptus, etc. The garden centre comprises a cafe providing you with food and drinks to keep you fuelled throughout the day.

One of Chelsea's famous attractions includes the national army museum; this is a living museum full of history from the past. There is so much to discover and investigate, keeping you on your feet all day. Wander through the museum halls and discover all war-related stories such as the battle of the Imjin River, the battle of Crete, and other battles. At the museum, discover the history of some of Britain's fallen soldiers and heroes. You can also learn about some of Britain's courageous women, such as Florence nightingale and the marvellous Mary. At the museum, you can wander through some ancient objects such as medals from soldiers, the Victoria cross, and several others, bringing you back in time. The museum consists of a gift shop, where you can select a range of big and small gifts suiting your budget.

Places to eat in Kensington & ChelseaPlaces to eat in Kensington & Chelsea, Restaurants in Kensington & Chelsea

Yashin Sushi Japanese Kensington & Chelsea
Yashin Sushi
Japanese Kensington & Chelsea
Sopranos Restaurant Italian Kensington & Chelsea
Sopranos Restaurant
Italian Kensington & Chelsea
Joe & the Juice Fast Food Kensington & Chelsea
Joe & the Juice
Fast Food Kensington & Chelsea
Blue Smoke Steakhouse Steakhouse Kensington & Chelsea
Blue Smoke Steakhouse
Steakhouse Kensington & Chelsea
Lebanese Diner Lebanese Kensington & Chelsea
Lebanese Diner
Lebanese Kensington & Chelsea
Oree Boulangeries Kensington French Kensington & Chelsea
Oree Boulangeries Kensington
French Kensington & Chelsea

Places to drink in Kensington & Chelsea Places to drink in Kensington & Chelsea, Pubs and Bars in Kensington & Chelsea

The King's Head Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
The King's Head
Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
The Britannia Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
The Britannia
Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
The Devonshire Arms Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
The Devonshire Arms
Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
Prince of Wales Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
Prince of Wales
Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
Earls Court Tavern Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
Earls Court Tavern
Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
Gloucester Arms Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea
Gloucester Arms
Pub/Bar Kensington & Chelsea

A brief history of Kensington & ChelseaA brief history of Kensington & Chelsea

Kensington and Chelsea initially started from Saxon settlements, with the two territories referenced in the Domesday Book of 1086. Sovereignty originally moved into space in 1689 when William III moved into Kensington Palace. Sovereign Victoria was born in Kensington Palace in 1819 and lived there until she took the throne in 1837. With Queen Victoria's desires, the title "Imperial Borough" was given to Kensington in 1901, after her death. The two areas were joined in 1965 to shape the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Chelsea was once home to famous figures such as The Duke of Norfolk, the Earl of Shrewsbury, and Henry the V111. These individuals had fortresses in the area, which later were supplanted by townhouses. Chelsea hospital was established by Charles the second during the 17th century. Sir Christopher Wren drew its design; the building is now a care home for pensioners and is used to celebrate the borough's annual flower show. Over the years, Chelsea became home to some leading artists such as Rossetti and Whistler.

Popular things to do in Kensington & ChelseaPopular things to do in Kensington & Chelsea

Did you know?Did you know?

Chelsea is home to some of leading arts and culture schools in the world and Kensington is the birthplace of Queen Victoria.

Hidden gems of Kensington & ChelseaThe hidden gems of Kensington & Chelsea

Some of Chelsea’s hidden gems include Chelsea physic garden, Leighton house museum, Golborne road market, Holland park Kyoto gardens and numerous others waiting to be discovered by you. Some of Kensington’s hidden gems include Kensington palace and gardens.

Unique to Kensington & ChelseaUnique to Kensington & Chelsea

Chelsea is known for its high-end shopping centre and Kensington is known for its mark of Royalty.