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The borough of Hounslow lies in West London and is known for some of its great attractions such as Hounslow Urban farm, musical museum, Osterley Park, London museum of water and steam, Chiswick house and gardens, etc. Pubs in Hounslow include the honeycomb, the black horse, the cross lances, the rose, and several others. Pubs such as the black horse provide you with a casual setting, classic pub meals, a variety of Indian food, and a wide selection of beverages. The pub also consists of pool tables to keep you entertained throughout the day. If you are bored of the old pub classics, then head down to some of Hounslow's popular eateries such as vegology, urban kitchen, Hyderabad taste, Sahara grill Hounslow, honeymoon restaurant, etc.

Escape the hectic city life and head down to Hounslow Urban Farm. Some animals you can discover at the farm are sheep, owls, chickens, snakes, bearded dragon frog, pygmy goat, bull snake, leopard gecko, Alpaca, pigs, donkey, Thai water dragon, blue tongue skink, and that's not all. Other animals include ducks, turtles, guinea pigs, peacocks, rabbits, ferrets, corn snake, rhea, royal python, Shetland pony. Get the chance to become a keeper for the day and help feed the farm animals, clean their habitats and see them closer than ever before. Other animals you can find at Hounslow urban zoo are fancy rats, goose, Syrian hamster, Guineafowl, chinchilla, Siberian chipmunk, and Saharan Uromastyx. The farm entertains a variety of exhibitions and activities throughout the year, keeping everyone well entertained. If you ever wanted to get near to a cuddly chick or meet a loveable lamb, this is the area to be. Play equipment is also available with an outside play area and indoor bouncy fort.

The Musical Museum explains the enthralling narrative of how people have apprehended and listened to music over the last four centuries. From small music boxes to the Grand Wurlitzer multiplex organ displayed in the concert hall, the group comprises an extraordinary array of instruments and designs, including reprinting pianos, orchestrions, self-playing violins, pipe organs, gramophones & synthesizers. Find out how music was written and produced, see and hear them in performance. The museum consists of a cafe overlooking the river, which provides you with various snacks and refreshments. Other facilities include toilets and a small car park. The musical museum is the perfect place for those passionate about music and who want to delve deeper into the history of music from years before. The museum provides you with the opportunity to live stream events making it unique and safer.

If you want to view and explore some of London's grand 18th-century buildings, then head down to Chiswick house and gardens. Chiswick House is a remarkable beauty, made to captivate imaginations and blow away minds. The house is enclosed by a lush green perfectly landscaped garden adding to its mesmerising charm. Inside the house, you can find some fantastic artwork made by various artists who each had diverse art styles. The Chiswick house al provides you with a fortnightly local market, full of ethically sourced and homemade produce, where you can splash your cash on some exciting items. Chiswick gardens host many events such as sports events, fitness events, outdoor cinemas, a pub in the park, Gifford’s circus, stitching workshop, etc. This is the ideal place to spend quality time with family, friends, or alone. Get lost in the rich greenery standing before your eyes, wander through the many exhibits and take yourself back in time.

Places to eat in HounslowPlaces to eat in Hounslow, Restaurants in Hounslow

Turkish Sofra Turkish Hounslow
Turkish Sofra
Turkish Hounslow
The Sun Thai Hounslow
The Sun
Thai Hounslow
Twentynine International Hounslow
International Hounslow
Taste of Lahore Asian Hounslow
Taste of Lahore
Asian Hounslow
Quiznos Fast Food Hounslow
Fast Food Hounslow
Thakers Indian Hounslow
Indian Hounslow

Places to drink in Hounslow Places to drink in Hounslow, Pubs and Bars in Hounslow

The Prince Albert Pub/Bar Hounslow
The Prince Albert
Pub/Bar Hounslow
The Prince Blucher Pub/Bar Hounslow
The Prince Blucher
Pub/Bar Hounslow
Ailsa Tavern Pub/Bar Hounslow
Ailsa Tavern
Pub/Bar Hounslow
The Turk's Head Pub/Bar Hounslow
The Turk's Head
Pub/Bar Hounslow
The Royal Oak Pub/Bar Hounslow
The Royal Oak
Pub/Bar Hounslow
Milford Arms Pub/Bar Hounslow
Milford Arms
Pub/Bar Hounslow

A brief history of HounslowA brief history of Hounslow

It is important for the notable area of Middlesex and lies in the valley of the River Thames. The precinct was made in 1965 by the combination of the previous metropolitan wards of Brentford and Chiswick and Heston and Isleworth with the Feltham Urban District. Hounslow changed quickly in the last 50% of the twentieth century considering the expanding number of sightseers every year. Consequently, a connection to the greatest London air terminal is additionally framed. Today numerous individuals result in these present circumstances territory as vacationers from everywhere the world consistently.

Popular things to do in HounslowPopular things to do in Hounslow

Great for kids in HounslowGreat for kids in Hounslow

Did you know?Did you know?

Hounslow is home to remarkable Syon park, the borough suffered outbreaks of plague and the town is home to the famous band known as The Queen.

Hidden gems of HounslowThe hidden gems of Hounslow

Some of the boroughs hidden gems include the grand union canal, bulls bridge, Chiswick house, Gothic Tower in Gunnersbury Park and several others waiting to be discovered by you.

Unique to HounslowUnique to Hounslow

Hounslow is home to Syon park, which is a very beautiful place.