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About LutonAbout Luton

Luton is a colossal borough located in the Southeast of England; it has a large population with people from diverse backgrounds. The city is bustling with busy restaurants, cafes, shops, and plenty of attractions such as museums that showcase the history of the borough, parks, and natural gardens that add to the town's beauty, and there are also amusement parks perfect for a day full of entertainment. Luton is home to the famous Church of St Mary, which was built as a success after the war with the Danes; this building has excellent architectural features which are amazing and bring in crowds just to witness them.

Stockwood discovery centre is a dazzling location, home to the famous Mossman carriage collection, which is a collection of horse carts. The building has charming walled gardens that are a work of art and have facilities such as a children's playground. Stockwood discovery centre also consists of a museum that has medieval artifacts such as the Wenlock jug and Luton's last tram. There is also a garden café that sells meals that are made using vegetables from the centre's gardens; the café also offers a great afternoon tea and plenty of other snacks to refuel you throughout the busy day. Stockwood is one of the places where the work of the artist Ian Hamilton Finlay can be sighted; his art resembled the changing styles of gardening across the nation.

Wardown house and museum is a popular tourist attraction in Luton's heart; it has some remarkable history embedded within its walls; dating many years back. This house comprises Victorian history and every room tells a story of its own. Wardown museum has a display of the largest hat collection in the country; the museum also holds great exhibitions throughout the year attracting plenty of people. The institution has its own café serving hot and cold meals and a lovely afternoon tea.

Luton is home to Whipsnade zoo, a safari park with several animals to see such a Tigers, Chimpanzees, Elephants, Red pandas, One-horned Rhino, lions, birds, and the zoo has an aquarium with various kind of sea creatures. The zoo has different kinds of tickets, such as Flexi tickets, single tickets, or you can create a membership to visit the zoo to visit all year round. Whipsnade zoo has facilities such as a gift shop and toilets. Some events held include photography workshops, night camping, becoming a zookeeper for a day, and the junior zoo academy.

Luton has many fine eateries and restaurants jam-packed with cuisine that is full of flavour, wanting you to come back for more. Some restaurants include the Grill express, Hong buffet Luton, Turkish best grill, Nakorn Thai restaurant, and plenty of others. The borough has many pubs and bars scattered all over, including the oak Aston Clinton, the chequers pub Luton, the brewery tap, and many more offering cuisines. This is a city filled with loads to do; there are many shopping squares perfect for shopaholics, including The Mall Luton, which is Luton's most popular shopping centre and was previously known as the Arndale.

Places to eat in LutonPlaces to eat in Luton, Restaurants in Luton

Steakout Luton Steakhouse Luton
Steakout Luton
Steakhouse Luton
G's Gourmet Burgers American Luton
G's Gourmet Burgers
American Luton
Ginger n Wasabi Japanese Luton
Ginger n Wasabi
Japanese Luton
Pades lounge African Luton
Pades lounge
African Luton
Numtan Thai Thai Luton
Numtan Thai
Thai Luton
India Garden Restaurant & Bar Indian Luton
India Garden Restaurant & Bar
Indian Luton

Places to drink in Luton Places to drink in Luton, Pubs and Bars in Luton

The Fox Pub/Bar Luton
The Fox
Pub/Bar Luton
The Plough Pub/Bar Luton
The Plough
Pub/Bar Luton
The Engine Pub/Bar Luton
The Engine
Pub/Bar Luton
The Windmill Inn Pub/Bar Luton
The Windmill Inn
Pub/Bar Luton
Cafe inn Pub/Bar Luton
Cafe inn
Pub/Bar Luton
Blackswan Chippy Pub/Bar Luton
Blackswan Chippy
Pub/Bar Luton

A brief history of LutonA brief history of Luton

Luton’s was once a settlement ruled by the Anglo-Saxons who conquered the town in the 6th century and resided in a small camp-like house near the River Lea. Farming was a popular source of income to the residents of the borough; the town was also known for its marketplace, where numerous kinds of items were traded. Luton is famous for its hat making and its Vauxhall motors workshop; vehicle manufacturing first started in Luton in 1905; this was successful until it closed during 2002. Both the Romans and Anglo-Saxons ruled the town as there are artifacts left by the different invaders. Luton was renowned for trades such as brewing and malting.

During the middle ages, Luton started to improve, and there was an advancement in tools and agriculture, allowing water mills to be built. Several Churches and castles were built in order to protect religious leaders between 1137 to 1140; however, some of these buildings were later demolished. The 12th saw the construction of two new hospitals; one used to shelter and treat travellers and the poor, and the other one was used for healing principles to Mary Magdalene. The town also suffered a great fire where many buildings were destroyed; since then, every house had thatched roofs made of wood.

Great for kids in LutonGreat for kids in Luton

Did you know?Did you know?

During the 1700s, hat-making was one of Luton’s most prominent and well-known industries.

Hidden gems of LutonThe hidden gems of Luton

Five Knolls- Within Dunstable downs, there are approximately seven bowl barrows. These barrows consist of two bowl barrows, three bell barrows, and two pond barrows. Many believe that these barrows at the five knolls were used as burial grounds for Kings or Chiefs. However, once two of the bell barrows were dug in August 1850, no treasure was found.

Unique to LutonUnique to Luton

Luton is home to the UK’s largest carnivals which is called the Luton International Carnival. This carnival lasts a day, and you can view a variety of performances and take part in several activities.