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A historic town on the River Thames, Windsor is widely known for its royal connections and its ties to the Windsor Castle, one of the homes to the Royal family. Windsor castle attracts many tourists from across the world yearly. This is mainly due to its museum like atmosphere and with people’s general fascination with the Royal Family and the history of Britain. Windsor Castle provides a range of activities and things to do such as exhibitions, performances, special visits, and private tours, enabling you to gain the best experience you can while visiting.

Windsor holds many historic sites other than the famous Windsor Castle such as St. George's Chapel. If amazing architecture and history is your one true love, then St George’s Chapel is certainly a place you need to visit while in Windsor. This Chapel was built in the late-medieval times and was founded by King Edward III. This Chapel has held over 100s of wedding, celebrations and events run by the Royal Family who have jurisdiction over the Chapel. Many well-known royals have been buried at St. George’s Chapel such as Edward IV, Henry VI, and Henry VIII. The Chapel is quite the place to take in the beauty of medieval built structures and to learn some history.

There are several eateries, restaurants, and cafes all around these popular tourist spots. A place for everyone, Windsor offers tourists and visitors a range of cuisines and dining experiences, that will give you a hard time to choose from. Dog friendly restaurants are also numerable, giving you a chance to enjoy your meal with your pet, without worrying. From casual dining, fine dining, high-end restaurants, family style and food trucks, you name it, Windsor has it all.

Let us not forget to mention pubs, bars and clubs that are in Windsor for those who love to keep the party going or just take a break with a nice old ale or beer. Windsor certainly provides one with your traditional beers, real ales, classical pubs, a variety of gins and much more. Looking for a drink? You will not be let down in Windsor. As a tourist attraction, there most certainly are numerous pubs and bars to visit. There is no shortage of nightclubs in Windsor, the nightlife is lit with the best DJ’s, music, lounges, and cocktails. Speed dating, live music, and open mic events are only some of the things that clubs and bars in Windsor have to offer to their visitors.

Bringing the kids along? No worries! Endless options are before you in Windsor. If your children are looking for excitement and an awesome day out, Legoland resorts is the place for them to be. A range of rides and attractions are within the resort, enabling you to entertain your children and create the best memories. Other than that, there are a few free museums that you and the children can visit such as Eton College Museums, which display art, ancient artifacts, and natural history specimens, definitely a great and educational trip.

As a town situated on the River Thames, there are surely things you can do in Windsor that are more closely tied to nature and for those who enjoy a calm stroll through the park or a adventurous boat ride. Luxury tea cruise, steamboat tea cruise, these are some of the enjoyable things to do in Windsor. Windsor great park is one the many parks in winter, perfect for a relaxing day out or a picnic with your kids. There’s space to do everything, cycling, deer watching, running, dog walking and the park offers break taking views for the photography enthusiasts.

Windsor is also well known for its Royal Windsor Racecourse which holds horse races that usually take place in summer. If you are visiting Windsor during the summer, for the perfect afternoon for some high-end entertainment, you could maybe watch one of the horse races events.

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Enzo's Italian Windsor
Italian Windsor
Meimo Moroccan Windsor
Moroccan Windsor
Bite Cafe Mexican Windsor
Bite Cafe
Mexican Windsor
Hong Kong Chinese Windsor
Hong Kong
Chinese Windsor
Windlesora Wetherspoons British Windsor
Windlesora Wetherspoons
British Windsor
The Queen Victoria British Windsor
The Queen Victoria
British Windsor

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Three Tuns Pub/Bar Windsor
Three Tuns
Pub/Bar Windsor
The Prince Arthur Pub/Bar Windsor
The Prince Arthur
Pub/Bar Windsor
Ye Olde Kings Head Pub/Bar Windsor
Ye Olde Kings Head
Pub/Bar Windsor
The Crown & Kitchen Pub/Bar Windsor
The Crown & Kitchen
Pub/Bar Windsor
The Jelly Lounge Family Club Pub/Bar Windsor
The Jelly Lounge Family Club
Pub/Bar Windsor
The Fox & Castle Pub/Bar Windsor
The Fox & Castle
Pub/Bar Windsor

A brief history of WindsorA brief history of Windsor

Windsor has been around since prehistoric times and is a town on the River Thames. It has been used for 100s of years as a way for traders in the Roman and Saxon times, who travelled across the River Thames in order to get to other parts of the borough. Windsor was first a village but then grew into a town, due to it being by the River Thames, enabling traders to export goods through the water ways across to parts of London.

The historic Windsor Castle occupies 13 acres of land which is above the Thames River. It was William the Conqueror whom in 1070 developed the Windsor castle but out of wood. In the 12th century, it was rebuilt in stone. Windsor castle was strengthened and improved by a few of the Kings of the United Kingdom. These kings were namely Henry II and Henry III.

During the 18th century, Windsor improved through an act of Parliament of 1769. This act set up a body of men responsible for paving, cleaning, and lighting the streets.

The lower ward of Windsor castle's surrounding encompasses St. George's Chapel and the Albert Memorial Chapel. St. George's Chapel, designed to be the chapel of the Garter's Order, was created by Edward IV and is an example of Perpendicular Gothic-style architecture's best examples. St. George’s chapel is one of the many historic chapels where several members of the monarchy have been buried and where many royal weddings have also taken place.

In 1827, gas street lighting was introduced across Windsor, and many other improvements were made to the town. Some of these additional improvements included a railway station from London that could read to Windsor. These improvements enabled the town to grow further and the population to increase.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Ankerwycke Yew- This is one of the oldest trees in Britain and has been through a number of historic moments.


Hidden gems of WindsorThe hidden gems of Windsor

The Queen's Swans at Windsor- These swans although they may look like any other swan floating free on the waters, they are actually owned by the queen and it is illegal to kill them. They are a beautiful site to see. You can visit the Windsor Promenade to get a close-up view of these stunning birds.


Unique to WindsorUnique to Windsor

Windsor Castle is one of the many castles that the Queen resides in. It is a popular spot for tourists, who come from across the world, to visit this historical architecture.