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Reading is a vast town situated on River Kennet and River Thames. Famous for its annual music festival held outside, Reading has plenty of pubs, bars, restaurants, and attractions. Some interactions include the Reading museum, Reading Abbey, Forbury gardens, the Oracle, prospect park, Cole museum of zoology, and several others waiting to be uncovered by you. Wander down the bustling streets of Reading, where there is plenty to discover. Some pubs in Reading include the Alehouse, the Hope tap, the Boundary, outlook, O’Neil’s, etc. Pubs such as the Alehouse offer an old school setting, with a wide range of beer, spirits, and ales. The pub has a restaurant providing you with delicious dishes, and the pub carries out occasional beer festivals, which worth checking out. Suppose you are after a luxurious three-course meal. Why not head down to some of Readings finest eateries such as cote brassiere, the Aila restaurant and bar, palmyra Reading, Las iguanas, and numerous others, providing you with authentic cuisine full of flavour.

The reading museum is a masterpiece, with much to explore and uncover; this is a perfect place for a quality day out. Based in the Victorian town hall, you can discover famous biscuit tin collections that are excellent for biscuit lovers. The halls are decked with archaeological objects found in the walls of ancient Reading Abbey and from the remains of Silchester Roman city walls; here, you can uncover the Victorian Bayeux tapestry copy and learn about the history of Reading. Reading Music festival presents an exciting opportunity for people of all ages! If you thought that is the end to it, then be prepared as there is more to see, such as Roman mosaic, pottery, and the iron age dog skeleton. The reading museum consists of art galleries with exhibitions from past artists and modern-day artists and is a fantastic place for art students to gain inspiration. You can book the museum for school trips and group visits. There is also the chance to obtain gifts and souvenirs from the museum shop.

Whether you are passionate about nature or just looking for a place to spend quality family or alone time then, Beale Park is the place for you. With stunning scenery and rich green fields, Beale park has plenty to offer, such as an insight into its wildlife. Backed by the River Thames' lush waters, the park gardens provide you with a variety of planting styles. The park has a range of different plants, including shrubs, trees and perennials, creating a tranquil atmosphere. Enjoy watching the ducks floating on the lake while going for a long stroll, sitting on the grass or bench. Soak in the parks' views tropical flowerbed and discover a vast range of tropical plants, that is not all. Wander down the Mediterranean courtyard garden, where you can find vines and s water fountain. If your passionate about wildlife, then Beale park has its farmyard with different mammals such as ponies, Alpacas, Guinea pigs, sheep, and goats, creating a memorable experience for everyone. The park is embedded with plenty of play areas, which will keep the little ones busy while you enjoy the spectacular scenery, and it just gets better as the park even has a paddling pool! The park also consists of an indoor play area for children with playhouses, soft play areas, slides, and activity gyms. This is a fantastic place with plenty to discover, explore and you will never run out of things to do here. The park is home to a restaurant providing you with freshly cooked meals, a cafe providing you with plenty of snacks and refreshments also the opportunity to sit back and relax. Beale park also consists of a gift shop where you can purchase various gifts and souvenirs such as confectionery, stationery, toys, and other unique products.

Reading is home to the annual reading festival, which is a music festival that takes place for three days. Children under 13 can enter free but must be accompanied by an adult. Children over 15 must be accompanied by an adult and must purchase an entry ticket. It is best to bring any form of ID to the event in case of any complications. At the celebration you can enjoy music from various artists such as Stormzy, Post-Malone, Liam Gallagher and there is a diverse range of artists performing each year. This is the classic place to spend time enjoying yourselves with friends or family; if you want to enjoy the festival fully, why not camp at the Festival site at camping plus who offer private camping with facilities such as toilets, a reception room, and showers. If you are not passionate about sleeping in a Tent, you can book a caravan or bring your own to the site, but it must be located away from the campsite. The festival provides you with an exciting opportunity to see some of your favourite singers. The arena is disability-friendly and has routes for people with disabilities, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for them.

Places to eat in ReadingPlaces to eat in Reading, Restaurants in Reading

Coconut Bar & Kitchen Japanese Reading
Coconut Bar & Kitchen
Japanese Reading
Sweeney & Todd British Reading
Sweeney & Todd
British Reading
All Bar One Reading European Reading
All Bar One Reading
European Reading
Zerodegrees Italian Reading
Italian Reading
Lemoni Reading European Reading
Lemoni Reading
European Reading
Buenasado Argentine Steakhouse Reading Grill Reading
Buenasado Argentine Steakhouse Reading
Grill Reading

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The Griffin Pub/Bar Reading
The Griffin
Pub/Bar Reading
Oakford Social Club Pub/Bar Reading
Oakford Social Club
Pub/Bar Reading
The Three Guineas Pub/Bar Reading
The Three Guineas
Pub/Bar Reading
Slug & Lettuce Pub/Bar Reading
Slug & Lettuce
Pub/Bar Reading
The Sun Inn Pub/Bar Reading
The Sun Inn
Pub/Bar Reading
Foresters Arms Pub/Bar Reading
Foresters Arms
Pub/Bar Reading

A brief history of ReadingA brief history of Reading

Reading began as a Saxon settlement, with a Saxon leader who made the town home to him and his tribe. The River Thames was widely used to transport goods from Reading to London, and Reading became a popular point to stay due to its main link to London. The wool industry was introduced in Reading, bringing in weavers, fullers, dyers, and tailors to the quirky little town, increasing the population. Soon the Leather industry came to town, and shoes, hats, bottles, and saddlers were produced. The city was now home to numerous goldsmiths, blacksmiths, butchers, millers, and bakers.

In 1125 the King owned Reading, who took rent from house and fields; the King then passed the town to the Abbot who made things right by letting people run their own trades. However, as the town grew larger, the Abbot could no longer single-handedly rule it. During the 17th century, various industries came and went in the town, such as pin-making, tile making, nail making, and wire making. The 18th century saw the town of Reading become more elegant as new buildings were constructed and old buildings were renovated, making the town look more appealing.

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Did you know?Did you know?

Reading is famous for producing bricks, biscuits, and beer; the town is the birthplace of Kate Middleton, the Cambridge Duchess.

Hidden gems of ReadingThe hidden gems of Reading

Some of Reading’s hidden gems include the lily hill park with spectacular scenery and lots to do, Silchester Roman city walls, the museum of English rural life, Time trap escape rooms, and plenty of more places waiting to be uncovered by you.

Unique to ReadingUnique to Reading

Reading is home to the longest railway Viaduct in the UK, and it is the burial sire of King Henry the first.