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Shrewsbury Flower Show

Shrewsbury is in the county of Shropshire in western England. It sits inside the River Severn loop, and its Tudor centre is lined with half-timbered houses. Warm weathers proclaim the start of Shrewsbury's dynamic schedule of celebrations, including the Shrewsbury flower show, kids’ festival,and the world champions coracle race.

One of the nation's most popular festivals and shows is the Shrewsbury flower show, which attracts many tourists from all over the country, a remarkable show like no other. Over a hundred members of staff get together to prepare this grand event putting together marquees, entertainment, catering services for the public, and recruiting judges for the flower competition.

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The Shrewsbury Flower show has been held nearly every year since 1857 which is very lengthy time. The show is held within 2 days where several bands, companies and organisations visit and entertain the guests and tourists who are visiting the show from across the country. The Shrewsbury flower show is held under a large arrangement of marquees and aims to display a range of flowers, vegetables, fruits and much more on the land area of the Quarry. The Quarry Marquee is home to the top national nurseries and growers from around the country who design remarkable displays for visitors to appreciate and become inspired by. There is no flower missing in this flower show, from assorted roses in all the most elegant colours, daffodils, lilies, lavenders, bluebell, carnation, and the famous poppy.

The show includes a variety of different celebrities such celebrity chef James Martin and many more, who put up little demonstrations and activities for visitors to take part in. Not only are there celebrity chefs, but also famous tv personalities that would be recognised by those of you who enjoy watching gardening tv shows, such as Joe Swift who is one of the main presenters in the BBC 2s gardening show ‘Gardeners World’. Other celebrities who have been a part of the Shrewsbury flower show include Phil Vickery, Gino D’Acampo and Tom Kerridge.

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With a range of challenges and competitions from bands, motorcycling competitions, fine paintings and to which businesses or farmers have the best selection of flowers or vegetables. Shrewsbury flower show has all the entertainment needed for 2 days. Action packed, creativity, amusement and not forgetting to mention a lot for the kids to do and a food hall that will busy your tummy! The children’s area consists of fun packed activities, for kids of all ages to be entertained. Planting sessions, bubble displays and circus play tents are some of the activity’s children can take part in, to keep themselves busy. The food hall is nonetheless a place for one to get a taste of different cuisines but also an exciting opportunity to meet celebrity chefs.

There is accessible parking, and the place offers facilities such as showers and toilets, so you don’t need to worry about finding the right spot to park your car.

History of the Shrewsbury flower show:

The Shrewsbury flower show was first held by the Shrewsbury Shropshire Horticultural Society, the first flower show held by them was in 1857. Since then, the show had grown popular nationally and has now even gained international praise.

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The first Shrewsbury Floral show after WW2 was known as the 60th show of 1947, which saw 180,000 visitors, which was quite a large number of visitors since after the World War II. In the following years, the number of visitors only began to increase due to the range of celebrity appearances and the variety of entertainment the show consisted of. The Shrewsbury Floral show has been one that many residents of Shrewsbury and visitors look forward to every year.

Did you know?

In 1924 the Shropshire Horticultural Society bought Shrewsbury Castle for £2,621 from profits generated from the Flower show.

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Birmingham Christmas Market

Christmas is a quite exciting time for all of us and Birmingham City centres German Christmas Markets certainly raise the Christmas spirit with so much to offer from food to beers and much more! The German markets run from just outside of bullring, one of the urban communities most noteworthy attractions, incredible for shopping, amusement and eating. The business sectors proceed on, all the way to the highest point of New Street and into Victoria Square external the Town Hall and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Walk through the magical marketplaces and discover several antiques and unique pieces staring you down while waiting to be purchased. This is the perfect place to splash some cash and get a bargain on numerous products, clothing, and antiques. The Christmas markets are buzzing with life with carnival rides for kids and families such as the Merry-go-round, monkey swings and various others giving you a real kick of adrenaline.

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When travelling to the market you can utilize types of transport like a cable car, train, or a car. Taking the train is one of the least demanding approaches to go into Birmingham in the bustling lead up to Christmas as some closer train stations incorporate New Street or Moor Street train station and you will be only a few moments’ stroll away from the beginning of the stalls. The great thing about the markets is that there are routes that are wheelchair friendly, so everyone gets the opportunity to experience this magical time of the year with friends, family or alone.

