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Rhyl is a famous seaside town in the Northeast of Wales. Some of the town's attractions include Rhyl miniature railway, Marine lake, Seaquarium, Rhyl pavilion theatre, and many more. Pubs in Rhyl include the sun verge, the Bodfor, the cob and pen, and various others. Pubs such as the sun verge offer meal and drinks and are family-friendly pub; it is also adjacent to the beach, so you can enjoy everything without having to travel far. The pub provides you with great views and has an outdoor play area which is perfect for kids. Rhyl's fine eateries include the bistros, Darbey cafe, the submariner cooker house, providing you with authentic cuisine.

Seaquarium Rhyl is a place you must visit. This seaside Aquarium features over 30 exhibits with a range of species & an outdoor cove for seals. Here you can wander down the underwater tunnels; you can have a look at the sharks, rays, fishes swimming above. Other creatures you can discover at the Aquarium include moon jellies, a type of jellyfish, giant spiders, crabs, tropical terrapins, and that is not all; there is still more to go. With the clownfish, pufferfish, eels, lionfish, cowfish, hawk fish, lobsters, there is plenty to see, creating an exciting and memorable experience. The Aquarium has a shark nursery where you can discover shark eggs and baby sharks, and if you are lucky, see the hatching of an egg. Other sea creatures include octopuses, wolffish, starfish, seahorses, and crab, adding to the lovely experience if this was not enough. There is a separate lagoon where you can uncover some fantastic harbour seals, watch them from the underwater tunnel in their huge pool. You can book the Aquarium for school trips and events such as birthday parties.

One of Rhyl's popular attractions includes Rhyl miniature railway. You can enjoy a journey on the small train line that goes around the marine lake, creating an exciting experience. The museum offers hands-on exhibits to amuse the younger ones. The ticket office sells tea and coffee, confectionery and a good range of children's gifts. The station, museum, and toilets are open every day that trains are operating. The railway also has good facilities for people with disabilities, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The place is located close to the harbour; therefore, there is plenty to discover without traveling far, making the perfect family day out. Other sites close by including the marine lake play area and bridge Pont y Ddrai. The museum consists of a room where you can learn the place's history; the room displays many postcards, posters, and newspapers.

Rhyl beach is mesmerizing; when the current is out, you can wander for miles along golden sands, looking for shells and stones, building sandcastles, and reliving your holidays from years gone by. The sunset is stunning, and the mountains' views in the distance make the trip worth it. You can spend quality time with your family at the beach or have some alone time then Rhyl is a fantastic starting point; follow the paths and let the adventures begin. The beach consists of a Cyclist path that allows them to enjoy the stunning scenery. There is a playground for the youngsters to play in and plenty of shops and stores to purchase food and drink and other refreshments. The harbour cafe across the bridge towards Kimmel Bay is a lovely place to stop and admire everything on offer. Located near the beach is the Rhyl seafront aquarium, where you can see sea creatures at 360 degrees while wandering in underwater tunnels. The town also has a lot to contribute, and the Rhyl train station is a little distance from the beach and the bus depot.

Places to eat in RhylPlaces to eat in Rhyl, Restaurants in Rhyl

Les & Rita's Fish Bar Seafood Rhyl
Les & Rita's Fish Bar
Seafood Rhyl
Rossini's Italian Rhyl
Italian Rhyl
Subway American Rhyl
American Rhyl
Little Italy Pizza Italian Rhyl
Little Italy Pizza
Italian Rhyl
Rhyl Spice Indian Rhyl
Rhyl Spice
Indian Rhyl
The Sussex British Rhyl
The Sussex
British Rhyl

Places to drink in Rhyl Places to drink in Rhyl, Pubs and Bars in Rhyl

The Millbank Inn Indian Restaurant Pub/Bar Rhyl
The Millbank Inn Indian Restaurant
Pub/Bar Rhyl
Morton Arms Pub/Bar Rhyl
Morton Arms
Pub/Bar Rhyl
The Old Crown Food Co Pub/Bar Rhyl
The Old Crown Food Co
Pub/Bar Rhyl
Kings Head Rhuddlan Pub/Bar Rhyl
Kings Head Rhuddlan
Pub/Bar Rhyl
North Wales Ice Cream World Pub/Bar Rhyl
North Wales Ice Cream World
Pub/Bar Rhyl
The Harbour Hungry Horse Pub/Bar Rhyl
The Harbour Hungry Horse
Pub/Bar Rhyl

A brief history of RhylA brief history of Rhyl

During the 19th century, the brick industry was introduced to the town, and most of the bricks from Rhyl buildings were manufactured locally. The town has transpired through a lot of change; during 1848, the Rhyl railway opened, making it easier for people to travel back and forth from the town. The Rhyl pier was once destroyed by a fire and fell apart; however, it was then reconstructed by the town's government. The town has seen many changes and a lot of facilities and attractions have been added to this glorious seaside town.

Popular things to do in RhylPopular things to do in Rhyl

Dog friendly bars in RhylDog friendly bars

Dog friendly restaurants in RhylDog friendly restaurants

Did you know?Did you know?

Rhyl is popular for its golden beaches and the town has many sunny days annually.

Hidden gems of RhylThe hidden gems of Rhyl

Some of Rhyl’s hidden gems include the sea aquarium where you can spot many amazing sea creatures, Rhyl beach and the marine lake.

Unique to RhylUnique to Rhyl

Rhyl has trained some of the UK’s best athletes.