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An ancient city situated on the river Exe located in the south of England, Exeter dates to Roman times. The city walls and their many cathedrals and castles are prevalent places to visit. Following almost 1,000 years of Crown occupation, the Exeter Castle, its yard, and the Northernhay Gardens' background currently hold the most special occasions and wedding scenes in Devon. The Castle is used for weddings, gatherings, meetings, and different events. The Castle also has rooms to book and a ballroom and has been open to the public for over a thousand years.

Another famous castle located in Exeter is the Powder ham which is a fortified manor house that has remarkable architectural features and is surprisingly dog friendly; however, all dogs must be on a lead. This Castle is a unique setting that is surrounded by a park; it is a magical place used for weddings and plenty of other events creating lifelong memories. Over six hundred years of history can be discovered about Devon from the Castle alone. Powder ham has a deer park that has 600 deer’s and other wildlife, which is perfect for animal lovers. The park also has various kinds of tree’s which will intrigue photographers and offer the opportunity to take numerous pictures.

Imperial Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery is an exhibition hall and craftsmanship display in Exeter, Devon, the city's most significant. It holds enormous and assorted assortments in regions like zoology, human studies, compelling artwork, nearby and abroad antiquarianism, and geography. Entry to the Royal Albert is free; however, you might be charged for some events and exhibitions. You can take part in many activities at the museum, such as attending the digital archaeology festival, visiting famous collections such as the year of the OX, the photographic art thief, and many others.

Exeter is packed with things to see and explore, such as its history and diverse culture; the town a Quayside that has many pubs and eateries. The location offers fascinating architecture and history of the city, attracting people from all over the country. The Exeter Quay has lively pubs and various restaurants and bars to eat at, adding to a great day out. Here you can visit the antique shops, go for a long stroll, take a boat trip, and do some bird watching. Some well-known pubs in the area include the black horse, the mill on the Exe, Riddle & eye, and many more.

Places to eat in ExeterPlaces to eat in Exeter, Restaurants in Exeter

Al Farid Restaurant Moroccan Exeter
Al Farid Restaurant
Moroccan Exeter
Herbies British Exeter
British Exeter
Ottoman Grill Mediterranean Exeter
Ottoman Grill
Mediterranean Exeter
The Lin Den Cafe Exeter
The Lin Den
Cafe Exeter
Pizza Express Italian Exeter
Pizza Express
Italian Exeter
Bombay Spice Indian Exeter
Bombay Spice
Indian Exeter

Places to drink in Exeter Places to drink in Exeter, Pubs and Bars in Exeter

The Prospect Inn Pub/Bar Exeter
The Prospect Inn
Pub/Bar Exeter
Opa Taverna Pub/Bar Exeter
Opa Taverna
Pub/Bar Exeter
The Sandwiched Inn Pub/Bar Exeter
The Sandwiched Inn
Pub/Bar Exeter
Ship Inn Pub/Bar Exeter
Ship Inn
Pub/Bar Exeter
The Farmers Union Pub Pub/Bar Exeter
The Farmers Union Pub
Pub/Bar Exeter
The Stoke Arms Pub/Bar Exeter
The Stoke Arms
Pub/Bar Exeter

A brief history of ExeterA brief history of Exeter

Famous people from Exeter include Chris Martin, JK Rowling, Joss tone, Tommy cooper, and William temple. Houses built in Exeter are now six times more energy-efficient than when a home was established in 1900. The city has many cameras, and you can be seen at least up to 300 times a day. The oldest building in the city is St Nicholas’s priory which used to be an old Tudor home but is currently used as a theatre and community hub. Exeter was once a town where the Romans settled. Exeter had Roman public baths that were use for hygiene but also used to socialise with others. When the Romans ruled the place, rich people lived in houses made of stones and mosaic floors that had underground heating. However, poor people lived in simple wooden huts. Back then, the town was not prosperous.

During the middle ages, Exeter was popular for making wool, its tanning industry; the town had plenty of craftsmen such as bakers, chefs, butchers, brewers, carpenters, and black smiths, allowing the town to flourish. Life during the 18th century improved gradually, and the first banks, courts, hospitals, and bridges were built in the area.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Exeter witnessed the Cholera outbreak, which killed more than 400 people in the city. JK Rowling studied at Exeter University, and the city is also known for its network of underground passages.

Hidden gems of ExeterThe hidden gems of Exeter

Some hidden gems in Exeter include the Otterton Mil, the underground passages, the River Exe café and the bridge inn.

Unique to ExeterUnique to Exeter

Some unique things about Exeter include the fact that the town has many underground hidden passages, it has loads of historical landmarks and the town has the most oldest civic building in Britain.