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Ely is a City situated in Cambridge; this is a cathedral town full of various historical buildings that are mind-blowing and made to capture the imagination. Ely offers a vast range of attractions that dominate the cities astonishing skyline. The city is home to many pubs, including the cutter in Royal Standard, the prince Albert, Isle of Ely, and plenty of more, offering a wide assortment of beers, wines, and spirit. These pubs offer live music, outdoor space, and authentic meals. Suppose you are looking to dine in some of the city’s finest restaurants. Why not visit some of Ely's popular eateries such as Ely Turkish restaurant, the old fire engine house, Siam seasons Thai restaurant, all offering cuisine with a blend of different flavour’s wanting you to come back for some more. Some of the cities other attractions include Ely Cathedral, the stained-glass museum, Ely museum, etc.

Ely cathedral is a remarkable building with mind-blowing architecture which can be seen from miles away: the place is wheelchair friendly and even has some of its wheelchairs for the public to borrow! Whether you are coming for religious purposes, this is the place for you to learn the history or enjoy the architecture, this wonderful place to explore and experience. The church is also home to the stained-glass museum, an absolute beauty; however, it is not free. You will need to purchase permits to visit the place. You can see a Collection of stained-glass panels from ancient to modern times at the museum, plus glassmaking tools & materials. You can also witness the illuminating art of stained glass, making this a memorable and unique experience. The stained-glass museum radiates a clash of different colours and is a place worth visiting.

The Ely museum offers History and science workshops about the drainage of the Fens, the Romans, Saxons, Victorians, and the city during world war two. This is an excellent place for exploring minds and perfect to spend the day out with family or friends. With very knowledgeable staff, fine local artifacts, there is plenty to see and do. The museum also provides children with art and craft sessions and tries on exhibits such as clothing and playing with some ancient objects. Ely museum has a gift shop, the perfect way to collect souvenirs and explore through the vast range of gifts. If you are fatigued and famished after a long day of walking and exploring, then pubs close by to the museum include the Minister tavern, a classic old pub offering real ales, warm meals, and a TV for sports.

While in the City, why not visit the Oliver Cromwell House, a disruptive individual who lived for a decade in Ely. At the Cromwell house, you can experience what homegrown life would have been like in the seventeenth Century in an assortment of re-made period rooms just as display specifying the Civil War. Visit Mrs. Cromwell's kitchen, have a go at sprucing up or fiddling with the gadgets of the time, or venture into the Haunted chamber if you dare! The museum consists of audio handsets that tell you the story of this former house, bringing it to life; there is also a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs such as mugs, books, money boxes, and ornaments.

If you need a break from all the city hustle, why not visit Jubilee garden, an open park perfect for soaking in the scenery while watching the world go by. This picturesque, riverside green space offers cleared pathways, a bandstand, and play hardware for youngsters. Jubilee Gardens is the ideal place to take a long stroll along the riverside, watch the children play, have a picnic, or enjoy the views. The park has many vibrant flower beds and has been given a green flag, meaning it has high-quality green space; there are also events held at the park, such as the World Eel Throwing Competition and band concerts.

Places to eat in ElyPlaces to eat in Ely, Restaurants in Ely

68 Market Street British Ely
68 Market Street
British Ely
Siam Seasons Thai Restaurant Thai Ely
Siam Seasons Thai Restaurant
Thai Ely
Sylhet Indian Ely
Indian Ely
Prezzo Italian Ely
Italian Ely
Wildwood Restaurant Italian Ely
Wildwood Restaurant
Italian Ely
Hereward Ely British Ely
Hereward Ely
British Ely

Places to drink in Ely Places to drink in Ely, Pubs and Bars in Ely

Peacocks Tearoom Pub/Bar Ely
Peacocks Tearoom
Pub/Bar Ely
Prince Albert Pub/Bar Ely
Prince Albert
Pub/Bar Ely
Lemon Tree Deli Cafe' Pub/Bar Ely
Lemon Tree Deli Cafe'
Pub/Bar Ely
Lamb Hotel Bar & Restaurant Pub/Bar Ely
Lamb Hotel Bar & Restaurant
Pub/Bar Ely
King's Arms Pub/Bar Ely
King's Arms
Pub/Bar Ely
Minster Tavern Pub/Bar Ely
Minster Tavern
Pub/Bar Ely

A brief history of ElyA brief history of Ely

The old city of Ely possesses the biggest island in the Cambridgeshire Fens. Still helpless to flooding today, it was these watery encompasses that gave Ely its unique name, the 'Isle of Eels', an interpretation of the Anglo-Saxon word 'Eilig was an Anglo-Saxon princess, Saint Ethelreda, who established the principal Christian people group on the islands' slope top site for the two priests and nuns. Like her dad, Anna was an eager ally of the new religion that was quickly spreading through the country. Ely was then taken over by the Normans who fabricated the superb Norman church building known as Ely basilica, an inheritance left by William the first. The attacking Normans, without a doubt, utilized their structure abilities to show their control over the neighbourhood populace. With its unpredictably cut stonework, Ely Cathedral required right around 300 years to finish. Today, more than 1,000 years after the fact, it overshadows the encompassing low-lying fenland, one of the best illustrations of Romanesque engineering in the country.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Ely Cathedral is one of the most beautiful buildings in the UK and the city has caught the attention of film makers due to its captivating beauty.

Hidden gems of ElyThe hidden gems of Ely

Some of Ely’s hidden gems include the Almonry gardens where you can enjoy a walk and a cup of tea at the garden café. Other gems include the stained-glass museum, St Mary’s church, Thomas Parsons square and many others waiting to be uncovered by you.

Unique to ElyUnique to Ely

Ely is an Island.