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About CroydonAbout Croydon

 Croydon is a large town situated in the south of London; it is one of the largest commercial districts in Greater London outside Central London, with an extensive shopping district and a night-time economy. Some of the town's attractions include a museum of Croydon, Wandle park, Croham Hurst wood's, Croydon Airport visitor centre, etc. Pubs in Croydon consist of the spread Eagle, green dragon, Whelan’s, the builder's Arms, etc. Pubs such as the green dragon provide you with a relaxed atmosphere, a simple menu, a wide range of beverages, and have a pool table, a weekend DJ, and Live Jazz. To experience some of Croydon's fine dining, head down to some of the town's eateries such as Martils kitchen, Annabella's kitchen, baguettes Italian, and several others, providing you with luscious dishes with a blend of different flavours making your tastebuds rejoice.

Some of Croydon's popular spots consist of the Croydon museum, a place where history comes to life. Delve into design, objects, and narratives around people, location, and identification. Take a journey down memory lane to investigate the venues past and present and some of the incredible productions they have entertained. Other exhibitions consist of the history of hospitals in the Borough. Explore the Victory Day celebration pages and discover artwork, films, and blogs on how Croydon celebrated the end of World War 2. The museum provides you with a digital exhibition that displays former Croydon in all its glory. There are many activities and competitions hosted by the museum, helping them engage with the public and building a solid community. The gallery collection consists of the Borough Art Collection of over 2,500 artworks and over 500 verbal histories. There are textile-related objects, archaeological finds, and various other relics.

If you're passionate about aviation, then head down to the Croydon Airport visitor centre, where you can view some fantastic aircrafts all in different shapes, colours, and sizes. The air centre is a small museum is situated in a historic air traffic control tower and has many displays and models to show off. Features include an interactive presentation, exhibits, and visual images charting the history of Croydon Airport from World War I airfield, London's international airport, Battle of Britain airfield, and closure in 1959. You can arrange a private group tour with the museum helping you understand the history of Croydon's aircraft better. The museum hosts educational workshops for schools and colleges visiting and offers a range of activities for the younger students. Learn more about the revolution of aircraft throughout the years, the production of the RAF aircraft used during world war one, the building of Britain's first terminal, and much more.

If you're looking to escape the hectic life, then head down to one of the Croydon’s popular green spaces known as Wandle park. This is a tranquil haven full of vibrant colours and rich greenery. Inhale the luscious aroma of the fresh bakery from the park cafe and watch the world go by as you sip on a cuppa. This is the perfect place to have a picnic by the riverside, walk the dogs, go for a long stroll, do some workouts, play sports, or enjoy the beauty of nature. The park consists of a traditional children's playground and has facilities such as a basketball court, bowling green, netball court, outdoor gym, football pitch, and a tennis court. Explore through the extraordinary landscape with lush green trees on all sides, various flower beds and watch the little ducks float on the riverbed and consider yourself lucky if you spot some more wildlife creatures in the park's woodlands. The park has amenities such as toilets, a car park, and a cafe.

Places to eat in CroydonPlaces to eat in Croydon, Restaurants in Croydon

Milan Bar British Croydon
Milan Bar
British Croydon
Saima's Tea Room French Croydon
Saima's Tea Room
French Croydon
Stir Fry's Chinese Croydon
Stir Fry's
Chinese Croydon
Zabardust Indian Croydon
Indian Croydon
Beanies Cafe Cafe Croydon
Beanies Cafe
Cafe Croydon
Viet 2 Go Vietnamese Croydon
Viet 2 Go
Vietnamese Croydon

Places to drink in Croydon Places to drink in Croydon, Pubs and Bars in Croydon

The Oval Tavern Pub/Bar Croydon
The Oval Tavern
Pub/Bar Croydon
The Builders Arms Pub/Bar Croydon
The Builders Arms
Pub/Bar Croydon
The Windmill Pub/Bar Croydon
The Windmill
Pub/Bar Croydon
Pavilion Cafe Pub/Bar Croydon
Pavilion Cafe
Pub/Bar Croydon
Bedford Tavern Pub/Bar Croydon
Bedford Tavern
Pub/Bar Croydon
Market Tavern Pub/Bar Croydon
Market Tavern
Pub/Bar Croydon

A brief history of CroydonA brief history of Croydon

Croydon was first a borough in the county of Surrey during the Norman times; the borough has a huge population and bigger than the population of Cardiff or Belfast. The town's name came from Anglo-Saxon origin, and the town has a thriving market. To turn around to the strict topic, we should specify Croydon Minster, recently known as The Parish Church, which was renovated in 1849 preceding it was devastatingly annihilated in an incredible fire in 1867. It's accepted to have a set of experiences as old as Saxon occasions and is the one church referenced in the Domesday Book accounts. The congregation had ordinary imperial guests that incorporated any semblance of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. After the fire, just the pinnacle, south patio, and external dividers remained. The new church was planned by regarded Victorian modeler Sir George Gilbert Scott and opened in 1870.

Did you know?Did you know?

Films shot in Croydon comprise The da Vinci Code, Batman – The Dark Knight Rises, Iron Man 3 and 28 Days Later. London Croydon Airport was the UK's first transnational airport.

Hidden gems of CroydonThe hidden gems of Croydon

Some of Croydon’s hidden gems include coombe woods, Shirley Windmill, Croydon airport visitor centre and various others waiting to be discovered by you.

Unique to CroydonUnique to Croydon

Croydon is home to the 13th largest shopping population in the UK.