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About CheltenhamAbout Cheltenham

Found on the edge of Gloucestershire’s Cotswold, Cheltenham is a large spa town where several mineral springs were discovered in 1716. There are Regency towns in Britain, but Cheltenham is said to be the most complete one.

A lot of festivals are held in Cheltenham, honouring culture and often featuring attendees and contributors who are nationally and internationally popular. Going out in Cheltenham is easy for there are several activities people can do in the area. Some places tourists can visit include the Montpellier District, the Promenade and Long Gardens, Pittville Park, Pittville Pump Room, and the Wilson Art Gallery and Museum.

Among these sites and places, the most famous would have to be the Montpellier District. This is considered the grandest part of the town. Visitors can do shopping, dining, walking around, and relaxing in this area.

There are several restaurants in Cheltenham, too. Stylish places and incredible restaurants like Muse Brasserie and Le Champignon Sauvage can be found here. When it comes to the pubs in Cheltenham, a renaissance of pub culture can be experienced in the area, as pubs range from cosy ones to the fanciest bars.

There are many famous people from Cheltenham, too. Some of the most famous people in the field of arts include Jake Chapman and Frances Emilia Crofton, Michael Bruston, Brian Jones, and Solemn Sun in terms of music, and in the field of literature, Cheltenham has Sarah Burney, James Payn, and Kate Thornton

Places to eat in CheltenhamPlaces to eat in Cheltenham, Restaurants in Cheltenham

Lumiere European Cheltenham
European Cheltenham
L'Artisan Mediterranean Cheltenham
Mediterranean Cheltenham
Daphne Restaurant Mediterranean Cheltenham
Daphne Restaurant
Mediterranean Cheltenham
Revolution Cheltenham British Cheltenham
Revolution Cheltenham
British Cheltenham
Mayflower Chinese Cheltenham
Chinese Cheltenham
Holee Cow Burgers Burger Joint Cheltenham
Holee Cow Burgers
Burger Joint Cheltenham

Places to drink in Cheltenham Places to drink in Cheltenham, Pubs and Bars in Cheltenham

Kemble Brewery Inn Pub/Bar Cheltenham
Kemble Brewery Inn
Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The Coconut Tree Cheltenham Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The Coconut Tree Cheltenham
Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The Old Courthouse Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The Old Courthouse
Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The Railway Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The Railway
Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The London Inn Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The London Inn
Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The Bridge Cafe Pub/Bar Cheltenham
The Bridge Cafe
Pub/Bar Cheltenham

A brief history of CheltenhamA brief history of Cheltenham

Cheltenham is found on River Chelt. This is located near Dowdeswell and goes to Severn, running through the town. Cheltenham is first called Celtan hom in 803. There is no one real explanation of the name’s meaning, but some scholarships state that the first element comes from cilta which means steep hill. Meanwhile, the second element is thought to mean water-meadow or settlement.

In 1226, Cheltenham was granted a market charter. In 1716, several mineral springs were found in this town. As a result, it was known as a holiday spa town and as a health spa town, too. The first person thought to exploit the mineral springs was Captain Henry Skillicorne.

In 1732, Skillicorne was married to Elizabeth Mason, but Elizabeth’s father has not exerted much effort to promote the mineral water’s healing properties. Skillicorne was fully aware of the advantages and the importance of the mineral springs, so he was determined to make the benefits and the actual mineral springs known to the locals and the tourists. Because Skillicorne is a merchant, he improved the place to attract visitors to his spa. After some time, many popular and notable people came to town to experience Cheltenham’s beneficial waters.

The spa town became more well-known when George III and the queen and royal princesses visited the place in 1788. Cheltenham’s railway station is also called Cheltenham Spa, which reflects the popularity of the place. Other spa facilities opened in different towns, and they were all named after Cheltenham or inspired by it.

In 1815, horse racing began in town. It became a major national attraction when the Festival was established in 1902. With the boost in the number of visitors coming to town because of horse racing, the number of spa visitors coming to town declined.

In World War II, the primary headquarters of the United States Army Services of Supply was located in Cheltenham. This was headed by Lt. Gen. John C. H. Lee, and the town has become a large storage depot of trucks, tanks, and other war pieces.

The Gloster E.28/39 was built in this town. It is the first British jet aircraft prototype, and the location of production moved from Hucclecote to Regent Motors so that it would be safer from the bombings happening during World War II

Popular things to do in CheltenhamPopular things to do in Cheltenham

Free things to CheltenhamFree things to do in Cheltenham

Great for kids in CheltenhamGreat for kids in Cheltenham

Great for dogs CheltenhamGreat for dogs in Cheltenham

  • Crickley Hill Country Park
  • Cleeve Hill loop
  • Cotswold way – Winchcombe to Belas Knap route

Dog friendly bars in CheltenhamDog friendly bars

  • Harry Cooks
  • The Exmouth Arms
  • The Swan

Dog friendly restaurants in CheltenhamDog friendly restaurants

  • Archies of Cheltenham
  • Coffee Dispensary
  • The Urban Meadow

Did you know?Did you know?

265,000 pints of Guinness were sold in the Cheltenham Festival. 120,000 wine bottles were also opened during this event in town. Lastly, this four-day event employed over 6,000 workers.

Alice in Wonderland was also inspired in Cheltenham. There was one Alice, Alice Liddell, who lived in a suburb of Cheltenham – Charlton Kings. The looking glass in this story was a real looking glass found at the Liddell home. This is found in Charlton Kings Cudnall Street.

Hidden gems of CheltenhamThe hidden gems of Cheltenham

One hidden gem in Cheltenham is Hatherley Park. This is an ornamental park, and several houses can be found around the area. There is a lake in this spot, and guests can feed the ducks in it. There are a lot of flora and fauna that people can enjoy, and people can certainly enjoy a quiet and splendid time in this park.

Unique to CheltenhamUnique to Cheltenham

Cheltenham is a famous film location. Famous television shows and films like These Foolish Things, Pride and Prejudice, and The Whistle Blower were shot in this area.