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About NewburyAbout Newbury

Newbury is another market town in England. This is where the West Berkshire Council’s administrative headquarters is located. Newbury is a historical town, retaining traditional structures and culture within the city.

There are numerous places around town that you can explore during your visit. Some of the famous places visitors check out when going out in Newbury include Highclere Castle, Shaw House, Donnington Castle, Sandham Memorial Chapel and West Berkshire Museum.

Several tourists make sure they visit Highclere Castle when going to the city. This is a magnificent country house which is in the Jacobethan style. As you visit the place, you can transform into another world, maybe be a member of the fictional Crawley family.

Aside from these beautiful tourist attractions, the restaurants in Newbury are worth checking out, too! With good rail networks and good roads, almost every area in Newbury is accessible to tourists. There are several restaurants in Newbury that can certainly meet your standard, preference and budget.

Of course, aside from restaurants, there are also pubs in Newbury that you can explore. There are a lot of gastropubs in the area where you can find the best wine and alcohol. The pubs in Newbury can serve you excellent dishes and an amazing atmosphere.

When it comes to humans from Newbury, there are several admirable and notable people from this town. Some of them include authors Richard Adams and George Dangerfield, footballers Harry Bowl and Theo Walcott, and actors Michael Hordern and Alec Hopkins.

Places to eat in NewburyPlaces to eat in Newbury, Restaurants in Newbury

Wau Asian Newbury
Asian Newbury
The Newbury European Newbury
The Newbury
European Newbury
7Bone Burger Co American Newbury
7Bone Burger Co
American Newbury
Bella Italia Italian Newbury
Bella Italia
Italian Newbury
Kung Fu oriental buffet  Chinese Newbury
Kung Fu oriental buffet
Chinese Newbury
Corn Exchange Kitchen & Bar American Newbury
Corn Exchange Kitchen & Bar
American Newbury

Places to drink in Newbury Places to drink in Newbury, Pubs and Bars in Newbury

Fox & Hounds Donnington Pub/Bar Newbury
Fox & Hounds Donnington
Pub/Bar Newbury
King Charles Tavern Pub/Bar Newbury
King Charles Tavern
Pub/Bar Newbury
Swan Inn Pub/Bar Newbury
Swan Inn
Pub/Bar Newbury
The Swan Pub/Bar Newbury
The Swan
Pub/Bar Newbury
The Hatchet Inn Pub/Bar Newbury
The Hatchet Inn
Pub/Bar Newbury
Bacon Arms Newbury Pub/Bar Newbury
Bacon Arms Newbury
Pub/Bar Newbury

A brief history of NewburyA brief history of Newbury

Newbury is found to have a Mesolithic settlement. In 1963, artefacts were unearthed from the Greenham Dairy Farm, and in 2002, some other artefacts were found at the Faraday Road site.

After the Norman conquest as a new borough, Newbury was established. This happened in the late 11th century. Newbury was referenced in the Domesday Survey but there was no name for it.

The existence of Newbury Castle was doubted, but there were royal connections in town, and King John and Henry III visited Newbury while hunting.

The Newbury Bridge was reconstructed a few times. It was said to be reconstructed in the 14th century, collapsing by 1623 and built again by 1644.

The cloth trade served as the foundation of Newbury’s economy. This can be seen in the cloth magnate Jack of Newbury. Jack is believed to have the first factory in England. He was also believed to have something to do with the Newbury Coat.

When the English Civil War happened, two battles were held in Newbury. The battles happened in 1643 and 1644, respectively. After the second battle, ruins were the only ones left of the Donnington Castle.

The civil war is an important time when talking about Newbury’s history. Trade was disrupted, the local cloth trade collapsed and Newbury was overall disadvantaged. The economy was only able to rise up once again in the 18th century when Bath became a famous summer destination of wealthy people.

There were inns and theatres constructed in Newbury to give visitors some place to visit in the area. Newbury is between Bath and London, so a lot of tourists stop over at this place during their journey.

In 1810, the Kennet and Avon Canal was completed. This route extended Bath to the Kennet Navigation. As a result, there was a water route between Bristol and London via Newbury.

However, when the Great Western Railway opened in 1841, the coaching trades and the canal were killed. It was only six years later when Newbury was able to join the railway network. Since then, Newbury’s economy was majorly based on horse-racing and agriculture. It became a backwater market town.

Popular things to do in NewburyPopular things to do in Newbury

Great for kids in NewburyGreat for kids in Newbury

Did you know?Did you know?

The UK once had many lidos, but now, there are only a few ones remaining. One lido can be found in Newbury. It was originally constructed in the 1890s. However, the current one was made in the 1930s. It is still operating and the West Berkshire District Council owns it. The lido can accommodate more than a thousand visitors a day when it is at its peak.

Several electronic and technological companies operated in Newbury, helping the town’s economy and making it prosper through the years.

Hidden gems of NewburyThe hidden gems of Newbury

There are several hidden gems in Newbury, and one of them is the Steep Climb to Watership Down. This climb will give you an amazing view of the countryside, giving you the option to relax at the top and appreciate Watership Down for some time.

Unique to NewburyUnique to Newbury

One of England’s leading racecourses is located in town. The Newbury Racecourse is historic, offering over a hundred years of history. In 2005, it celebrated its centenary, and every year, the Hennessy Gold Cup is held in this area, often near the end of November.