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Carlisle is a city in Cumbria and is the only city in Cumbria. There are more than a several things to do while visiting Carlisle, from visiting historical places like the Carlisle castle and seeing historic Roman remains to visiting scenic and fun parks like Talkin park. The Carlisle castle is a 12th century castle, that gives views of the surrounding areas. There are many things for your and the children to do when visiting Carlisle castle, these range from visiting Queen Mary’s tower, The Exhibition, taking a look at the prisoners’ carvings and much more! The Tullie House Museum is also an exciting place for history lovers who want to know this town's history. It has five galleries with exhibitions and history related to the city. Another historical place to see is the Hadrian wall that the Romans built. It is classed as a world heritage site, and every year millions of people come to visit it.

South Tynedale Railway is considered England's most narrow-gauge railway. This is also a nice place to visit when you are there in Carlisle. Carlisle Cathedral is also a major tourist attraction. It is the second smallest cathedral in the whole of England. It has the most beautiful blue and golden ceilings with fantastic artwork on them.

During your visit in Carlisle, you will come across many pubs, bars and restaurants that will give you a chance to taste a variety of food and drinks Carlisle city has to offer you. Carlisle has some fantastic restaurants and pubs that one should try at least once when visiting Carlisle. The Foxborough Smokehouse restaurant is a well-known restaurant that serves the best-smoked chicken, cow, and lamb in the city. Next comes up the Thin White Duke restaurant that provides customers, the best smoke's tandoori nan, burgers, and the flat iron steak that is known to be an iconic dish with tourists. If you are looking for a fine dining experience, your wait is over visiting as David's restaurant in Carlisle serves the best food for formal dinners.

Carlisle has a range of pubs and bars to enjoy a night out or a chilled drink at with friends. Some of the best bars in Carlisle are mentioned as the following: The lane bar, which is a cocktail bar, Thin White duke which offers a range of fabulous cocktails and fantastic tasting food, and Bar solo which offers visitors with a great selection of beers. There is no shortage of amazing pubs in Carlisle either, as Carlisle offers its residents and visitors with a wide assortment of pubs to visit. The Apple Tree pub is an excellent pub in Carlisle to visit where you can have delicious pub grub with fantastic pub services. If you are looking for a traditional and popular pub, don't forget to visit the Howards Arms which is excellent traditional Pub in Carlisle that serves a variety of different drinks.

Places to eat in CarlislePlaces to eat in Carlisle, Restaurants in Carlisle

La Mezzaluna Italian Carlisle
La Mezzaluna
Italian Carlisle
Dempsey's European Carlisle
European Carlisle
Circle Cafe Bar British Carlisle
Circle Cafe Bar
British Carlisle
The Last Zebra British Carlisle
The Last Zebra
British Carlisle
Le Gall Cafe Carlisle
Le Gall
Cafe Carlisle
In The Meantime Italian Carlisle
In The Meantime
Italian Carlisle

Places to drink in Carlisle Places to drink in Carlisle, Pubs and Bars in Carlisle

Gone to the Dogs Pub/Bar Carlisle
Gone to the Dogs
Pub/Bar Carlisle
Sportsman Inn Pub/Bar Carlisle
Sportsman Inn
Pub/Bar Carlisle
Griffin Pub/Bar Carlisle
Pub/Bar Carlisle
The Joiners Arms Pub/Bar Carlisle
The Joiners Arms
Pub/Bar Carlisle
The Fat Cow Pub/Bar Carlisle
The Fat Cow
Pub/Bar Carlisle
The Hound Inn Pub/Bar Carlisle
The Hound Inn
Pub/Bar Carlisle

A brief history of CarlisleA brief history of Carlisle

After the invasion of Britain in 43AD by the Romans, in Roman times, Carlisle had a wooden fort and had all the public buildings in it. The marketplace was made for soldiers and civilians to buy stuff. After the Romans left Carlisle after their decline, very few people were left in this area.

In the middle ages time, the city of Carlisle was a tiny town. It had a population of roughly 2000 people. It seems to be a small town for today's period, but at that time, it was considered a good size town with a well-established marketplace. The town had a strategic importance because of its location near to Scotland border.

In the 12th century, a stone wall was built around the city to form a castle to protect it from invasions. In 1135-1154 the town was under Scottish rule. A small monastery was built in this city in 1122. At that time, it was made the seat of the bishops for that area.

The first charter for Carlisle was given in 1158. During the industrial period, Carlisle became the place for wool and leather production. It became the leather town of the area and exported leather and wool to Ireland.

Carlisle had an annual fair, a weekly marketplace for buying stuff, and a middle ages fair held in the town. In 1292 this city was hit by a widespread fire that burned most of the houses. Most of the buildings were made of wood, so they suffered a lot of loss.

In 1901 the population of Carlisle went up to 45000. In late 1900, this city became technologically advance and had electric trams. In 1931 these trams were replaced by more advanced buses. Raffle state was built in Carlisle in 1930. By the start of the 20th century, the textile industry in the city had started to decline. A library was built in Carlisle in 1986. In 2005 Carlisle suffered severe floods. Much of the city area was submerged underwater. Property and infrastructure damage occurred, and people had to bear many losses. Today Carlisle is a flourishing city, with a large population.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Did you know that Carlisle is the only city in Cumbria and has a large population to other areas in Cumbria? 


Hidden gems of CarlisleThe hidden gems of Carlisle

Carlisle Cathedral is one of the hidden gems of Cumbria, although it is not as popular as other cathedrals in the country, it is a Cathedral that is 900 years old and holds a lengthy history to it.

Unique to CarlisleUnique to Carlisle

Carlisle Castle- Carlisle castle is well over 900 years old and has seen through many years of British Historic moments.