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Bromley is a huge town situated in the London Borough of Kent. Bromley is a thriving town with plenty of pubs, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and malls. Some of the town's best spots include High Elms country park, Christmas tree farm, priory gardens, Churchill theatre, Crofton Roman villa, and church house gardens. Pubs in Bromley consist of the railway tavern, the oak, the Freeland’s tavern, the greyhound, the white horse, etc. Pubs such as the oak provide you with traditional pub meals served in casual surrounds with outdoor seating, quiz nights & live music; enjoy freshly cooked food and great drinks in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you want to experience some exceptional dining, then head down to Bromley's popular eateries such as cinnamon culture, studio gusto, Texas jacks, smoke, tugra restaurant, etc.

Travel down to the Christmas tree plantation to see some fantastic animals closer than ever before. Experience feeding some farm animals with food buckets that can be brought at the farm entrances, forming a fun and unforgettable experience for you, your family, or friends. As you wander down the farm, some animals you can discover are sheep, naughty lambs that have escaped the fence, goats, pigs, and that's not all! Other animals you can find are ponies, donkeys, rabbits, and alpacas. This is the perfect place to spend quality time quality, family time, feed the animals, and feel nature. The farm has its Tea Gardens where you can sit and enjoy various Refreshments before or after visiting the farm. Some refreshments and snacks you can find are hot dogs, cake, soup, tea, coffee, ice cream, children's lunches, drinks, and sweets.

High Elms Country Park offers 250 acres of farmland to explore combined with a 150-acre golf field, completing the High Elms Estate. Choose your route as you wander down the peculiar woodland paths while soaking in the captivating beauty of nature. Explore the vibrant flowerbeds, formal gardens, nature centre, and ice well, bringing you close to your heart than ever before. Enjoy this perfect stretch of green while going for a long stroll, having a picnic, walking the dogs, or sit back and relax and watch the world go past. The park consists of a cafe where you can find various snacks and refreshments, helping you refuel after a long day of venturing.

Head down to visit some of Bromley's ancient remains at the Crofton Roman villa. The remains of ten rooms can be seen today, now within a modern cover building. Two rooms include the remains of Roman opus signinum floors, and three have proof of tessellated (tiled) floors. You can discover details of the under-floor central heating at the museum, highlighting both channelled and pillared practices. Crofton Villa is an exciting place with so much to explore and discover. The museum is used for educational sessions. At Crofton Roman villa, you are provided with an insight into the lives of Roman people and how they lived. The museum hosts various activities for children, such as mosaic making, decking up as Romans, and digging for finds in the excavation tray. The museum consists of a gift shop where you can purchase several products such as magazines, postcards, souvenirs, and other unique gifts.

Places to eat in BromleyPlaces to eat in Bromley, Restaurants in Bromley

Carluccio's Italian Bromley
Italian Bromley
Cafe Giardino Cafe Bromley
Cafe Giardino
Cafe Bromley
Auntie Anne's Cafe Bromley
Auntie Anne's
Cafe Bromley
Kokoro Japanese Bromley
Japanese Bromley
Quiznos Intu Bromley Shopping Centre Fast Food Bromley
Quiznos Intu Bromley Shopping Centre
Fast Food Bromley
Crepeaffaire Bromley French Bromley
Crepeaffaire Bromley
French Bromley

Places to drink in Bromley Places to drink in Bromley, Pubs and Bars in Bromley

The Oak Pub/Bar Bromley
The Oak
Pub/Bar Bromley
The Railway Tavern Pub/Bar Bromley
The Railway Tavern
Pub/Bar Bromley
The George Pub/Bar Bromley
The George
Pub/Bar Bromley
The Bricklayers Arms Pub/Bar Bromley
The Bricklayers Arms
Pub/Bar Bromley
The White Horse Pub/Bar Bromley
The White Horse
Pub/Bar Bromley
The Freelands Tavern Pub/Bar Bromley
The Freelands Tavern
Pub/Bar Bromley

A brief history of BromleyA brief history of Bromley

Bromley has conceivably had its name got its name from the Saxon words Brom-leag, meaning a field of heath where brush develops; the extraordinary amount of that plant on every one of the waste spots close to the town. The estate of Bromley was given to the Bishop and Church of Rochester in the eighth century by Ethelbert, King of Kent. It is likely that it was detracted from them by some future ruler, for apparently King Edgar, in 967, for an enormous amount of cash, allowed to Bishop Alfstan ten stows away of land in Bromley, with broad freedoms and advantages.

Did you know?Did you know?

Bromley had many famous residents living there such as Julie Andrews, Pixie Lott, Derek Underwood and many other famous figures.

Hidden gems of BromleyThe hidden gems of Bromley

Some of Bromley’s hidden gems include Bromley little theatre, the Lavender house café, Kings meadow park and plenty other places waiting to be uncovered by you.

Unique to BromleyUnique to Bromley