Birmingham becomes livelier during Christmas with the appearance of the Market with over 80 stalls selling various goods there is something for everybody. Here you can browse a broad scope of products and endowments. At food stalls you can discover pretzels, schnitzels, cooked almonds all to be processed with a wheat lager or a cuppa of hot cocoa.

You must try a hot Gluhwein which is an alcoholic drink blended with spices such as cinnamon and aniseed to keep you warm within, on the cold winter nights. Some popular foods consist of the German Bratwurst, which is a scrumptious sausage, the Brezel which is a savoury bread popular amongst German and Austrian people. In spite of the fact that Crêpes are a conventional French pastry, they are one of the different food features of the German Christmas market. Finished off with hot cocoa sauce or loaded up with banana; this is a snack that you must try!

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Listen to the melodious tune of Christmas carols floating through the air, creating a relaxed atmosphere. During the German markets there are a few bands lined up, ready to play some live music: making the night even special and bringing people together while enjoying some good music. If Christmas carols are not your thing, then there will also be some romantic music playing and a touch of Jazz. The Birmingham German markets carry an astounding environment to the city and a far superior fragrance, lingering in every corner, making it harder to resist the temptation of some freshly cooked bread, sausage, and peanuts. Christmas Craft Market will offer hand tailored artworks, cleansers, and candles by nearby craftsman. Furthermore, guests can partake in the famous ice arena and enormous wheel while creating some long-lasting memories.

Interesting fact:

Did you know that the Christmas German markets in Birmingham are one of the biggest and most authentic German markets in Europe outside of Germany! Knowing this fact certainly will make you want to visit the Christmas markets to get a feel of how Christmas in Germany is like and the real Christmas spirit. The German Markets first started of in 2001 with only a small number of stalls, but with each year the number of stalls and even the number of people visiting has increased drastically! With each year, the Christmas markets only get better with much more to offer to visitors from across all over England and even better tasting food than before!

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You may be a retail business looking to promote your products and services to the mass majority of visitors who come to visit the Christmas markets every year, and we are happy to tell you that you can apply to be a market trader in largest Christmas markets in the UK!

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Taste Of London - The Number 1 Foodie Event

Taste of London is the best event for foodies to participate in this summer. If you are a foodie and enjoy tasting an assortment of different cuisines and dishes from around the globe, the Taste of London event is the one for you. The event will take place from 7th -11th July and 14th – 18th July, giving you an exciting 2 weeks packed of scrumptious goodness. Taste of London will be taking place in Regents Park, central London lasting with number of sessions throughout the day for you to take part in.

What can you expect at the Taste of London Event?

With over a 100 varieties of dishes from several restaurants across London, you should most definitely expect a LOT of delicious food. These restaurants are predominantly going to be high rated, thrilling, and well-known restaurants from different parts of London. Get the chance to taste of the best food and drinks as well as enjoy live entertainment with your friends and family.

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Do not miss out on this event! If you are looking to taste some of your favourite dishes from your favourite restaurants, this is the event for you. Not only that, get exclusive off menu dishes made just for the event, so you will only be able to get a taste of those dishes if you visit.

Enjoy a live demonstration by the Culinary crème de la crème as they cook up a storm while preparing something you have ordered. There is nothing like observing the way your gratifying meal is prepared, as it enables you to learn a few tips and tricks yourself while watching. There are a range of activities and workshops for you and your friends to take part in, some being paid ones and others complimentary. Work alongside some of the best chefs in workshops or enjoy a complementary wine tasting session with friends and family at Taste of London.

With the different sessions available throughout the two weeks, there is a variety for you to be able to choose from. The different sessions offer you a range of different live entertainment, masterclasses by top chefs and more than 200 plus food and drink stalls to stop by.

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Mentioning entertainment, there will several performances during the 10 days of the event, giving you an exciting and memorable experience to remember. For those who would love a drink or two, there will be more than plenty of cocktail twists to shake up before you dance until dusk in front of the bandstand where you get to dance to live music.

A number of restaurants have taken park in the Taste of London Event, some of these being top-notch and even fine dining experience restaurants offering you some of the finest dishes in the city. These restaurants include: Two lights, SmokeStak, Som Saa, Quality Chop House, Berber & Q, ROVI and many more. Taste of London summer 2021, can only be better, with many more restaurants taking part and a whole new selection of scrumptious foods and drinks to savour. Book your tickets now to be part of one of the biggest foodie events in London this summer!

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